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Betsson AB is a Swedish company that offers a number of online gambling products, such as casino, poker, bingo, sports betting and scratch cards through more than 20 online gaming brands including Betsson, Betsafe and NordicBet. Betsson AB is listed on the NASDAQ Stockholm Large Cap List.


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Former Employee - QA Engineer says

"managers are really incompetent: they encourage ask to give recommendations, but they just ignore them"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"pure management backstabbers you only see the friends of the management progressing no vision / strategy I am leaving this big joke soon!"

Former Employee - Product Owner says

"Thanks for your feedback. We have 48 different nationalities at Betsson – that’s something special and diversity is what makes Betsson such an inspiring place to work. We have a number of new C level leaders in the company who are very experienced in their roles and are making positive changes to improve the business. Making redundancies is never an easy decision, but we went through a number of options and considered at length the best way to carry out this with fairness to our employees. We’re glad to hear that you think highly of Pontus Lindwall – we do too! Together with the management, Pontus is heavily involved in setting the long term plan for Betsson."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Very bad culture. Its not worth going the extra mile because there is no appreciation from management. Recruitment is handpicked by personal preference and not by company value requirements or skill. I was astonished by the amount of negativity there was in my department and wouldn’t recommend anyone to join."

Current Employee - Marketing says

"Nepotism at its highest level. Managers and heads has no clue what they are doing but act like they do. Central heads are completely useles and doesn't know their area of "expertise". Everybody wants to be the decision makers but no one wants to take responsibility unless successful otherwise there is a lot of finger pointing and blaming this and that. Communication within the company is really bad. Salaries are low. People leave all the time and it's hard to find replacements at times. The company is a circus."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"This company is a joke!!! Dont even bother to apply.. Worst company in the island!!!"

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"Lacklustre training, impossible bonus targets, high staff turnover"

Current Employee - Product Development says

"New CTO brought his people from a different country and tried to restructure based on their opinions Hired consultants and outsiders to change and kill years of process Told us we can leave if we don’t like it Removed our titles and career progression Tech management does not understand tech Consultants worth more than employees We lost a lot of good people in the transition Will not allow us to ask questions anonymously after hard anonymous questions came in"

Current Employee - Commercial Manager says

"Poor culture overall, no training or development plans, random people that happen to be in Malta and built their way to the top. Rough, hypocrite non-supportive communucation between functions, people are leaving massively, not being listened to. Fear-based management and bad leadership style, constant organizational change, HR does nothing except "we gonna run and jump more" this year to improve diversity. they do not care about people at all and hired professionals left after 6 month realized they had no chance to move this machine any forward. avoid this place."

Former Employee - VIP Account Manager says

"- Micromanagement is severe ( I've worked in Igaming 7 years never seen something on this magnitude) - Managing director was a severe micromanager - Staff are looked down on - Your never right, it's their way or no way - Training and guidance non existant - Your role is questioned if you are not inputting value , thus brining morale down - HR looks down on lower tier staff ( Customer Service to start with)"

Data Automation Lead (Former Employee) says

"People get hired and fired due to poor management decisions. Whatever they do they do it to show off on media and they try to portray themselves as the elite company, when they're not."

Marketing Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Good company for starters or junior positions, as it represents a great opportunity to learn and be part of cross functional projects. Nor recommendable for senior positions, poor top management guidance and loose culture makes it difficult to manage and motivate direct reports"

Bill Sawyer says

"Trust the negative reviews and save your money. Its better to believe the bad reviews because theyre honest. The positive reviews are usually written by people that work for the company"

Lee says

"Criminals - Have attempted to steal 650 of my money won fairly through sports bets. Claimed same IP/Device was used. Utter lies. Using new devices and dynamic IP on my plug n go. Currently taking action with the POGG, MGA and taking them to court as they are refusing to engage. Stay well well clear. Am also seeking compensation."

Mr Solti says

"Been 1 month haven’t paid my withdrawals Fuc_kthe owner Fuc_k the people that works their (uneducated mofos)"

Nikola Dobricic says

"Terrible,i can say just this: From March 6 to October 26 34 Deposits 1296EUR 0 Winings... I dont even want to talk how useless live support is,my games on this site are,when u get bonus game its like u won jackpot on some other site,almost never got bonus,imagine playing for 8 months with 0 winings,this site need to be reported!!!"

HappyGoLucky says

"Incredible this sort of scam is legal. Fixed games and algorithm. So many negative comments and this S H I T is still running. Take down this crap from the internet it is too easy to get an account and these companies have many sites. They know you just move on to the next online casino, which is owned by the same crooks. In a casino they can check your ID, online anyone can open an account no matter how old or who you are."

Florin Benea says

"Decent platform for betting.Game offers I can say is poor. Very good in terms of withdraw but the worst in promotion and bonus.I speak only by sports because I don't play casino.After I spend 3300 they don't give not even one bonus.Greedy company.And btw cash out is something strange here because usually is not working."

daniel doroftea says

"don't play with this casino ....thiefs casino!!!! you will never win....just read ....!!!"

CESAR says

"This site is a joke, I've tried to cash out 3 times now, and I never get my winnings, they say it is probably a problem with my bank account, which is literally imposible because i've cashed out on any other site and receive my winnings the next day. + customer service is so slow and it feels like you are talking to a robot."

Tommy Jess says

"They just scammed me for 1500$ because of "too high bet" and refuses to pay out winnings."

Mr T says

"be careful when you're playing this casino because they sometimes can take from your own money and of course they're going to find a reason why they take the money or or they can sometimes cancel your withdrawal and don't let you know about that and after maybe they're going to say just sorry but nothing else it's because they don't think they have some faults or responsibilities that is yours problems. Now they asking to edit my review becouse askgamblers dont like when peoples give bad experience. Well done!!!"

Graham L says

"Awful customer support. They do not know what they are doing and are not willing to help. So many issues with this site from technical issues to poor customer support. Stay away from these amateurs!"

Vitaliy Yefimenko says

"If you want get biggest problems in your life, try this scum. As soon you start play big bets-no chance to win, and if you lucky to have anything left on your account , there will be nightmare to get your money back. I have disputed nearly week about my two bets, which I wasnt paid correctly. They denied . And just lie after lie. I cant get rest of my money, I lost 2,300 but that isn't enough for them. They want all your money. My worst nightmare for all time. How they can be on 1st place best casino???who give them that. Number one from worst whoever exist.. avoid it if possible. They will trap you one day than longer you play there. How places like these can exist??? Whoever reading this pass to all who playing,,all casinos who based in Malta are SCUM!!!AVOID!!!! Finally I have got money from them.... lost.. couldnt win anything. Nearly 3 hours played,, but couldnt win at all.up and down..but feel like winner.. simply nightmare of nightmares... They just waiting moment to get your money.. what a scumbags this betsson, remember them..."

Rhiannon Fallon says

"Registered an account and deposited. Played on slots side. Opal fruits. Had a few small wins and then hit a bonus. Great! Got all the way to my last spin and then an error appears. Had won over £120 and was only able to go and reload the game. Bonus wasn’t there to finish playing and my winnings had not been added. Check my account history and it’s as if the bonus never existed. Spoken to chat. Not much help. All the answer I were given we’re the same as if they was reading from a script. I don’t expect to get my winnings sorted but I won’t be playing on this site again. I literally had been registered for 10 minutes when this happened. I wish I had read these reviews before I went on because I never would of gone on if I had. Has anyone else had anything like this happen to them while playing on this site?"

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