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Betclic is a French Online gambling company. Founded in London in 2005, and currently based in Malta while mostly being operated from Bordeaux. On the French market the company holds licences to operate in Sports betting, horse race betting and online poker

An angry customer left this review on a Betclick forum ,"They are scammers. They will not return your money, they will invent excuses like asking your passport twice, asking for bank statements, then they say they sent your money on the account XXX (they don’t write the full IBAN to have their asses covered on court), then wait 7 business days. They just don’t pay you."


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Filipe says

"Runs promotions, then restricts your account when you win, preventing you from withdrawing money, then resets your account balance. Won bet, didn't let me withdraw until I won more, had to leave money in Betclick account. Returned couple of months later, Betclick account balance was 0 EUR."

Stel says


Whether it's Expekt, Betclic, Betclic and Expekt, or Expekt and Betclcic. Whatever...

It's the same bunch of pitiful, petty, sadists."

Ian Kenyon says

"Another bookie that offers a promotion and then restricts the customers account for participating in the promotion.
Please can you explain how to keep an account from being restricted, I cannot understand why your industry offers these promotions and then restricts customers for participating in these offers"

Alex Redman says

"Rude staff. Stole my deposits and wont respond as to if i will get them back."

Geo Johansen says

"The company are using illegal advertising methodes that are only used by scamming companies, and the arrogant support are not anwering any mails as a true scamming company !
STAY AWAY from them !"

Zso says

"- Easy use from mobile
- Good odds
- Fast withdraw and deposit
- They sent often free bets and good offers
- They response fast with e-mail , live chat


I lost lot money about 400€ or 500€ all trought 3-4 months at Betclic,

ONCE I WON about 100€ THEY LIMITED my account to bet with zero.

I also have about 50€ free bet what I can’t use for bet , because I won once 100€ and now I can’t place bets as they limited my account.

I wrote them and spoke with them at online chat , they responded :
-“Our traders limited your account and that’s all.
- “Our traders can limit accounts when they want “

I think it’s not fair, very not :(

When I have news, I will update my review, (because about 2500 people watched my all reviews.)

I can advert to try bet with Betclic, because a very good Sportsbook."

Kamil says

"Sorry guys, but I had a problem with purchase and I asked your support for help. Result? No reply! I sent email second time. No reply! Third time... I sent 12 emails and no reply! I think you should work with your support department and be better for customers as a support and help. Best regards."

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