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Best Buy Co., Inc. is an American multinational consumer electronics retailer headquartered in Richfield, Minnesota. It was originally founded by Richard M. Schulze and James Wheeler in 1966 as an audio specialty store called Sound of Music. In 1983, it was re-branded under its current name with an emphasis placed on consumer electronics.

A former employee said this in a review at Indeed website: "Best Buy is an okay first job if you’re searching for that anyways, management is very favorites based. They’re extremely hard headed and love to see people fail. They try to make you fit their mold, and if you don’t fit their mold they will crush you in every way to make you quit. They have no care of personal life, requesting days off is practically useless. Good luck getting a day off without a write up too".


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Former Employee - Geek Squad, Consultation Agent says

"No breaks. High pressure, meaningless tasks"

Former Employee - Best Buy Sales Associate says

"management people being treated like an object"

Current Employee - Sales Consultant says

"Management Pleasures, Lots of stress, Retail"

Former Employee - Best Buy Mobile AT&T Expert says

"Management will treat you terribly regardless of how well you perform and if they don't like you won't recommend you for promotions."

Former Employee - Best Buy Mobile Sales Associate says

"Petty managers, low pay, no incentives to work hard especially when your management is constantly talking down at you."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Treated poorly by both customers and management"

Current Employee - Sales Consultant says

"Bad management and no hours"

Former Employee - Back Office Lead says

"higher ups have little care for employees"

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"Management, no room for growth, favorites, pay"

Current Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"Management practices favoritism regularly and HR will not fix the issue"

Best Buy Sales Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Best Buy is an okay first job if you’re searching for that anyways, management is very favorites based. They’re extremely hard headed and love to see people fail. They try to make you fit their mold, and if you don’t fit their mold they will crush you in every way to make you quit. They have no care of personal life, requesting days off is practically useless. Good luck getting a day off without a write up too. A paycheckEverything"

Stagiaire (Former Employee) says

"Le stage chez Vidéotron est une expérience que je ne souhaite pas refaire. On apprend pas grande chose. Toujours les mêmes tâches soit installer Windows 10 ou mac office sur les ordinateurs des clients. Le stagiaire n'a pas le droit de parler aux clients donc côté service à la clientèle on apprend absolument rien.AucunTout"

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"they only look out for friend and relatives of the managers. Got furloughed and they did not bring me back due to getting a tattoo and dying my hair a different color. People are allowed to change there appearance as long as the work good. ."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Work/ life balance was awful. Management also sets unreasonable expectations. Co workers were great though! All I can say is please stay away. You will not be happy at Best BuyCo-WorkersEverything else"

Magnolia Lead Home Theater Installer/Tech (Former Employee) says

"It was like working with a bunch of high school kids who didn't care about their jobs and management that was trying to force out tenured and experienced workers to lower costs. I was laid off after Best Buy cut all jobs with anyone making more than $18 an hour for service and installation techs. Horrible culture.Management is terrible"

Mobile Lead (Former Employee) says

"I no longer even go in the doors of a Best Buy. Worst place I could have ever been a part of. They have no backbone. They change the bonus structures at random, and advancement is a joke.. BTW...Masks are for sheep.QuittingEverything"

Geek Squad Escalations Agent (Former Employee) says

"Management is incompetent, policies are ridiculous. There is no job fairness you have to kiss up to be recognized or acknowledged. Since Marc left that place has been horrible"

Geek (Former Employee) says

"Par ser un lugar de tecnologia usan métodos muy rudimentarios para la operación. dependen en un 80% de las capacidades del personal. Es decir que la metodología para generar un proceso, implica que el colaborador tiene toda la responsabilidad de, los robos, mercancía, vigilancia, envíos, traslados de mercancía, capacitación y reclutamiento a nuevo talento. CUANDO SU LABOR ES LA VENTA. Y es posible tener toda la responsabilidad que requiere la empresa pero deben ser claros en la contratación y debería ser congruente con el salario. Tienen increíbles prestaciones pero el salario emocional no es suficiente para cubrir el desgaste y mala paga que proporciona el exceso de trabajo.las prestaciones (fondo de ahorro )Te prometen, y te prometen, acenso y aumento de sueldo y nunca llaga"

Merchandising Specialist (Former Employee) says

"To be honest, my position offered little cross-training, the management at the time was awful, the assistant manager screamed at another co-worker before the store opened on one occasion, the manager I worked under in the warehouse was usually negative and unstable. She would remove me from the schedule after I had arrived to work and do other inappropriate things. There were many issues but the next warehouse manager tried to pointedly tell me that I didn't need to work there and when I told the store manager, he tried to tell me to not go to HR. I ended up quitting but the environment was toxic, narcissistic and catered to favoritism. The constant turnover is an indication of an unpleasant atmosphere and low morale.Flexible schedule, decent payPoor upper management, little room for advancement"

Computer Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"if you have aspirations to be a manager but you can be considered to part of the diversity group dont work for this company.. Its not what you know its who you know and that statement has never been more true withing that company results customer index are some measure that should be used to judge someone's impact not how much wawa drinks or how much you joke around them people carrers are at the hands of other people all it takes is one bad thought career down the drain.. Also the company has alot of commission like expectations but don't pay a commission pay for some positionsErverything else systematic racism favoritism but thats everywhere in life"

Duster (Former Employee) says

"It was a good place to work there, it was just repetitive dusting and dusting. In all there was nothing else was given to do in entry level positions.Seeing the storeWasn't taught enough to know the store, and manage with customers."

Líder de ventas (Former Employee) says

"Pésimo te contratan para un puesto específico y terminas multifuncional, además de responsabilizarte de todo hay preferencia en lideres y gerente son doble moral , te obligan a hacer eventos altruistas con tus propios recursos argumentando que no hay presupuesto y debe ser parte de tus valores ayudar"

Computer Sales Representative and Expert (Former Employee) says

"Plays favorites. If you don’t hit your numbers you won’t get hours. Management treats this like a commission job when it’s just expensive retail. Awful pay. You’ll never get a raise no matter how good you do. Get in get out.Literally none, you don’t even have to know about technology to work here, you just have to know how to up sell a customer.Short breaks, barley livable pay, inconsistent hours, terrible management."

Customer Service Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Management at Rockford Illinois location are childish and eager to remove anyone who doesn’t agree with them. If you like to brown nose and be fake you’ll fit right in and be promoted in no time!"

Loss Prevention Manager Sales manager (Former Employee) says

"Was fired for no reason! Only reason I Didn't proceed with the law suit was because it was to much of a process! The staff is unprofessional! You have one person working 3 departments! It's not worth anyone's time!!!DiscountStaff, hr, policy, everything"

Mobile Sales Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Honestly, I regret spending time at Best Buy. They closed down locations and spent so much time making life difficult for most of the employees that remained with the company"

Inventory Associate (Former Employee) says

"At my location over a span of three years, general managers changed 5 times. Due to the constant shifting in leadership, the store was unfocused and it's goals felt like a moving target. Speaking with associates from other stores, they reported similar instability regardless of leadership changes.The people I worked with, who endured it all with me.Inventory teams incentives were entirely based on the performance of the sales team."

Asset Protection Associate (Former Employee) says

"I was hired as a part time asset protection associate during the holiday season. Being an experienced licensed security guard this wasn't fun at all and I vow to never come back to work in the holiday season. There are no uniforms provided besides a heavy yellow jacket that gets very hot indoors. You get paid to stand and stare at everyone that get intimidated very quickly. The AP supervisor is completely rude and will take his anger out on you in a very unprofessional way. I had to call off for personal reasons at home, was legit sick and having issues with my second job at the time. The AP supervisor simply treated me like garbage for not showing up to work by yelling at me, throwing things around and barking orders at me. He assumed I wasn't properly doing my job when checking receipts and bags in order to deter shoplifting. The customers are extremely rude thus have zero respect for authority as I checked their purchases and some still managed to get away with stolen merchandise. The holiday season is a great time to expose the greediness in people. The only thing I enjoyed was positive interactions with my fellow coworkers and customers who weren't rude. Good luck trying to get full time because it may never happen. Because of my unprofessional AP supervisor I had requested to work a different position having lots of customer service experience and back of house. Sadly the manager who hired me never got me that different position I had kindly requested. If my request at been approved I'd still be working there.Lunch breaksRude customers, rude AP management, no opportunities for full time."

Merchandiser (part-time) says

"Worse company I have ever worked for! I just wouldn't work for them if I could help it. Managers dont care about you at all if you don't kiss there behind they cut your hours.NoneEverything"

Senior Geek Squad Technician (Former Employee) says

"Racist management! The job duties they describe are not what you will actually be doing. Good luck on ever getting a raise even when always going above and beyond your job duties.Noneeverything"

Isaak Tine says

"Best Buy charged my card a lot of money for no reasons, and have charged a thousand of customers for frauds service , please check your balances one a week , and make sure no fraud companies have access and stealing our money like a Best Buy . I high recommend anyone to file charges against Best Buy with state of Minnesota, federal and filing complaints/lawsuits.Best buy will pay the price high for their crimes. If you buy anything from Best Buy that’s mean your card , your information is in storage with the Best Buy corporate to charge you at anytime they want ."

Sara McGarity says

"At the Best Buy located on Birdcage in Citrus Heights CA. I bought 2 sets of Samsung Galaxy Live Buds. They were poor quality and the sound was fuzzy. Went to return them at the store we bought them at and couldn't. Unfortunately the return policy is 15 days and I was 3 days over. The store wouldn't accept the return and return my money to me how I purchased them. They gave us a store credit instead. And someone I spoke to on the phone told me I could return them no problem because I verified before I even left my house so I wouldn't waste my time or gas getting there. Personally, I will never shop here again due to the poor customer service and inflexibility for being 3 days over their return policy. A good company would've honored my return. Would give half a star if I could."

Brian says

"I wanted to know if I could return an item purchased on Best Buy ebay store to the store for repair or replace. I called the nearest (Salisbury MD.) I couldn't get through the maze without lying. Once I got through they never picked up the phone. I tried another store (Virginia Beach VA.) same thing. I tried the first story some hours later. Same thing."

No says

"I brought my Apple Watch in on 1/9/2021. Told it would be done by the geek squad in three days. Well it’s now Jan 18 and all I get is the run around. No One has answers and if you call the store in Huntington station they just slam you on hold. If I ever get my watch back I will never enter this store again!!!!!"

Michael Tolentino says

"I did Best Buy chat to verify where I can get open box Surface Go 2, 8 gig ram, and 128 ram for $318.99 plus $27 tax plus $65 for 1 year warranty, plus $65 for Microsoft office 365 totaling $470.08 I gave her my State, and zip code. My math is off a little can’t remember warranty and price of office 365 I know it was 60ish dollars. Best Buy customer told me at San Francisco, and Vallejo. I checked out Best Buy San Francisco website to find they only had one, so purchased it online to pick it up at the store. Best Buy notified by email that they were getting the product ready for pickup on the same day I purchased it. But as soon as I arrived to Best Buy curbed side parking lot. They being Best Buy cancel my order and said they would refund me my Chase Debit Visa this was sent to me by email notification from Best Buy. Since I was at the stores parking lot I went in Best Buy store to ask curb side why store jus canceled my order right after I just got to parking lot and parked my car. He looked up my item to find it was in stock it was, but since they already refunded it he could not give me product. Now I down $470.08 Best Buy curb side rep didn’t even seem to care. I asked him how for me to get a refund 24 to 48 hours he replied, but then said it may take 5 to 7 days. Made complaint to my chase bank about this they of course the bank rep said she could do nothing about it. But that I can file claim against Best Buy if I don’t get refund in after 3 days."

Stephen Cook says

"Best Buy sucks. We paid for a tv and still no delivery. Two set appointments and they never showed up or called. I'm starting to think Best Buy stolen my tv."

Kim Small says

"Long story short, Best Buy customer service will lie to you and will tell you anything to get off the phone as quickly as possible. It doesn’t matter if you use the online chat or if you dial in. “You will definitely receive your refund in a few days”, yet it has been over a month and I’m still waiting to get my money back. Preordered a video game and was told “You’ll definitely receive it on release day”, yet it came several days later. If you’re a customer service agent and you don’t know what you are talking about, why not just say that you don’t have an answer and connect me with someone else who can help me. Many of us use Best Buy because we need tech products, so it feels like they are taking advantage of us by saying “folks will continue to make purchases from Best Buy regardless of how poorly we treat our customers”. The customer service is just horrendous and needs to be fixed."

Mishi says

"Purchasing a fridge from Best Buy was a complete and utter joke that I don't even know where to begin. Our initial delivery never came. We had our food out and waiting for six hours, and no one ever showed up. I made several phone calls to different reps to reschedule. After several inconvenient phone calls, I finally gave up and went with whatever schedule they have available. The day finally came for our second delivery. The delivery guy informed us that the fridge is damaged; therefore, they would have to reschedule (for a THIRD delivery). This whole ordeal has been the most horrific buying experience in my life ever. I would go into detail to show how elementary Best Buy has its scheduling system and interoffice communication, but I want customers to read my review and understand what is ahead of them when purchasing home appliances with Best Buy."

CE Ed says

"waited on hold for an hour then was disconnected. Refused to support merchandise that was purchased from best buy without purchasing $200 support agreement. The shipped motherboard bios was too old for the current CPU. Unable to update unless you have an older CPU to do it. Geek Squad wont help unless you buy the $200 service agreement. Nice scam you have there."

Garon Holland says

"Sat on hold for 45 minutes until someone finally answered. They asked me what my order number was to try and help me with my problem and told me to wait while they looked it up. I waited about 2 minutes and then they hung up on me. Honestly the worst customer service i’ve ever experienced and they should be ashamed."

Igor says

"It's one of the worst store I've ever seen in my life. They can't handle anything besides just selling you something out of shelf. Support - forget it, they hire people with no brain who can't read and write. They can't connect two meaningful sentences. Wanna return - forget about it. They don't know how. Delivery - hahaha, what is that? Mine was delayed for 12 days. I had to go myself and pick up my order. I picked up my order, went to the store to return it. In a store they said - you can't do this, you have to call support, they will send you a shipping label, you have to print it and send this package back. Are you ok over there???? Can you imagine that? You came to the store and you can't return a product..."

David B. says

"Completed online order and the next day Best Buy canceled the order. I called back and asked for a credit so I could purchase the item at the sale price (it had gone up $200). The rep agreed and said he’d offer me a credit. I ordered the item again, was delayed but came unharmed. After not receiving the credit I called CS. I was on the phone for 47 minutes and the rep tells me they can’t do a credit but can send gift cards. I explained I already purchased the item and didn’t want gift cards, I wanted the agreed upon credit (which didn’t cover the increase in taxes). He told me it wasn’t possible. Why would I want to go back into a store and buy something else after this experience? I don’t want a gift card I want a credit for the item for the agreed upon sale price."

Kogila Antoney says

"Very poor customer service, my call was routed 5 times and did not get an answer"

George Lees says

"I tookmy laptop in for Windows update, it would freeze up everytime I tried to do it manually. This occured more than once. When I went to pick it up it had a crack on it, and they said I must have dropped it. I had taken it in a again for service and when I had gone in to pick it up it appeared to be okay, when I had gotten it home and opened it it was split in half. When I had taken it back, I demanded they give me a new laptop. They answered me with a non-acceptable answer " that is not going to happen". It is now 2 months without a computer. hey finally sgreed to give me an ipadin return when I was totally furious. The Geek Squad manager has not been answering my latest e-mails. I will never do buisness with this company again. Still waiting."

Katie says

"Did an online order for a TV and arrived more than 30 min as online stated it would take about that long. I pulled in and the gentleman was asking for my information and rude. He stated that I was early and they saw it in the que but it wasn’t processed yet. I then waited an additional 30 min. They acted like it was an inconvenience that I was there but I didn’t think it took an hour to take a tv off of the shelf. The only upside to this visit was the gentleman who put the tv in my truck was very accommodating and nice. I wish I had his name cause he’s the only one who deserves some stars."

glenn woltman says

"Service is orthotic. Cannot contact store or get a complaint filed. Geek Squad is incompetant and made tv viewing worse. Factory fixed issue created by Geek Squad. Do not buy any appliance or TV from Best Buy."

Kevin says

"First of all, if I could give less than 1 star I most definitely would!! Best Buy telephone customer service is the worst experience ever!! No matter what time of the day you call, it's nearly impossible to speak with someone regardless of which store you call. I tried contacting the corporate office to complain about this but you get rerouted to customer service in Mexico. You've got to be kidding me!!!! I live here in America, not some foreign country, therefore I want to speak with someone in America!!!"

Lee says

"Best buy has been on of my favorite store for any Tech related products. Never could I have imagined that they have a super poor customer service. First the item that I ordered was delayed for a week. I been very patient and didn't complain. Then it was marked as delivered whereas I didn't receive any item. The strange part is the time stamp, the shipping info said it was out for delivery for by 4:13 pm then it was marked as delivered by 4:14 pm. Unless they could teleport to my house then it is acceptable. Then I called customer service the first guy promised me for a supervisor solution for 48 hours but no one reached out to me. Then the second guy told me it should be 7-10 business days. I didn't even asked for a 48 hours solution and yet they offered it so I was impressed at first but I didn't know that they are a bunch of liars. Then I called again, this east indian lady hung up on me when she can't give me any answers. That is super unprofessional. I was not even rude and I actually was very calm. I'm just asking for a solution. Because of this poor customer service I might never buy again from BestBuy."

JCole says

"Made an online order and used PayPal, was never asked for a shipping address. Tried to call and give address when I got initial “got your order” was “too late” the item was in processing and couldn’t be cancelled or edited. The item hadn’t been packed or shipped at that point. I was told to “contact UPS” but there was no tracking number to give me. The tracking number came to me in the middle of the night and was delivered by drop off. Couldn’t get it redirected to my address....UPS couldn’t help since it got delivered. I know folks want their items quickly, but not at the expense of accuracy! Let the dust settle on the order before you cut off customers from order info."

Zomkovsky Skinner says

"poor service"