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Berklee College of Music is a private music college in Boston, Massachusetts. It is the largest independent college of contemporary music in the world. Known for the study of jazz and modern American music, it also offers college-level courses in a wide range of contemporary and historic styles, including rock, hip hop, reggae, salsa, heavy metal and bluegrass. Berklee alumni have won 310 Grammy Awards, more than any other college, and 108 Latin Grammy Awards. Other notable accolades for its alumni include 34 Emmy Awards, 7 Tony Awards, 8 Academy Awards and 3 Saturn Awards. Since 2012, Berklee College of Music has also operated a campus in Valencia, Spain. In December 2015, Berklee College of Music and the Boston Conservatory agreed to a merger. The combined institution is known as Berklee, with the conservatory becoming The Boston Conservatory at Berklee.


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Assistant Director (Former Employee) says

"When I started at Berklee, it was a truly magical place. There was a camaraderie among staff. We all felt like we were a part of something special. Berklee's "secret sauce" was closely protected and celebrated. Students got their money's worth. A few short years later, it was so toxic it made the news. New Senior Leaders with zero knowledge of or respect for music, the music industry, or performing arts systematically scrubbed away all that was special and created a culture of fear for the staff. They used nepotism to bypass HR policies and bring in their likeminded cronies. Seasoned veterans with deep connections in the music industry were pushed out in favor of young upstarts with no experience but lower salary requirements. Staff who weren't fired were bullied mercilessly until they gave up and quit. Ultimately, it's the students who have paid the highest price. Not just in tuition, but in the dramatic decrease in services. All those industry insiders who used to be able to help students start careers were replaced with drones who's only goal is to collect tuition and keep the machine moving. What a rip off. Now it's just a shell. A sad, racist, sexist, homophobic, out of touch shell. Cons: Terrible leaders"

Director of Networks and Telecommunications (Current Employee) says

"Work environment can be stressful and unrewarding. However, the good surpasses the bad most of the time. Cons: work effort unappreciated"

Enterprise Data Architect (Former Employee) says

"I worked in IT. No such thing as job security. They have a desire to move forward and each for best practices, but are sentimental of the old ways. So nothing gets done to its fullest. Co workers were great, but management is awful. Many of the positions are filled with music students who really dont understand how IT works, and those that do get laid off when the present the need for something that does, because i t is not how they did it before. Cons: poor management. lack of business know how"

Assistant Professor (Former Employee) says

"The school has interesting students, and they are vocal and engaged in class. They generally perform well on their assignments, and the vibe of the school is pleasant. Cons: Meager pay"

Producer (Former Employee) says

"While my immediate supervisor was excellent, there are many middling managers who operate with a territorial, regressive mindset. Advancement opportunities are infrequent."

Concert and Events Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"The management was terrible and the upper management either were equally as bad or didn't pay any attention to what was going on. Basically everyone in the whole department has now left because the management made day to day work so bad. Working with the kids was the best part."

Second Language Center (WESLC), Writing Tutor (Current Employee) says

"I worked so hard and had a great time for a long time because the "cool" Berklee culture is fun, but, after 7 years I couldn't beg, fight or finagle a raise. This was unacceptable. Cons: The pay is very poor for non-union members"

Director (Former Employee) says

"Fabulous and talented faculty that are committed to working with the creative students. Work culture has changes, with restructure but there are many committed staff."

Travel Manager (Former Employee) says

"It was a great experience. I got to learn a lot about music and acapella so it was interesting for me. Dealing with that many people was hard but rewarding."

N/A (Current Employee) says

"As long you realize that Berklee sells an antiquated dream, it's easy to clock in and clock out. Senior leadership is top-heavy for this small school."

Assistant Director/Marketing (Former Employee) says

"A very good place to work for many people. The students are the best part of working at Berklee. They are from all over the world and are interested in sharing not just their music, but their food and culture."

Systems Engineer (Current Employee) says

"I thought that Berklee would be forward thinking and receptive to new ideas. What I walked into was an office culture filled with politics, old men fighting over their respective territories on the network. There was little to no management involved for the on-boarding process which was basically non-existent. They will expect everything from you with nothing in return. Cons: Management and culture"

Dining Room Cashier (Former Employee) says

"love the job, but to much heavy lifting. Setting up two full dinner areas by yourself, that to much for one person to handle, chairs and tables. Cons: breaks sometimes they forgey about you, on your breaks. I did fill oiut for benefits."

Admissions Assistant (Former Employee) says

"A typical day of work consisted of secretarial duties including: data entry, filing, answering phones, project management. I learned how to efficiently act as the Admissions Advisor's Assistant in a fast-paced environment. The hardest part of the job was during the slow times of year because work was scarce. The most enjoyable part of the job was working as a part of the team assisting the Admissions Advisors. Cons: Minimal direction, no incentives"

Supervisor of the drum facilities (Former Employee) says

"I would sit at a desk and take student's IDs when they went into a room to practice. It was an easy job which allowed me to do my homework. There wasn't anything too hard about it."

Senior Production Manager (Current Employee) says

"- This Job gives you the Opportunity to collaborate with people from over 40 different Countries. Cons: Long Hours"

Front Desk Student Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I maintained a work study position at Berklee College of Music and was satisfied with my experience working as a front desk student assistant. I practiced patience helping students navigate the school's campus. The hardest part of the job was explaining deadlines outside my respective department to stressed callers, but it was a good opportunity to break bad news down into digestible bits. Cons: Limited hours as a student"

Former Employee - Admissions Coordinator says

"I worked at Berklee full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Opacity and lack of recognition. Poor management."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Berklee part-time Cons: The pay rate is really really low"

Former Employee - Project Manager says

"I worked at Berklee full-time for more than a year Cons: No support, overly political, dysfunctional and sexist. It's a toxic environment."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Berklee full-time for more than 10 years Cons: The direction of the college, and the culture have changed only for the negative. The college has put such an overwhelming focus on hiring VPs and AVPs etc that the student experience has suffered. Your experience is entirely linked to the management you work under. Stay away from the area somehow titled Student Affairs. Toxic environment."

Former Employee - Associate Director says

"I worked at Berklee full-time Cons: - They don't promote, give salary raises or bonuses. By doing so, they are pretty much saying to employees, "disengage"... "stop caring"! - Over time people become lazy, they get used to the status quo , "business as usual" mentality and management is happy to ride along. There's little "innovation" or desire for change. Management lives in a cloud, disconnected from the day-to-day and whenever they get involved there is little or no followthrough - For faculty and students all these means is more and more mediocre admin systems and processes while tuition continuous to increase at ridiculous levels - Too reactive, they wait until the last moment to take action. Example- they waited until Berklee's longtime sexual harassment culture made the news to start changing things -HR has an unusual amount of power over decisions that should live with the Deans - There is a culture of inflating everything. Inflating the little accomplishments they make, inflating alumni achievements, etc. For prospective students, it's all a BIG lie. The reality is only 3 out of 10 will land a job and the average graduate will make just above the federal poverty level"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Berklee full-time Cons: Do not expect managers to know or care about the basic operations of their department or to be capable of managing a group of people."

Professor says

"I have been working at Berklee Cons: Upper management extremely bloated and disconnected from the work and culture of the organization. There are WAY too many VP's all jockeying to create work for themselves and in the process, disrupting middle managers' jobs and working diligently to make life as difficult as possible for employees in general. For this reason there is high turnover among middle managers (chairs) and much great talent and years of knowledge and experience are lost. There is only lip service paid to faculty or workforce development."

Current Employee - Professor says

"I have been working at Berklee full-time for more than 10 years Cons: This is a place that does not value employees. There is an inverted pyramid with top heavy management using a dictatorial top-down style of management. The culture is actually toxic. The management is pretty clueless about the strategic imperatives and focuses on petty turf-protecting infighting. Hard to find a worse bunch anywhere. Nobody gets a second chance, there is a pervasive atmosphere of fear. This used to be a decent place to work, now it is horrible. Roger Brown should go back to managing money at his hedge funds, he knows little to nothing about music, academics, or managing people. The board of trustees and advisors is a bunch of paper pushing suits that have no connection to the music industry."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Berklee full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Very little room for advancement. Very "Berklee High." Most people are promoted because they are part of the "Berklee High" clique, not because of performance. The good employees leave and the lazy ones stay. Way too top heavy for serious innovation."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Berklee full-time Cons: Toxic and crazy environment. I was with Berklee Online for a total of 2.5 months and can say that it was the most horrifying experience. I didn't know that Berklee had a bad reputation among Salesforce professionals, only found out later. I was hired as a Sr. Salesforce Administrator to be in charge of the part of the org touching Berklee Online. The hiring manager who would become my supervisor emphasized that the system was completely out of whack and they needed someone with my experience and qualifications to quickly identify the problems and implement solutions. However, on the first day I learned that in fact, I was not in charge of anything as Berklee Online is controlled by the central office of technology. I was given a custom profile of a Jr. Admin and told that I could not implement any of the initiatives discussed with the hiring manager during the interview process. I could not get anything done. One of the most bizarre moments was when my supervisor at Berklee Online told me that I was a "double agent" -- reporting to her but also managing the folks from the central tech office supervising us and that we didn't actually have to seek authorization to implement some of the initiatives. Micromanagement was over the top, my colleagues, while nice looked pretty depressed and resigned to their faith. Many things were left unsaid. When I asked any questions at all, people looked like they could not answer, because they were afraid. The last straw was when my access to free Salesforce training was cut off with no explanation. I was preparing for a certification exam. This training comes free as part of our “Unlimited” license and it was just cut off. One of the nice ladies warned me that the person in charge at the central office was doing everything to get rid of me as I didn't fit the profile of an order taker -- I was passionate about Salesforce, asked questions, proposed solutions, wanted to turn things around and this was threatening. All of my initiatives were quickly shut down and I was told to focus on tickets (troubleshooting basic issues). The one thing I should have found out during the interview process was the fact that Berklee is still on Classic and has no intention of transitioning to Lightning Experience. Classic is rapidly becoming outdated, so anyone staying at Berklee for any length of time would make themselves unemployable as progressive employers hire talented eager-to-learn Salesforce professionals who want to stay abreast of all new developments and work with the best Salesforce has to offer. I reached out to the Salesforce community and people shared that Berklee was particularly toxic and advised me to get out of there asap. I launched a new job search and had three great offers a few weeks later. You can take this review with a grain of salt, but if you're considering joining Berklee as a Salesforce professional, do yourself a favor and reach out to the community first to find out for yourself what the environment is like. You'd be joining an extremely toxic tech department and find yourself in the middle of political games not learning and advancement opportunities. As one of my colleagues there put it “When I joined, I felt like I was trying to do my job with both of my hands tied behind my back”. Very sad and dangerous place, indeed." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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