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Zeta Makrypoulia (Greek: Ζέτα Μακρυπούλια; born 31 July 1978, in Athens) is a Greek model, actress, television presenter and fashion designer.

A member of IMDb mentions Zeta Makrypoulia in a review in which he shared his thoughts about Ziteitai pseftis, one of her most relevant roles: The provincial becomes the mastermind behind every move of the minister causing the envy of the minister's closest associates and of his good-looking wife, played by rising Greek media star Zeta Makrypoulia. The cast includes actors that are very prominent in the present cultural scene of modern Greece and that will act as a magnet for the audience. Some comic occurrences are very memorable and responsive for a Greek audience although I can not guess whether they can be translated well in another visual and social culture. The movie ends with a quasi-moral tone. Although it contains elements of truth one should not base solidly his/hers estimation of Greek social and political mores on what he sees here.


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