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Bentley Motors Limited is a British manufacturer and marketer of luxury cars and SUVs—and a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group since 1998.Headquartered in Crewe, England, the company was founded as Bentley Motors Limited by W. O. Bentley in 1919 in Cricklewood, North London—and became widely known for winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1924, 1927, 1928, 1929 and 1930.

Euromotive Performance mentioned the 4 Most common problems with Bentley Continental GT, "#1 Electric Window Failure:

No you probably didn’t break your window and maybe it hasn’t failed on you just yet. Can you hear a hissing sound coming from your windows when your moving it up or down? This could be the indication that the motor will fail and since each motor has its own ECU, it can be complex to fix. More than likely, you will need a replacement unit since the motor cannot be replaced alone.

  1. 2 Suspension Problems:

Do you think that your air suspension is giving out? A clear indication of this happening is that your front end begins to appear very low and if they fail you would hear a knocking noise coming from the front of your suspension. This is a piece of cake for luxury car professionals like us because what needs to be done is fit replacement suspension parts.

  1. 3 Brake Light Failure:

If you’ve noticed your high level brake light not working it could mean you need to replace the whole unit to fix this problem. The brake light in question located at the centre of the rear end, above the rear window.

  1. 4 Electrical Problems:

Aside from its electric window there are reports from Bentley owners saying that faulty icons show up on their dashboard. Such as checking air pressure or check engine, it could be a small electrical problem or a sign for a larger one. Either way, bringing in your Bentley to find out what exactly is causing the electrical problems will help you in the long run."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Where to begin? Do not allow yourself to be fooled by the monetary benefits of working at this school. Bentley has repeatedly shown to engage in compulsive, inappropriate, and toxic management and behavior. Bentley School is the most destructive work environment I’ve ever experienced, hands down. The administration at Bentley has proven time and time again their utter lack of respect, care, and loyalty to their employees through senseless firing practices and overwhelmingly poor decision making. The school culture is incredibly isolating, the “community” is nonexistent. Save yourself the stress and agony, do NOT work here!"

Former Employee - Faculty says

"Character, Community and Purpose is simply a catch phrase - don’t fall for it when there are so many fabulous, distinguished public and private schools locally that can back up their marketing campaigns with real integrity. This place is “behind the scenes” crazy."

Former Employee - Former Employee says

"While there are some dedicated employees and faculty, the management favors blind loyalty over expertise, talent or professionalism."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Where to start? As they say, “It stinks from the top.” The head of school has created an atmosphere that is antagonistic toward teachers and families alike. Teacher turnover is high. There is a hyper competitiveness and meanness among the children that, of course, is directly a reflection of the parents. The school pays lip service to diversity, but families of color (especially those who are brown) are marginalized and left to the sidelines. If this was a public school, it may all be par for the course. But it’s a private school so the choices are many. Really quite sad for an institution that has the long history that Bentley does. If you’re a teacher or prospective family, best to look elsewhere."

Former Employee - Teacher says

"There are so many cons, that it would be difficult to list them all. I will prioritize with some of the most glaring negatives: 1) Bentley School is led by administration that lacks integrity, authority, knowledge, expertise, compassion. 2) Faculty and Staff arrive each day ready to work hard, but have to wonder if it just might be their last day due to reckless and insensitive hiring and firing practices. 3) Substandard facilities, technology, curriculum, support for teachers. 4) Extremely high rate of faculty and staff turnover. 20+ employees who started the 2018 school year on the Lower/Middle School campus will not be returning for the 2019-2020 school year. I have never witnessed anything like it after working in education for over 25 years. 5) There is virtually no sense of community between families, teachers, staff, and administration. Everyone functions on their own and in their own bubbles. There is no sense of shared celebration of life events. The school touts that Bentley is a place of close knit ties and community, and yet it is absolutely the opposite. Students, families, employees are discarded or ignored, seemingly at will. 6) A good barometer for the quality of education is how many faculty children attend the school. There are not many. If someone paid me a lot of money to have my children attend Bentley School, I would never even consider it. Bentley School is that bad."

Former Employee - Administrator & Classroom Teacher says

"The administration is abusive and goes out of their way to pit staff against each other. It's heartbreaking to know admin decisions negatively impact the students, and that money and power are more important to them. Do not be tempted by their money or promises. Save your sanity, well being, and integrity. This is the most unhealthy school environment I've seen in a nearly three-decades-long career. Racist, classist, unethical, and abusive administration."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"When I first met the current head, I was struck by her generosity and caring nature. However, that didn't last long. When I set a boundary with her she became caustic and abusive, which is a side of her personality that others have also expressed in reviews. On my own, I found out at least seven other people have had terrible experiences at Bentley. Not the run-of-the-mill bad experience, more like being sexual harassed, being bullied, and quitting due to the hostile work environment. Don't take my word for it -- talk to other people, ask about turnover for your position, and decide if you want to take the risk."

Former Employee - Former Employee says

"The Head of School is a terrible people and organization manager, and increasingly intolerant of any feedback, resulting in high turnover of teachers and staff. I concur with most of what other reviewers with this view have said. The handpicked people around her are increasingly just yes-people and not very bright. Alarmingly so for an otherwise good academic school. As the school's Bond renewal, and the Head of School's contract end, approaches, the trustees, also handpicked by the Head, are silent in overseeing this mismanagement, hoping to squeak through to the other side."

Former Employee - Instructor says

"The administration at Bentley School operates on a culture of intimidation, vindictiveness, psychological abuse, and disrespect. The faculty are consistently squelched and made to think they are insignificant, their insights and experience and constructive criticisms, unworthy. We were told that if we are "emotionally expensive" if we voice our discontent. Indeed, the school administration has said, a number of times, that you "bring your happiness to work." This means that if you don't like what the administration is doing--if you find it abusive, unprofessional, and/or emotionally troubling--it's your fault. We were told that if we are unhappy, we should leave. A few years ago, the administration, at one of its many apexes of disregard and paranoia, told the faculty that "the graveyard is full of those who once thought they were indispensable." The school has no desire to create a robust, enduring community of educators, and it continually enacts policies and attitudes that demonstrate its sheer administrative incompetency and disrespect for the people it employs. Bentley operates on the basis of ad-hoc reactionism, mismanagement, and a constant scrambling to re-invent the wheel. Turnover at the school is acute: over the course of about 5 years we saw a nearly 100% turnover in the administration (of course the all-school head stays at the helm, hm...); in 2017, 17 faculty members (30% of the community) left. This past year there was another significant exodus. There is less and less institutional memory and, in fact, the school works actively to destroy institutional memory, as its maintenance would enable and empower the faculty and create a robust and enduring culture. When there is no institutional memory, abuse persists because it becomes "normal"; without the precedent of a faculty that can defend itself and feel respected, the employees of the school are left to bow before ever heinous administrative whim. In the recent years, we had asked why we don't have a pay scale (we used to, 10 years ago), and were told that independent schools cannot institute pay scales because it is not fiscally responsible (this is patently untrue, as many of or competitor schools have clearly established and enduring pay scales). Over the past few years, most faculty who had come in on the pay scale have been systematically pushed out so that the school can tighten its belt. Those who remain are bullied and maligned, as the admin can justify increasing its own salaries (check out the tax returns to see how much our illustrious head of school is making). Experienced, devoted teachers are not valued, and when they make too much, they get the boot. When 17 faculty left two years ago, they were immediately blackballed and disregarded by the administration, which is no different from previous years. When you leave the school you are labeled as a "bad teacher"; some of the faculty were actively bullied out of the school. The administration admits no wrong-doing and explains the annual faculty exodus as a normal phenomenon for independent schools and/or blames "millenials" for the acute turn-over. Make no mistake: it is the admin and its incredible incompetence that sends people running. The administration will say the faculty is averse to "change." "Change" is the Bentley School metaphor for gross abuse and disrespect; "change" is how the administration brushes off faculty feedback; "change" is how the school explains away its fly-by-night management and enduring mismanagement, its sheer administrative incompetency, its paranoid and disruptive implementing of policies that radically remake the school without any careful canvassing of the school community, teachers and parents and students included. A couple years ago, the library was gutted and replaced with an "innovation lab." Few of us saw this coming. Next, faculty offices, either in individual classrooms or in shared departmental spaces, were all consolidated into two rooms, each with 18 cubicle desks. We were told to pack up our things only a few days before the school year ended; some of our materials were left outside and could not be salvaged, and our cubicles were barely finished by the time the new year started. As one reviewer below state, "change" is normal-- so why maintain the status quo? This review, written in the rhetoric of the school administration (indeed, it seems the review may have been planted or, given identifiable administrative tactics, enforced by the management), divests the administration of its responsibility to treat its faculty with respect, to create a meaningful dialogue, and to inflict "change" in a way that supports the school's evolution as a robust community. The status quo of Bentley School is none other than one of paranoia and emotional distress; "change" is the school's way of maintaining the administration's opacity and inflexibility when it comes to inflicting any willy-nilly, half-baked policy it wishes to impose on the community. The Board of Trustees, for their part, seems at worst inert and at best negligent of the faculty's concerns and enduring state of distress. Faculty contacted the Board last year, anonymously. By design, the faculty has no direct access to the Board; when we voiced our concerns to them we were met with silence and then were provided a sham set of brief and inconsequential interviews (only a select number of faculty and a select few members of the Board were allowed to meet; the school only trusts those it thinks can reinforce the administration's position). These interviews resulted in no "change," as it were, when it came to the faculty's needs and concerns. When we asked for exit interviews, which we have not properly had, at least during my tenure, we were told we always had them, and then exit interviews were instituted, but only in the form of a bureaucratic checklist. The administration avoids allowing its faculty to evaluate the management at all costs because it does not want to hear even the slightest word of criticism or feedback-- and it knows that criticism would be legion. The Board won't have it, either, perhaps in hopes that the faculty's anguish will blow over-- indeed, why even listen to the faculty? We are the cogs in the system. We are meant to feel that we are replaceable and insignificant. We have never had a consistent system for hiring and dispatching substitute teachers when faculty are sick. The administration scrambles every morning to have classes covered when a faculty member is absent; the only incentive for stretching oneself beyond the limit of one's normal duties is a bar of chocolate. Other schools have a system that provides substitutes and/or stipends for faculty who end up covering a class that is not their own. At Bentley, faculty are meant to accept the system, however abusive, as normal, because no one knows or remembers otherwise. What matters at Bentley? "Optics." Marketing. Creating the illusory image of an independent school utopia. Don't ask the administration about faculty and administrative turnover. Don't ask them about its flailing attempts to create a diverse, thriving academic community (among those who left this past year, many where women and people of non-white ethnicities). Don't ask the administration how the faculty really feel. Don't ask. And if you're faculty, mum's the word. If you tell anyone that you are upset, you are branded as a traitor, a bad teacher, and the administration will find a way to oust you. It's incredible that any faculty stayed at the school and, of course, that I stayed so long. We were all, and many remain, trapped in the cycle of fear and abuse. There is no recourse, what with a negligent Board and an administration that is incompetent, insecure, prone to lashing out. Worst of all is that the administration, in promoting a culture of fear, disrespect, and disregard for its faculty, sustains an institution whose core values are vague, amorphous, and in a state of advancing decay. Mediocrity floats to the top (a stunning example is our educational technology director, a hack of all trades!). As faculty leave in droves, students are left to grieve the loss of teachers they admired and who shaped them; as faculty are administered gag orders, the school's institutional memory slips into a state of comfortable amnesia; as the administration rewards only those who, in their mediocrity, demonstrate unfaltering allegiance to its distorted values, the community becomes a carnival of arbitrariness. One reviewer said it best before: whether you are prospective faculty, parents, or students-- avoid Bentley School, at all costs."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I taught at the Bentley Upper School for many years and watched as a change in administration absolutely destroyed employee morale. Within 3 to 4 years of the administration change, there was almost a 90% turnover in faculty and staff. In my department, there was a 100% turn-over not just once, but twice within a 4-year period. The Upper School Division Head has since been relieved of his position, but the Head of School who instituted the toxic administrative dynamic is still in control, as evidenced by yet another mass faculty/staff exodus at the end of the 2016-17 academic year. Surprisingly, the Board of Trustees seems not to mind the loss of legions of outstanding teachers, many of whom were promptly hired by other, more appreciative independent schools in the region. It's terribly sad that the school lost such a large percentage of gifted, inspiring, and dedicated educators simply because a handful of administrators decided that an adversarial faculty/administration dynamic would produce positive results."

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"If you enjoy running around like a chicken with its head cut off, than this job is perfect for you. Head office has absolutely no clue what they are doing. Changing promotions/directives every 5 seconds. They undermine you in every way possible. They even send you emails about the products, labelling the different parts of the bag. I.e an arrow pointing to the zipper or Thebes handles... as if we don’t know what a zipper or a handle is... absolutely ridiculous. Overpriced no-name brand bags that no one wants."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Bentley taught me how to be punctual and improved my communication skills. i also learned how to close the store for more responsibilitys. i also learned how to count stock and do inventory.inventorynone"

Cashier/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"They just hire people to do in inventory and counts and once that is done they let you go .only thing I can say that's was good was their products. That's about all I can sayThere is noneNo hours"

full time assistant manager (Former Employee) says

"I do not wish to share any information regarding the low scoring. I had a bad personal experience with this particular company, and would not recommend it."

Programmer (Former Employee) says

"Management is a very flat structure which means that any manager has a responsibility for too many individuals - it is therefore very difficult to get a decision on anything and any support/feedback in certain activities. Getting a quick decision on anything is impossible as there are too many bottlenecks and an aversion to take responsibility for decision making. Caution is the watchword."

Coach Builder (Former Employee) says

"Allways under pressure cant do enough for a good company changed to cant be done enough by a good company only good thing is the team you work withLeaving after your shift is over6-2 And 2-10 only two 15 min breaks no dinner time"

Technician (Former Employee) says

"Poor management that turns a blind eye to bullies and lazy old generation workers. Hard workers don't get recognised with zero chance of progression. Constant last minute decision changes via management leave you wondering whether they actually know what they're doing as they back pedal through mis-information due to poor communication.You will feel like the most intelligent person in the room.Hard work goes unrewarded."

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Treated like a immigrant. Leadership is nonexistent. Blame culture is sooo bad. People are just waiting to stab you in your back and willing you to fail. Honestly it maybe a big company but you’d be better holding out for another company rather than work there."

Powertrain Engineer (Former Employee) says

"It was okay until I found out how stuck up some of the empployees are and it really put me off. The place wasn't great either so I decided to leave as it was quite boring."

Director of Subscription Renewals - EMEA (Current Employee) says

"Bentley is a ever changing, exciting place to work full of amazing people from all over Europe It continues to challenge me in terms of managing a multinational team driving millions of dollars in annual recurring revenue."

Company Driver (Former Employee) says

"The operations manager was not that good. He tried I know that. But he has since screwed me."

Housekeeper (Current Employee) says

"There is good and bad in this job the good is you can have a meal free on break Bad rota you often get this on a Thursday for the week starting so you never know what your working more than 3 days ahead so makes it difficult to plan your time off it’s hit and miss on getting a full weekend off unless you requested it but unfortunately it appears to often be the same people there is so much more I could write on this review"

Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Very difficult to get a permanent job and there is no reward for hard work and commitment and you will be terminated without a thought. Ridiculous deadlines nearly always impossible to meet."

Senior Level Role (Current Employee) says

"I started working 80 hours weeks from the day I started. They discouraged the use of any benefit time and even gave me a hard time when I went to take bereavement for my parents funeral. The manager I worked for had limited experience, which made him very indecisive causing him to miss deadlines. There was a history than of this manager throwing the people below him under the bus. Turnover for that spot was near 100%. An experienced person will never feel appreciated or learn anything new from this manager. The Director of the department could be very nasty at times, but never left her office, making her rather clueless of what was really going on in her own department. All expenses go through the CEO, so you are constantly waiting for him to approve basic operational necessities. There are also very frequent RIFs.Good cafeteria"

Retail Sales Associate/Key Holder (Former Employee) says

"Wasn't treated properly due to petty jealousy talking behind my back to another manager in front of me. Would never recommend it to someone i would go home very upset."

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"KEEP TRACK OF YOUR HOURS !!! Consistent payrolls mistakes and unwillingness to deal with said mistakes makes a really nasty image of corporate. A tsunami of beaurocracy makes it impossible to have a positive experience as assistant manager. Keep every document you can, you’ll need it at the labour board.Low wage for high responsibility"

Leather trim and QC departments (Former Employee) says

"loud environment, often working shifts and could end up every week different shift including nights every 3 weeks...? Management uneducated people who waste 3 hours+ travelling to work everyday and blame they staff for they unhappy life they get because long hours they have to spend outside of home. Getting told off for silly reasons etc. Hectic, Big company but money could be better for harmful environment.Short day for localsPoor management, very noisy."

Caissière, Commis de Planche (Former Employee) says

"I worked there for more then a month and still did not master the program because no one would train me. Manager would sometimes disappear in the back for her whole shift leaving me completely alone and would get angry at me if I would come in the back to ask her a question. The store had a huge lack of teamwork some tried to steal sales off of me (even though we don't get commission)."

Antenna Development Engineer (Former Employee) says

"A company with a lack of insight, development, and structure to move into the here and now. Little drive and direction Factory very dated compared to other UK automotive manufacturers. Feels a little like the days of British Leyland. The comparison wioth JLR is night and day.Flexible WorkingVery old fashioned, products 20 years out of date."

TEAM LEAD (Former Employee) says

"The atmosphere was very unrelaxing and stress full. I would never work for them again. Did many double shifts to cover for others and employees do alot of fraud"