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Founded in 1982 by Gian Pietro Beghelli, the Beghelli Group is an international emergency lighting leader that also operates in the fields of energy savings, lighting, photovoltaic systems, domestic electronics, industrial and urban safety and security systems. The company’s strategy is based on its ability to interpret market requirements.

The Beghelli Group also includes 11 research, production and trading sister companies. Beghelli SpA (Italy), Beghelli Canada, Beghelli USA, Beghelli Mexico, Beghelli Polska, Beghelli Praezisa (Germany), Beghelli Elplast (Czech Republic), Beghelli Brasil, Beghelli Hungary, Beghelli Asia Pacific and Beghelli China are all proud members of the Beghelli Group.

A very unhappy employee mentioned, "You will always be set up to fail in at Beghelli, this company does not value their employees, they are cheap and downright disrespectful. There are really no advancement opportunities here. Management is unsupportive. The people who get paid the most and do the least in this company are the managers themselves. You are expected to work hard and get nothing in return. Also, the area of the company building is horrible for anyone who does not drive as the TTC only runs during rush hour. This company would literally still expect workers to show up to work and continue working if the building was on fire. Employees are almost NEVER sent home early (and if they are its only by half an hour which does nothing traffic wise if the weather is in the worst conditions) and the company never provides snow days. Benefits with this company take forever to kick in. you could be employed for 4 years and still not receive benefits. Raises suck. I only ever received the 2% required by the government. The quality of the products sold at this company are actually sad. I am so ashamed of the fact that they sell products in the emergency field that are complete garbage and barely work and aren't tested in the real world. Also please provide your employees with proper training don't just throw them into a work area and then expect them to figure it out on their own and then never follow up with them on how they are doing."


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Sales (Former Employee) says

"The work is not very hard, unfortunately it is a company run by emotions, if the boss likes you, you can do no wrong, if the boss does not like you, no matter what you do, you will allways be wrong. Cons: to much drama"

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"lack of communication - always mentioned but not improved"

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