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Bedrock Edition (also known as the Bedrock Version or just Bedrock) refers to the multi-platform family of editions of Minecraft developed by Mojang Studios, Xbox Game Studios, 4J Studios, and SkyBox Labs. Prior to this term, as the engine originated with Pocket Edition, this entire product family was referred to as "Pocket Edition", "MCPE", or "Pocket/Windows 10 Edition".

A gamer shares his experience with Bedrock in a website that relates heavily on Nintendo products, including video games and software, ¨TBH bedrock edition is a serious downgrade. Redstone is broken, automated farms are broken, many mechanics don’t work anymore and all due to the engine not handling world updates well. Also we go from a console specific version to a mobile port :/ I have nothing against mobile ports, but we had something superiour.¨


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Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Horrible place to work, terrible management and suprised with how much they get away with. Lack of training and team work. Very clicky office and throws employees under the bus. Disgusting behavior and horrible at dealing with any kind of harassment issues. Cons: - poor management"

Assistant (Former Employee) says


Recruiter (Former Employee) says

"This company is by far the worst. Leadership would make jokes openly about other cultural groups such as trans people and would degrade potential candidates after their interviews, discussing the candidate's weight or the lack of make up they were wearing. There are too many personal relationships, allowing husbands to report directly to wives. The recruiting manager was horrible, she had a lack of empathy and her personal judgement effected the recruiting process."

Dietary Aide (Current Employee) says

"I don't like it im supposed to be working part time and they are not giving me my hours. I also am getting paid peanuts for the hard work i do. I cant afford to live on my own with that salary."

Accountant (Former Employee) says

"Very Systematic Company. Happy to work with this Company, but, I got Government job, therefore, I left this Company. Scale of employees needs to be improved. Cons: when I left job they did not made my payment"

Branch Accountant (Former Employee) says

"Typical work place, non co-operative staff, management is good"

Leasing/Assistant Property Manager (Current Employee) says

"Day to day basis is very busy while working alone answering phones and leasing and resident retention. Residents are very nice ."

Site Manager Motor Mechanic/Technician (Former Employee) says

"Hard work every day Cons: Very very long hours some days and no off week ends money money money"

Waitress (Former Employee) says

"Not a good working space, a lot of trouble dealing with customers and my employee. The payment was always dilated . My coworkers were the best thing about this job."

Branch Accountant (Former Employee) says

"team work, fully hard work, cooperate with sales team, banking, full accounts with sales tax work. Cons: Nil"

Labourer Positions (Former Employee) says

"nice seeing different placers around Victoria and staying away from home for the week.we go to job site setup awe sighs and at the end of the day we pack up awe sighs.and go to the closesed caravan park for the night. Cons: not mush work"

Laborer/Operater (Current Employee) says

"Sorting refuse and wood bi-products. Operating equipment to make mulch, wood chips etc. Sorting lumber for auction. (2x4 2x6 etc.) Concrete and gravel pit. I have knowledge of running a front end loader, forklift, skytrack, and exavator. Cons: No insurance and for advancement."

Building Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Great company to work for Cons: Long days"

Office Support Specialist (Current Employee) says

"The hardest thing about my job is the communication from so of the co-worker the training was not enough but I managed to work it out to teach my self"

Olga Fotos says

"not helpful at all very dissatisfied with the help i received"

Michael Smith says

"I have never been more frustrated by a company. The processors work hard to understand the issues and to help, but they give out contradictory information and try to stall the customer since litigation and the negotiator are not doing their jobs. This is especially true when it is a complicated debt. The wait times on the phone can take up to an hour. I have waited on hold while trying to the negotiator on the line for 20-30 minutes, to then have to reexplain the issue because the information being given to me is contradictory to what has transpired during the last phone calls. I would not recommend this company to anyone trying to resolve their debt unless they are willing to babysit the company and their accounts, otherwise you could end up losing more that just your credit score. We have also paid more than the initial amount that we were told this company could settle all of our account for, and we still have a debt of over $10,000 waiting to be negotiated and settled. Be careful before agreeing to their terms, and be prepared to pay their fees before you begin paying any of your debt."

Paul Van Vooren says

"Zero understanding of my questions. Zero willingness to follow up"

Anonymous says

"Terrible company. They have not delivered on their promise of reducing debt. I could have negotiated these debts myself and saved the nearly $7000 in fees I have paid them. They have in their possession now enough funds to clear the remaining debt, but they will not call the creditors. I have called multiple times over the last few months, and no results. I can't even get them to call me back. I have had multiple court dates to attend due to creditors filing warrants in debt and Bedrock did absolutely nothing to try to resolve. My breakdown: around $25000 in original debt, paid them almost $20000 so far, they have kept $7000 in fees, $13000 to debt, and I have had to pay almost $3000 out of my pocket for 2 of the warrants they did not resolve. I saved no money, and have had 3 years of aggravation. Avoid at all costs!!!"

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