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Beacon (NASDAQ: BECN) is an American publicly traded company which sells residential and non-residential roofing products, as well as related building products in North America. As of January 2, 2018, upon the completion of its acquisition of Allied Building Products, the company had 589 locations throughout all 50 states and six Canadian provinces, and over 8,500 employees.

One of the ex-employees of Beacon Roofing Supply commented on glassdoor, "Corruption from the top down. For a Fortune 500 company I have no idea how the SEC or IRS hasn’t slammed them into the ground by now but it will probably happen at some point. They buy a company up and give them a week of training and they leave. Switching everyone to a crappy DOS system from the 80s. Do the right thing that is a legal obligation and suffer the wrath of the corruption and cover up ethics beacon so willingly provides."


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Former Employee - Sales says

"Organizational values do not match the culture. Discrimination occurs at every level in the company, outweighing the many good people who work there."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"At one of your interviews, you will be handed a card outlining Beacon’s corporate values. Remember their stated value of “No Secrets” during this interview, and then ask two questions when given the opportunity: What is the makeup and structure of the company’s Human Resources department, and what is the company’s policy on pay transparency? Listen to the answers carefully. At Beacon you will find that, in the HR department, “No Secrets” means anything you require or report will be shared immediately with your supervisor, and quite likely some of your peers as well. This will be revealed when your question about staffing and structure and its utter lack of depth is answered, and will be further illustrated if you follow up with basic but specific questions regarding the existence of literally ANY firmly established HR policy that should interest you, and yet you find yourself provided only loose, outdated “guidelines” for your reference. You will also find that “No Secrets” means discussing harmonized compensation packages with your teammates — or perhaps even your relative hierarchical subordinates — is a terminable offense at Beacon. You will find this answer to be revealed in the basic language of the answer itself. Just ask, and you will hear. After the interview and before leaving the building, reflect one more time on the value of “No Secrets,” but then take a short moment for yourself to simply look up and down the dim hallway, where you will see nothing but closed doors and hear nothing but hushed voices. No Secrets. All the homework you ever need to do on Beacon can be accomplished in just one hour of your time, and with nothing but basic attention paid to the most obvious of details."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Environment No Accountability No training"

Former Employee - ECommerce Specialist says

"They underpay and overwork everyone. Higher ups have limited experience, having only excelled in 'sales' roles so when placed as a manager or director they neglect management and the well being of workers. They have no credible understanding of organization, structure, and how to generally operate a department. They can push everyone as hard as they can to ramp up sales but only because they're making everyone work harder, not smarter. After experience at other tech companies their SOP will not sustain until they diversify their workforce or are open to innovation. It's a really 'old school' work environment and their expectations are incredibly unrealistic. It couldn't be more obvious for being located near other tech companies moving to Northern Virginia."

Former Employee - Dlp says

"-management does not care what you think -doesn't matter what your background is - they will put you in a warehouse or on a roof -management says that warehouse work is to learn products, very strange tactic but I will not lie it worked, downside is that they don't care if you know the product or not they just want to use you as manual labor because of how short handed they are -management becomes a lot of "men" that were too afraid to quit and you end up with an insecure and afraid leadership team. The only ones who stay are people that are afraid of other opportunity -not ideal benefits -sign a non-compete after your first promotion, making it very hard to find a job post Beacon because of all of the outdated technology -Time and time again they will make promises they cannot fulfill and will string you along -Minimum 11 hour work day (good day), max work day is 15 hours -My advice to anyone thinking of Beacon out of college is to exhaust all other options before choosing Beacon. The money looks good on paper but the experience you receive at Beacon amounts to almost nothing in any other company"

Former Employee - Assistant Branch Manager says

"After my employer was acquired by Beacon in 2018, ~80% of the staff in the office left within a year, including me. The constant crush of legacy beacon bureaucracy I assume led to the highly developed apathy of legacy beacon employees. Nobody on the legacy beacon side ever one lifted a finger to do any more than the absolute minimum. Upper management is delusional. You can see that in a recent review, clearly written by a salaried vice president of hype. The company's market cap is embarrassing, they managed to evaporate every dollar of a $2.6 billion acquisition within one year and miss earnings just about every quarter. The personnel crisis at the company is a symptom of horrible business practices. The employee turnover is higher than actual product turns! The lip service to being an employee-driven high performance sales organization is blatantly false. The company has absolutely zero regard for their employees, which is why they let 90+% of the employees at my location were let go within one year and replaced with cheaper new hires who had zero industry experience. I recall listening to the CEO tell shareholders that weather was responsible for lagging revenue (he does this every quarter). It's like, uh, really? It's not the complete disregard for long-time customers, the human resources emergency, or the "race to the bottom" style of cutting service while raising prices? The ultimate value from branch management on up is to pass the buck. All the reviews complaining about it being a boys club are true, and I once sat on a conference call where regional management told us to get on Glassdoor and give positive reviews so that we could hire good people. Keep that in mind when you read some of the reviews here."

Former Employee - Outside Sales Representative says

"Leadership team is a bad. Company culture is not good. No training. No support from mid-level managers when an issue arises."

Current Employee - Market Manager says

"Very impersonal and a very rigid style of going to market. No allowance of anything outside the lines, which is really necessary in this business and the customers are seeing this every day. They sense the stress and uncertainty in our staff. Also, and most importantly, the stock price success or failure drives the misery level and the flexibility to service customers. Beacon has completely lost sight of the most important asset, which is it's people. Beware - Beacon knows the morale and culture isn't good, and for fear of losing employees to competition or manufacturing, employees are nudged into 'promotions' that require non competes to be signed, which essentially is getting the employee to ' sell their soul' . The non compete prevents the employee from working in the industry if they opt to leave Beacon ( Beacon is the only company using this practice)"

Former Employee - Outside Sales Representative says

"May vary between location, but management has their own clique. If you’re not in the inner circle, one of the guys, or refuse to sell your soul you will not survive. There is irony in the lack of support for up and coming females in the industry and the company sponsors Women in Roofing at most Roofing Conferences. Many unattainable and unrealistic goals are set for their Outside Sales staff. Little to no training on how the company works internally before you are out on the road."

Former Employee - Director says

"I won't add any fuel to this train wreck."

Outside/ Inside Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Manager is awful! Training is ill equipped. Pay is pure garbage. So much pressure to sell and they lie that you will make a lot in bonus. Not true at all. Pay for Gas if outside sales.Don’t like when you take a lunch."

one Title but did all BM / inside sales / Inventory/ outside sales (Former Employee) says

"They overwork and underemploy. You do 5 job titles and get paid sad because the higher ups like their mony and cheat youFull Benifits but expect to pay over $400 or more is you have a familyThey pay horrible, for the amount of work they expect, So understaffed because all uppers like their yearly bonuses, which is based on store budgets."

Transfer / residential delivery (Former Employee) says

"i took this job in kennesaw ga trying to change my truck driving options so i interviewed knowing at the time it would be a 40,000 per year pay cut money isent everything!!! so that hired me from day one i was bullied call fat and was made and trained to be Dummed down like the rest of the clowncrew there was one other driver there that was good to me and tryed to teach me ( he is way overqualified to be there) the manger/ old owner ? who knows who cares if he has money dude all luck because he is way to dumb to grow a company the dispatcher runs the place think about dispatcher he’s a control freak he only controls people at work i heard he still lives with mommy lol 😂 stay away not everyone is bad but the few that are made it miserable!! i got fired for meeting that only happed half of the time?? best thing that every happped to me now i’m back making 90k a year!"

Outside Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"If your company was bought by Beacon then you should start looking for a job, because they will walk in and either downsize or close your location. I watched them walk into our location and just letting everyone go even managers of 17 years. No one was offered to be relocated To other positions. Oh the commission structure is a joke that they have. I sold siding roofing windows doors had four houses go threw in a month commission 230. That’s itNot being bought by beaconBeing bought by beacon"

Truck driver (Former Employee) says

"I worked there for a month when slow was sent home every time.. poor managment if u like your Saturdays dont go here. They use you in this place until you quit"

Roofer/Laborer (Current Employee) says

"It's okay working here but there is favoritism for surtin employee's they don't care about nothing else but moving product and they write u up for anythingThey fead u sometimesIt's ok"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"People need to be warned about this company. Never in my life have I worked for a more unprofessional & heartless company. They don’t train you for entry level jobs but expect you to be an expert after a few days of zero training. I would constantly hear the person training me mock me to the other coworkers without realizing I could hear everything. Management did nothing when I voiced my concerns about not being trained. I’m pretty certain the person “training” me intentionally sabotaged me to fail. Beacon doesn’t care about their employees, the turnover rate is astonishingly high, and it’s very clear why."

Driver/Delivery (Former Employee) says

"They hire you as a driver but they can ask you to do anything else when there is no deliveries They say one thing and do something completely different They always need drivers cause no one will accept working in these conditions They cant guarantee your hours and oblige you to take your lunch. The manager cannot be trusted he is .just a toolNoneEverything"

Inside Sales Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Would not work there, mangners do not communicate with their employees to help them to be better in customer service. Customer are very un -happy with management"

Loader Helper (Former Employee) says

"Every day was stressful and pushed to work faster by the manager and dispatch. In this place i learned that they don't care about the job nor do they care about your wellbeing. They push you to do unsafe work even though each Monday morning we have a safety meeting. Theres not a drop of equality what so ever and manager has select people to which he will give a raise to. But if you like this industry, better go to ABC."

CDL CLASS A DRIVER (Former Employee) says

"I would not recommend. Need a new evaluation, place is a zoo. This place need better management. There is no good pros only bad. If you like hard work this for you.All badAll"

Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"No matter how desperate you are for a job, or how annoyed you may be at your current job this is not your option. Underpay and chip company - No clear plan for the future. Every 2 years they changing managers and new managers bring his oven rules. - This job not for new drives, they will throw you to downtown Toronto with 48 foot flatbed trailer and Moffett next day. - Summer time crazy hours and winter time they will expect to you lay off or maybe 30 to 35 hours weekly. - Safety just a world here they can give you overweight load and the shipping documants could be wrong too so you should make sure your truck weight is good. - Management have no clue about trucking, nor do they care. Just they care, move they load point A to point B.A workEverything"

AP Specialist QA (Former Employee) says

"The A/P department has an intelligent group of ladies, but the policies and procedures are highly unclear. The managers do not communicate. There is a lot of passive aggressive behaviours and practices."

Forklift Operator (Former Employee) says

"They will work you till 10pm at night while being there at 5:30 in the morning. Make you load roofs that aren't safe and don't follow osha standards. they dont pay you food here and therevery long hours, horrible management"

Warehouse (Current Employee) says

"Complete joke. Upper management only knows how to be bald and throw their weight around. Literally only care about making money NOT their employees at all. Store management where I was at at least was good. Never replaced employees that quit, only whipped remaining employees more to pick up the slack and save them from paying another salary (again all they care about is money). If you want to marry your job this is perfect for you because we will start at 6am in the summer and work until dark because we were so shorthanded for no reason. Literally worked in Warehouse ALL summer by myself because they didn't want to hire someone to help me. Wouldnt recommend this place to anyone, not my worst enemy.OtUpper Management is clueless, business snobs"

Boom Truck Operator (Former Employee) says

"0 room for growth, no support from management, a very unappreciated position, low moral. Unrealistic deadlines with the workload, management not assuming accountability for their lack of support towards field worker's.It's a jobNo room for advancement, unappreciated, poor management"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"People always fighting arguing no respect for each other or customers. Equipment is always breaking and not safe. Rules don’t apply to everyone. Management will not resolve issuesNoneNot healthy place to work"

Delivery Helper (Former Employee) says

"The company was doing really good until Beacon Roofing Supply bought it over. Beacon is a joke! Low salary and lack of care for their employees. They will let people go even though they need all the help they can get and by that, over work their employees all the way to the ground. They will not give a raise if any at all.Discounts, overtimeLack of employee care, salary, management"

Warehouse Lead/Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"For those not wanting to read my entire review, the short version is don’t waste your time if you want a career. If you are new to the industry try it out for a year or two, then move on. This company will chew you up and spit you out. I started working for Beacon Roofing Supply in 2018. I was hired as a roof stocker, and after about two months was “promoted” to warehouse lead. Stocking roofs consists of loading shingles onto a delivery truck and driving out to the job site. Once there, you climb onto the roof and the driver either sends the shingles up on a conveyor or lifts a pallet up to you with a crane. The work is monotonous, exhausting, and made difficult by steeper pitched roofs. Many roof stockers burn out from the fatigue and unsafe situations management constantly puts you in. Beacon preaches the safety of employees yet at the branch level they would rather “just get the job done”. When I worked as a warehouse lead, my day consisted of pulling delivery orders, handling shipping/receiving, assisting walk-in customers, stocking the warehouse, and counting inventory...then counting the inventory again. At my specific branch, I primarily worked in the siding warehouse. (Roofing and siding is divided into two separate warehouses at my branch). My warehouse was seemingly more busy. In addition to pulling delivery orders and helping customers, every single incoming shipment came to my yard to be unloaded. A common scene was a semi truck waiting to be unloaded, one or two customers waiting for their material, and a order in the process of being pulled, all happening simultaneously.Some of the people you meetNo work-life balance, poor management, little to no employee appreciation"

DLP/Ops Mgr (Current Employee) says

"Beacon Roofing supply is confused with who they are. Following the merger and acquisitions they try to change cultures that have been established for years. Creates confusion and causes high turnover. I was unhappy with my pay compared to my posistion.N/aManagment, Pay, Customer Service, Flexibility"

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