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The Staatliches Bauhaus, commonly known as the Bauhaus, was a German art school operational from 1919 to 1933 that combined crafts and the fine arts. The school became famous for its approach to design, which attempted to unify the principles of mass production with individual artistic vision and strove to combine aesthetics with everyday function.

An angry visitor of Bauhaus building shared his experience on Trip Advisor on October 2019:

"When coming to Dessau, the Bauhaus is obviously one of the main sights to see - especially when you're interested in the history of art. Me and my girlfriend traveled here specifically to see the Bauhaus.

I informed myself via the website about entrance fees and available tours. First off, you can buy a one-admission-only ticket for 8.50€ or a multiple-entry ticket for 15€. While I consider this to be a rather steep price per se, I think it is outrageous considering what we experienced.

The 8.50/15€ tickets are simple admission tickets to the Bauhaus itself. A guided tour has to be booked in addition to this for another 8.50€ per person. So in total, you'd end up paying 17/23.50€ per person!!!!! Obviously, tours are booked out months ahead of time unless you're lucky. The website at my first visit hinted at english tours being available ONLY ON FRIDAYS (why!!??) and sold out for several months, at my second visit to the website, no information regarding to english tours was given AT ALL. Don't be fooled! That doesn't mean that there are no english tours. When finally visiting on a Saturday, there was an official english-speaking tour going around the premises. They simply did not inform on the website. When asked about this, I was referred to the website in a "don't bug me with your problems" tone.

Obviously, the website urges you to buy tickets online ahead of time to avoid any queuing. Well, so we did that. Because we were' not able to plan everything more than half a year ahead, we only booked the 15€ pP tickets without the tour.

Now here's the reason why I consider this a rip off:

When entering the Bauhaus building, NOONE WILL CHECK YOUR TICKET! AT ALL! You can simply enter the building and walk around. No problem at all. There are some (few, i.e. 4) rooms accessible, some with some exhibits. Yet, nothing worth 15€!

Furthermore, there are classrooms/offices/etc with further exhibits to see. Unfortunately, with said 8.50/15€ ticket, you don't get to see those. Yes, you read that right! You just paid 8.50/15€ per person to *NOT SEE THE EXHIBITION!* You just paid that money to access a building that you could also have accessed WITHOUT paying! Also, the famous balconies of the Bauhaus are not accessible with the regular ticket, but with the tour only.

When confronted with this fact, the staff didn't seem willing to even consider my point. When I complained, they simply claimed they wouldn't be a museum but only a "foundation" and simply showed me a piece of paper saying that they would be entitled to cancel any contract made (i.e. the admission) if they please. Very nice way of saying "f*** off". There was nothing "lost in translation" - I'm German so we understood each other perfectly well.

So, all in all:

1.) Steep price (8.50/15€ + 8.50€ for the tour) 2.) Unfriendly, directly rude personnel 3.) You don't get what you think you pay for: No access to most rooms even though you paid!"


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