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Batteries Plus Bulbs Sucks. Batteries Plus Bulbs (stylized as Batteries+Bulbs) is an American specialty retail chain of several hundred franchise outlets founded in 1988 as Batteries Plus that sells and recycles batteries of varying size and voltage that provide power to operate consumer electronics, watches, cell phones, digital cameras, automobiles, and other devices that require DC power. The stores also stock and/or customize out of production batteries for obsolete appliances and antique cars.

Pej N. from San Ramon, CA wrote a review for YELP about Batteries Plus Bulbs: "They still have bulbs you can't find at Home Depot (it's online if you don't need it right away). I went there with a special light bulb and showed it to the owner. He brought me back 2 bulbs and I bought them. Took them home and they were the wrong ones. Went back and returned them. I showed him my bulb and the bulb he had given me (similar but different enough that it didn't fit). Instead of me being upset that he made me come back to his store and do a return the owner seemed annoyed that I was doing a return. He then processed the return for one bulb instead of two. I pointed the discrepancy to him and he said "come on man"?! Confused, I repeated what he said with a question "come on man"? He replied "what, I'm doing the return man". At that point, as things were getting pretty weird I asked if there was the owner and to my amazement, he said he's the owner. Last time they for a 5 star as an employee helped me out but if this is how the owner treats people.. forget it. Online is where I'm doing my shopping."


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Former Employee - Repair Tech says

"Understaffed, poorly managed, terrible training"

Technician (Former Employee) says

"Was definitely fun to work here, but management was lazy and often would just leave but happen to pop back when the owner comes. Poorly ran with no support and not even close to paid enough for what you do. They will happily not tell you about raises you should have gotten months ago to save money then get upset with you for asking about them. Pay is never on time. Sometimes would get paid a week after the pay period ends because the owner is too lazy to go to the bank because it’s a Friday or something. Terribly ran business. Not one.Bad company all around"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"every single thing about this place"

Assistant Manager Retail (Former Employee) says

"This job is a joke. If you want a personal life outside of work you can forget it. They will wear you down to nothing. The owner will tell you one thing and the manager will tell you something completely different, so communication there is nonexistent. You don't get paid what you're worth, and the turn over rate is so ridiculous you shouldn't even bother getting to know your coworkers. Do NOT work here unless you want to go crazy.NothingToo many to name"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"They aren't giving us any hazard pay during the pandemic, whichbis illegal by the way."

Commercial Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"The company has no clear direction. They don’t value they’re employees and let them go with no clear reason. They also automatically take 30 minutes out of your daily time punch and a lot of days you don’t even have time to have a 10 minute uninterrupted meal period.NoneManagement doesn’t help employees."

Current Employee - District Manager says

"Leadership team is all new and they dont lnow what they are doing at the store level or as forward strategy ."

Store Associate Technician (Former Employee) says

"This company is horribly ran, no actual Human Resources, it's a popularity contest locally to get under the district manger's favor, and anybody who isn't a part of his "click" is removed. Unfair hours, false statements during hiring process regarding pay and also a general lack of care towards the employee. Find employment literally elsewhere. The owner is is completely unaware of what the district manager and the Roseville location's issues are. They do zero training, and then blame the employee when a mistake is made and failing to own up to their lack of training. Gross company, poor business standards, and even lower form of management."

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