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Kimila Ann Basinger ( BAY-sing-ər; born December 8, 1953) is an American actress, singer and former fashion model. Following a successful modeling career in New York, Basinger moved to Los Angeles where she began her acting career on television in 1976. She starred in several made-for-television films, including a remake of From Here to Eternity (1979).

Simon Brew for Den of Geek mentioned, "Kim Basinger – Boxing Helena: I may as well start with one of the most infamous cases of an actress dropping out of a film to which they’d apparently agreed.

Director Jennifer Lynch originally had Madonna pegged to take the lead in her debut feature, Boxing Helena. The story of a woman who has her limbs removed and is kept in a box it’s as charming as it sounds, the role was then offered to Kim Basinger when Madonna passed.

Basinger was said to have verbally agreed to take, but Main Line Pictures would take her to court when she ultimately backed out. The firm argued that it had lost over $6 million in domestic and foreign sales, and it thus sued Basinger.

The jury would rule against Basinger, ordering her to pay $7.4 million for breach of contract and $1.5 million for acting in bad faith, which as EW reported at the time, amounted to a bill that would exceed her personal worth by more than $3 million."


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Medical equipment coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Owner and manager scream at each other and employees. They don't give you promised pay raise. Greedy Indian, supports his girlfriend who is dumb as box of rocks. His wife not very fond either"

Staff Pharmacist in Joliet (Former Employee) says

"If you can be easily manipulated into performing sketchy ideas, this job is for you!! Do not be fooled by technician running the place- she would break any law for the owner. Cons: everything else"

Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT) says

"Clock in and start checking in-bounds and express fills and begin the day. Put in new orders and customers. Listen to voicemail's."

clerk (Former Employee) says

"the place is disorganized and as soon as the owner shows up everyone's blood pressure goes up. minimal pay, no benefits whatsoever, no real room for advancement."

Staff Pharmacist (Former Employee) says

"Good to work there if you need an experience and to learn how to be tough at yelling environment. The management never appreciate good works and effort you put in. They keep firing people. Cons: No benefits, no work no pay, no 401K or sick leave, Pto, even if you work 30-40+ hours"

Pharmacy technician, Student Intern (Former Employee) says

"Not a fun place to work with barely legal practices. Hostile work environment with a lot of politics. The job is not hard at all. The hardest part is to make sure that all your bases are covered with the computer system. Often billing and fill date issues get in the way of that. The most enjoyable part of the job was working with the Pharmacist. Cons: Only a 20 minute break for a 9 hour day, Management is indiferent, Politics make the work enviroment difficult"

Medical Equipment Sales (Former Employee) says

"The other employees in the store where great to work with, but the owner didn't only dislike women, but he wasn't really crazy about Americans. He treated them with disrespect and ignorance. Cons: the owner is very rude to customers and employees."

Pharmacist (Current Employee) says

"it is a job.learning different aspects of pharmacy.bubble pack, dme, 340b. all out of the "mainstream" retail pharmacy. have worked for walmart and walgreen's - they are what I consider retail pharmacy. this job offers a larger variety. Cons: no health care"

Certified Pharmacy Technician (Former Employee) says

"Learning about medications and working under the Pharmacist Cons: Pay was low"