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Bart Smit B.V. was a Dutch store-chain that specialised in toys, multimedia and electronics. For many years, it was owned by Blokker Holding. In 2008 Bart Smit had 189 stores in the Netherlands, 51 in Belgium (of which 40 in Flanders and 11 in Wallonia) and one in Luxembourg. In 2018 only 13 Dutch branches were left.

A former employee shares his experience on, "Low salary, few career opportunities at Bart Smit."


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Venkat says

"They sent the bad product"

Kate Alzapiedi says

"We waited a long time for the delivery to be sent. It was sent during our holiday which means we were not able to collect it at the post office. The package was returned to Bart Smit but we still haven't received any details on how to receive the package. Can someone get in contact with me?"