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Barclays plc () is a British multinational investment bank and financial services company, headquartered in London, England. Apart from investment banking, Barclays is organized into four core businesses: personal banking, corporate banking, wealth management, and investment management. Barclays traces its origins to the goldsmith banking business established in the City of London in 1690.

A former business analyst shares his experience on, "Neverending restructure, nobody knows anymore what is going on at Barclays. Performance reviews completely demoralizing, management evidently promotes bullying culture. Good employees escape after exposure to over-promoted psychopath bullies lacking charisma and the simplest leadership skills. Nepotism everywhere- incompetent and insecure people get promoted by people alike through an unclear mysterious process, real and evident talent gets ignored and humiliated."


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Former Employee - Loans says

"Management constantly adjusts targets to reflect how well individuals are performing. Uneven level playing field in which certain individuals are swamped while others thrive. This was an issue since senior management glosses over their perception from reality. Unnecessary micromanaging - people get reprimanded for being "away" on their chats."

Former Employee - Trader says

"I am very sorry to read your experience. As always, there are two sides to every story and I cannot help get to the bottom of yours as the reviews are anonymous. I really hope you made your feelings known to your management team before you left so we can learn from your personal experience. I would however like to state that we do not discriminate and have a number of programmes and initiatives across the organisation to ensure we nurture both young and female talent."

Former Employee - Software Developer says

"Thanks for taking the time to post a review. Disappointing to read that you did not feel you had the freedom to manage yourself and your workload. I can see you worked in Whippany so I will pass on your comments so we can learn from them."

Vice President - Technology says

"Ineffective management, absolutely zero autonomy given to subject matter experts, unrealistic expectations and timelines, horrible processes solely for process sake, constantly changing priorities, and little value places in their most valuable employees."

Current Employee - Development says

"All people and no process Bunch of tools and technologies, hardly utilized Short term savings can be understood, however if the company is trying to copy UK entities then we are bound to fail. Looks like UK is a mediocre example to emulate when we should be looking at the best. No offense towards colleagues abroad."


"It’s a highly dysfunctional organization. Functional leadership is muddled and the US operation is shown little respect from HQ in London. The excuse is that it’s a highly matrixed organization but the reality is that it is incredibly inefficient and political even over the smallest things. Also know that few resources are being invested in NYC and NYC jobs are moving to Whippany, NJ. Basic things like paying vendors on time doesn’t get done and support for key IT systems doesn’t get attention. Getting the most basic things done is extremely difficult and external (experienced) input likely will be ignored and certainly is not enabled. And nobody seems to care."

Current Employee - Assistant Vice President says

"low salary; politics; poor insurance"

Former Employee - Vice President - Technology says

"Top heavy. They have hired way too managers lately. They tend to bring in their own people rather than letting existing employees grow. People are mostly coasting here. Bonuses are not competitive and does not recognize excellence. People at higher level dont understand or care about technology as long as projects are half baked and executed in shortest time possible."

Former Employee - Technical Analyst says

"HCL technologies management structure locally is tyrannical and invisible remotely."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Where to begin. - no development - UK centric with no involvement from the US - broken processes - no respect - lack of ownership - UK employees are favored over US - Whippany location is trying to be sold as a “high tech” location. When in reality it is a remote location, where your career becomes stagnant and essentially as an employee you’re forgotten. - Morale is at an all time low and it’s challenging to come to work - Resignation will continue to occur"

Accounts Consultant (Former Employee) says

"I have never hated a job this much. The customers don’t like the company and don’t want any of the products you are pressured to force down their throats. The managers pile on the pressure to sell their products and hit your targets. The upper management get a taste of ‘power’ and treat everyone else like rubbish. The company pretends to be all ethical but they just want to wring every penny from the poor person you have to call.There was a fire at the call centre I worked at and the employees standing outside were literally cheering.I really did try to think of one but nope, nothing.There isn’t enough space in this box."

Complaints Manager (Former Employee) says

"Bullying and childish management. Little idea of real life business activity. Go off script when talking to them and you are on disciplinary. All they want is drones.Farting at deskPeople smell them"

Customers Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Every Monday group of more than 20 people starts new job. They changing they employees like underwear. Of course on the beginning they promise you promotion but you soon find out its only for the favourites. Lied about the salary, promising 22k a year then saying you have to pass tests to get that amount and to do that you need to work minimum a year. No support whatsoever!"

Personal Banker (Current Employee) says

"If I could give management less than a 1 star rating I would. No care for colleagues, all about sales, and again terrible terrible management. Progression is next to non-existent, the bonus scheme is almost laughable, the training is sitting infront of a computer screen by yourself for two months and coming out of it feeling you’ve got no idea what you’re doing.Half decent pay, amazing colleaguesEverything else"

Customer Relationship Manager (Former Employee) says

"Lplease do not ask me anything more about Barclay. They do not care about employees they fire people unjustly, they do not support you, they find ways to get rid of you, they will lie upon you, and they are not a good company in my opinion so please do not ask me about Barclay and keep trying to get me to adjust my review comments"

Quantitative Risk Analyst (Former Employee) says

"good place to work if you like to experience incessant meetings, and don't care about your contributions in workplace or any accomplishment, otherwise best place to work."

Cashier/Counter Manager/Ops Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Awful experience here working in the branches. Forced overtime daily sometimes hours with no pay, change your working location sometimes on the day and expenses are paid approx. 8 weeks later with such a low salary its unacceptable. Discriminated against at every point because of age or because I didn't have a family I was expected to stay on and was once refused a holiday in half term because I didn't have kids. I wouldn't wish working here upon anyone. Data breached my details when requesting a reference for a new job and there was never anything I could do about it because the company are appalling!"

Essential Banker (Current Employee) says

"Very little opportunity to progress despite this being encouraged. Awful management across sites and little regard for staff well-being. Very low salary for expectation of responsibilities."

Business Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Never ending restructure, nobody knows anymore what is going on. Performance reviews completely demoralising, management evidently promotes bullying culture. Good employees escape after exposure to over-promoted psychopath bullies lacking charisma and simplest leadership skills. Nepotism everywhere- incompetent and insecure people get promoted by people alike through unclear mysterious process, real and evident talent gets ignored and humiliated."

Customer Service/Collections Representative (Current Employee) says

"This company SUCKS favoritism. If you not snitch or kissing butt hardly will make. It. Unfair management no room for movement in the Collections departmentBonusNo grace time or compassion if you are late"

Client Service Executive (Current Employee) says

"there is a bullying and harressment culture at the company, if your face fits you will advance but if not you wont. I would never recomend anyone works for this company"

Customer Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Where do I even begin to review this place? If you want to work in a monotonous, clicky, boring environment, this place is for you. Team Leaders are absolutely shocking from all areas. There's probably about 2 half decent ones, but aside from that the others are all incompetent to manage and are scared of actually doing their job as managers because they're worried people will dislike them. Gadbrook Barclays is an absolute popularity contest. There is no career path or opportunities for anyone in this place unless you want to become a Team Leader. And all they seem to do is go for 2 hour meetings daily and discuss what they did on the weekend. It's embarrassing how badly this place is ran. If you mention staff development all that can be offered is a Deputy Team Leader role (basically do the TLs work for them for no extra gain and a lot more stress). Most of them only work a few days a week anyway, claiming to be working from home whilst uploading pictures onto Instagram of them drinking cocktails. The car par is overcrowded as there is simply not enough spaces for the staff available. This causes daily issues of people being blocked in and people hitting into cars. You are seen as 'caring too much' or 'stressed' when you work hard and actually want to show passion in your work. It's almost as if it is encouraged to do the bare minimum and have a 'I don't care' approach to what you do. Either way, no one will dare tell someone that they're not productive enough or help team improvement as it's all a big happy family. Barclays in Gadbrook Park could have saved"

Account Manager (Current Employee) says

"Leadership thrives on an environment filled with Nepotism. Leaders hire their friends and promote those who kiss-up despite lacking the knowledge to do the job. Poor example of diversity amongst the any worker above lowest B2 workers. Leaders have little respect for employees, lack of engagement with employees. They tend to treat employees as if they are working in a "sweat shop". They have you complete annual reviews and then tell your performance plays no part in the pennies of an increase. This place is not for anyone with a depth of knowledge or years of experience. Leaders will consider that a threat and ensure that your value is not acknowledged. Overall horrible place to work and revolving door of people consistently.Maternity/Bonding Leave (paid)Mentioned above...."

Customer Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Very cliquey company to work for, must come from specific cookie cutter mold to fit in. Awful pay for what's expected of you and expected to put in extra time beginning and end of days for no extra pay, working full time this equated to an extra 20hours per month for free but frequently told eeds of the business come first. There is no work/life balance in this company. You are expected to upsell loans and credit cards in a very pressurised environment, targets are often unrealistic."

ESSENTIAL BANKER (Former Employee) says

"If you're looking to be oppressed, insulted and treated like an animal in a zoo you'll fit right in. Also make sure you make eye contact with management or they'll launch an investigation over it.NoneRacism is rife and the management are the main culprits"

Sr. Global Active Directory Engineer AVP COO (Current Employee) says

"Management only cares to promote those who come here on HB1 Visa. they are promoted and then come, here in the US Whippany office we are never going to advance or RISE as they say. We are not worthy of management because we are US based. India and UK employee's hold all management positions and when we apply for them we are lied to, not submitted and cheated out of those new roles. i caught my manager in a lie when i applied for a lead role, can't trust management as they lie, never submitted me and cheat to support / hire their friends from Lithuania, Pune and UK in these new lead roles... Unfair treatment and can't trust what management tells us not supportive of a successful model for US based IT advancement or long term career goals if seeking a management role ... Not recommended if you're a career minded IT professional..."

N/A (Former Employee) says

"Barclays has been known for it's bullying culture for many years, over 20. People who haven't worked for Barclays known have known of their culture through word of mouth. NEVER AGAIN!"

Gsr (Current Employee) says

"Poor management skills bad scheduling Never listen to there workers Not properly trained Always writing people up that’s new but never write up there friends"

Fraud Analyst (Former Employee) says

"They say they are family oriented but when a family dies or your are sick and miss work they write you up and put you on probation. Awful company I can not say anything good about them!!!!!Pay was good for the areaIt was a job hiring"

Essential Banker (Former Employee) says

"Well what can I say about my experience about Barclays. I compare it to the titanic. Honestly, I've never seen such a work place in my life, where management have no clue what they're doing. Some of them lack basic people skills and didn't see the bigger picture. Honestly, I'm sad to leave because I met some great people who actually made it enjoyable for me to come to work. Otherwise I'd be so miserable. My time was absolutely weird. I wonder why temporary even come on board . I mean all that money spent to get trained upm my opinion 3 months is way too short"

graeme ducker says

"Just opened new account, wish I'd stayed with other bank. Had to call up to arrange overdraft facility, tried twice, gave up after an hour on hold each time. Awful!"

Oliver lock says

"Name is O Lock Bank have stopped my card, online banking completely, they have refused to give me any money, I’ve done nothing wrong yet they’ve stopped me from doing anything for 10 days One of the worst companies, remove any money you have with this company and move over to Lloyds bank."

Azana says

"Worst possible customer service they made the mistake and I had to call loads of times to put it right and each time I called I was on hold for AGES and when I complained I was very disappointed with their resolution but I'm to busy to contact the ombudsman so I have now asked another bank to switch account to them"

Jojo says

"Currently on my second call as I type.... 51 minutes and counting. I had to give up after 35 minutes the 1st time. I've lost the will to live. Bloody awful."

Sue Jackson says

"On hold for over 40mins as I write this. There is no excuse for this pathetic service - I concur with everyone else comments and intend to leave this bank as soon as our current problem is solved."

Liam says

"Incoherent systems, clueless staff. "Communicating" with Barclays is a deeply unpleasant experience. I would advise anyone to look elsewhere."

Pond User says

"Barclay's credit card customer service is located in the Philippines. After waiting for more than 35 minutes, the line suddenly went dead. I cannot dispute a fraudulent transaction so now I have to sue Barclay's Bank. AVOID USING BARCLAY'S CREDIT CARD. TOTAL SCAM COMPANY."

Morrison says

"Constant disappointment lately. Covid cannot be an excuse. Calls not answered between 30mins to 1hr or even more! Clearly showing a lack of staff manning the phone lines. Other companies have adapted! Staff have been unable to answer my questions and seem under trained but also lacking the basic skills to offer solutions. Unable to get online after a couple of times using my own finger print is apparently too many times?! Random texts to tell me I’m overdrawn when after checking through worry I’m definitely not! Being told to hold to either be cut off, left for a ridiculous amounts of time or not given the correct information. Thankfully, some weeks back ONE employee was particularly professional, knowledgeable and with a very nice manner but this was after so much unnecessary frustration. However, yet again I am back in ‘camp frustrated’! I actually do not know why I still bank with Barclays."

Hardeep Singh says

"Called customer service. Took almost 30 mins to reach to customer executive. After he took my details than asked me to hold for 2 mins. He mute the phone from his side and forgot that I am on call. I shout few times on phone and kept my phone on hold for another 30 mins but no response. Worst ever customer service."

George msongie says

"Appalling. Can't believe l just read barclays reviews now before l write my review. It's unbelievable. I have had my online banking blocked.. Well l need to sort it out through the phone.l have waited for 35mins to talk on the phone which was cut before l even spoke to any one. Surely, Barclays, you know how this means to us during the pandemic. The customer care is non existent if not operational. Well in this time of economic restraints, can't believe this is the way you treat your customers."

All Things Shitty says

"BE VERY WARY OF BANKING WITH THIS BANK... I went online to conduct some business and the platform says that I don't have any valid login methods (I have FOUR...). So, ONLINE DOESN'T WORK. Even worse, last week I waited 45 MINUTES on the helpline and today it is 2 HOURS AND 29 MINUTES!!! I am still waiting for someone to pick up... What's so annoying about this bank, is that I never chose it; I was with the Woolwich BS for the mortgage I had and Barclays took them over - so now I am lumbered with a useless bank that I never chose. Desperately trying to pay off the last sum owed, so that I can escape. A bank that TRULY DOES NOT CARE - IT PREFERS TO SEND VAST PROFITS TO A FEW OF ITS KEY PEOPLE, RATHER THAN PROVIDE SIMPLE SERVICES TO ITS CUSTOMERS. IT'S CALLED: ABUSIVELY MAXIMISING PROFITS ON THE BACKS OF LESS-WEALTHY PEOPLE. Shame on Barclays..."

Rohit says

"Hold time is just atrocious and I'm surprised that a top Bank like Barclays don't have a call back feature. The guys on the app customer chat are clueless too."

Mikej says

"Barclays are truly atrocious, whether its Barlaycard or Partner Finance, I have found them streets ahead in terms of abysmal Customer service! Impossible to reach via phone, apple messaging, web. Automated bits not working, website forms completed by me following their instructions, but then lost or not responded to - months later. I am trying hard to move away from this Bank, as I never want to deal with them again...but even that is virtually impossible..Nice job Barclays!"

David King says

"Felixstowe branch closed indefinitely - tried to pay monthly current account bill but the outside cash point not working. Notice on the door says try Woodbridge branch [20 miles away] - so today [Weds] I drive to Woodbridge, pay £1 to park the car, only to find the bank is closed today. So I now have to make another trip to Woodbridge this week. The Felixstowe branch of Barclays has maintained erratic opening hours since the first lockdown in March. Time to change to another bank!"

saher fatima says

"Poor customer service I withdrawal £300 Money was rolled and £260 came out and £40 Dropped back in worst machine And they refused to return our money poor customer service steeler banker I requested them to looked into cameras they don’t have cameras on ATM what a worst bank ,worst service ,worst machines I m going to close my account."

Consumer says

"Pay for extended parking. Today the queue extended to twelve people with only one service window open. Apparently a staff member was away for a lunch break with no overlapping cover. Staff are excellent once you can encounter them, but management are determined to limit their numbers and unconcerned about their customers experience. Try to complain using their complaint system? After several attempts on the helpline, I’ve had to abandon the effort being held for long periods, the longest being 35min. More staff please, more interest in customer experience and please provide a complaints system fit for purpose. How about a ring back service?"

Te says

"This bank's customer service department must be staffed with either mentally challenged or robo humans with out the ability to use deductive reasoning. They are really inept. Another thing for those of you with a conscience..this bank was one of the major companies that profited from the slave trade..look it will find lots of info on google. It's a travesty they are permitted to hold license to do business in the USA."

claire scollan says

"Currently on hold, 2hours and counting! Waiting time at the beginning of the call was reported as 2 minutes so why has no one answered? I was in the branch yesterday trying to sort out same problem, not possible to organise a face to face meeting in the branch, you have to ring a number no one answers. The staff are all polite and helpful but there's a total lack of organisation, 5 automated banking service points in the Leeds branch but only 1 or 2 being used most of the time I was there (over 40mins|) despite a queue around the block outside the branch. No other Leeds city cantre bank has such queues or poor management! Get a grip Barclays."

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