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Launched in 2011, Bar III is one of the exclusive apparel lines sold at Macy's. The brand is geared toward young, style-savvy consumers looking for garments with a distinctive twist. R.H. Macy & Co. was originally founded in 1858 by entrepreneur Rowland Hussey Macy. After failed ventures in Massachusetts, Macy moved to New York and established his dry goods store in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood. The business grew quickly, and Macy's started to expand. Eventually, the retailer outgrew its original location and moved uptown to 34th St.--where the iconic flagship store is still in operation today.

Michelle shares her experience on, "I was so excited to receive the Bar III Women's Gabrie Over-The-Knee Boots, but they were not high enough (not over the knee) and they won't stay up. Also, they look used. I had to keep them because I couldn't find other ones."


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