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Banda Property is a Property Development Design Studio Search & Acquisitions. While every project is unique, the philosophy behind each is unwavering: at Banda we strive to craft environments which are both intrinsically beautiful and faultlessly functional.

An angry former employee shared this on Facebook "Stay away. Banda sucks. Didn’t pay me for six weeks when I started. One of the very worst companies ever . They are a arrogant and incompetent staff and people".


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Cashier (Former Employee) says

"I worked at Banda just for the money. it was so stressful, due to bad management. I had to do more than a cashier. for example, at the end of each month they would ask me to do the bookkeeping for the entire month."

Cheri says

"Poor poor quality for the price"

Darcel Diedrich says

"Terrible customer service. Terrible quality bags. Received a used bag with numerous flaws and crumbs in it. They want me to pay for a return if I want an exchange. Poor quality bag that looks like it would cost 15.00 in a second hand store. UPDATE; Upon reading your response your offer changed during the email exchange. You also did not offer several options. How we you admitted the photos showed a bag that didn’t look right. First offer; I was to pay for a return for an exchange. Not acceptable. Second option refund. Poor customer service for a poor quality bag. Not worth the money or headache."

Michelle says

"Cheap junk that started to fall apart after a month. Do not buy anything. Also Luis was super rude when i tried to get a refund and stopped replying to my emails."

Anonymous says

"All the effort these ladies put in making the bag is appreciated. The bags are nice. When I got my box I was happy. I opened the box and the purse was forced in a cheap dust bag that tore. The bag got bent and haven't been able to fix it. The dust bag was so cheap and small for the purse it ripped. All the upper part of the purse could not fit in the bag and was exposed. EXTREMELY cheap packaging with no protection to the bag. Very unhappy."

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