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SourceHOV LLC is a technology-enabled business services company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. It provides enterprise information management and transaction processing services in the BPO industry.

A former employee said this in a review: "Over worked with no appreciation. Management at SourceHOV is completely uncaring about the employees. Floor supervisor is a rude know it all that talks down on people".


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Data Entry Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Worse job ever! 5 Years without raises maybe even longer now for the employees that are still there. Starting pay rate is horrible $10 an hour with or without experince."

Accounting Specialist I (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at banctec was maintain reports, pay high dollar reports to drive work volume down, reconcile over 600 files a week, make contacts on files needed for assistance to apply the client payment to meet company goal. I learned how to manage daily reports to provide to supervisor by deadline each day. I handled several clients accounts personally per their request. I learned how to reconcile clients accounts as each accounts are maintain at a different level and pace. I also learned how to toggle between different software programs to verify information for the clients and to perform my job to the best of my abilities. The management was horrible their was times you would be so stressful it would interrupt your work performance and if you reported the actions of the supervisor it made your job difficult by the day. The hardest part of the job was dealing with poor management and being belittled by your supervisor when you are doing the best that you can do to manage your work load due to short staff and high volume of work load. The most enjoyable part of the job was being able to work in peace with no one stressing and threatening your job.break room to prepare your food if needed and alot of space at your desk to work more proficientlyshort breaks, high insurance coverage, not enough money made based on the cost of living"

Processing Clerk I (Former Employee) says

"Everyday horseplay which affected the entire production process, supervisor and manager favoritism, no supervisor on duty when needed showed up when felt like it, lack of security, hostility and fighting was welcome with no consequence,etcno proseverything you can think of"

Accounting Specialist (Former Employee) says

"This job was very stressful and fast pace. The ceo and management are horrible. The company been sold four times. You have to process about 600 files in one day and they want calls made the next day along with 30 printouts. Not enough time in a day to do all the work. The hr rep is rude and nasty. Just a very unprofessional environment. They dont have enough workers but have the nerve to do a layoff without any notice. But they did me a favor. Not stress at all and my shoulders dont hurt anyone do to all that work. Worst company i ever worked at. The supervisor was ok at times but the manager was rude and always sending rude emails.Weekend pff30 min break health care not good"

Data Entry Clerk (Former Employee) says

"This was a very stressful job, had to maintain a certain level of claims per hour and per day, had to key in a small crowded area, supervisor was not good at his positionweekends offno benefits"

Accounting Specialist (Current Employee) says

"They never give raises no place to be promoted to it is a relaxed environment they have various hours for you to work sick time and vacation added together but you call out sick you get a point against you. This place needs improvementRelaxed dress codeNo raises no place to move up"

Document Processing Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Job didn't pay nearly enough to cover basic living expenses. Hours made it impossible to maintain any sort of meaningful social life. Management was indifferent, just interested in profits and cracking the whip."

Processing clerk (Current Employee) says

"The worst company I ever worked for low pay, high benefits. Management don't care . The people that work here are messy. The turnover rate is high, they can't keep employeesThere are none!!Low pay, benefits high. No advancement!!"

Processing Clerk (Current Employee) says

"I love the actual job but the managers do not care about us employees, there is no HR at our site and no one to talk to over management. Lots of old gossiping trouble making women and managers show LOTS of favortism. The worse company to work forEasy laid back jobHorrible management, a lot of old gossiping women that keep drama, employees do not feel appreciated because of the management, unorganized"

Opérateur de production (Former Employee) says

"J'étais une victime de harcèlement moral au travail par 2 salariées nommé référence au service de production à Noisiel. une elle n'arrêt pas de me critiquer sur mon travail hors je n'ai rien à me justifier et en plus elle me prendre pour q q'un de malade. et l'autre blonde elle a balancé 2 fois de suite de dossier sur sur mon bureau avec une forte agression. et me surveille dès mon arrivée à la société, ainsi que à chaque mes déplacements même jusque à au toilette.travailproblème de management très copinage avec référence"

employé numérisation (interim) says

"il fallait demande la permission d'aller au wc au responsable et c'es qui nous disait à quelle heure on mangeait et qu'on finissait la journée avec mes collegues de travail bon attente et enrichissanteaucunmauvaise ambiance du aux responsables de service"

Production Team Lead (Former Employee) says

"Management doesn't care, benefits are sub standard, no pay raises or incentives.Lacks morale. Turn over is high. I have worked here for many years and only got one raise and have been moved numerous prospay, management, lack of morale"

Machine Operator/Processor (Former Employee) says

"management is terrible, work environment is terrible, and pay is bad for the work that is done"

Data Entry Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Job involved inputting confidential data onto computer system. Job was very repetitive and poorly paid. A lot of the staff there were quite young and saw it as an extension of school. Management seemed not able to control this.NoneBad working environment"

Title - Senior Field Service Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Schedule PM,s and hope you can get to them in between calls. Lack of management and direction has all employees making their own decisions. You never know where you will end up in the day or what you will be doing.flexabilitywork on equipment with no support or training"

EDM Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Between the bad management, the bad pay, and zero benefits you will never have a reason to go to work. The job is easy and VERY boring, and you will never move up from being a basic keyer, no matter how hard you workers are pretty niceno benefits, bad treatment, annoying management"

Lead Specialist (Current Employee) says

"I work with claims and remittance payments for Aflac. I am responsible for 25 employees. I create and implement training for multiple areas. I am responsible for scheduling employees. I have enjoyed being a lead specialist for 6 years where i have had the chance to mold and shape employees. I feel i am ready to move on to a new company where there is more opportunities to progress.good healthcareno annual raises, limited ability to progress"

Manager/Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Management is not family oriented at all. Don't show compassion for the people. No raises in over 7 years. Only want men in higher positions. No room for advancement."

Dell Field Service Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Arrive at depot at 7 a.m. collect parts required for PC repairs. Phone customers to arrange suitable ETA. analyse fault and repair if possible or escalate. At home, receive workload for following day and devise schedule based on location and other constraintsMeeting people. varied dayLong hours, little recognition of good work rubbish management"

CSR (Former Employee) says

"The company has no heart, no spirit. They just want to use everyone for gain without respect, treating employees poorly. Worked for many years in the field, no recognition, no raise for last several years. Days would vary wildly. One day you're sitting there bored all day, next day you're running like crazy for 12 hours. Huge lack of organization. Best part of the job? Not sitting at a desk 9-5. Hardest part of the job? Lack of support and skills within the company.Flexibility in work during the dayManagement is horrible."

Liu Lina says

"The guy in Canada place was very rude and aggressive. I asked him if I could exchange 1000 HK notes to smaller notes as a lot of places in HK don’t accept them due to too many fake 1000 HK notes on market. He was shouting at me. You could refuse politely, but not shout at people."

Steve says

"I sold currency (USD) with Ace-FX. I sent them off, signed for delivery. I emailed several times enquiring when the funds would be received after the "1-3 days" cut-off had expired. The continually emailed back stating that funds were sent and it was simply a delay. After over a week since they were supposed to have sent my payment and after continual chasing I got a Faster Payment receipt by email and my funds appeared by Faster Payments. They had never sent them when they claimed they originally did! They admitted they sent the funds that day (over a week late), rather than when they originally said they had due to an "internet outage" (despite being able to respond before-hand telling me they had sent it, which was clearly a lie!). They promised to make good on the difference in price between the day they actually exchanged. They did not. I made a formal complaint by email, they immediately rang back telling me they would "make good" on their mistake and send something by next-day delivery to make up for it. Nothing ever arrived. I found them completely incompetent and they continually lied to me and ignored my formal complaint."

Alessandro says

"Every time I try to go to the Canary Wharf branch at Cabot Square there’s no employee inside, despite the shop being open. I tried every Saturday a few times already"

John Mattison says

"It is with great disappointment that I have chosen to write this negative review. Have used the company many times but this is the second time that the delivery of the currency is a bit of a mess. First time ignored it as we all have bad days. Second time ordered currency on Friday 22nd June and the web site clearly stated delivery 25th June by 1pm. Received email confirmation for 25th June by 1pm. Received tracking email stating delivery by 25th June by 1pm. Took time off work to wait for currency which did NOT arrive. Explanation is that the currency will only be sent out on the 25th June. Have to take more time off work in the hope it arrives tomorrow. Have sent a polite email to the company but am not expecting any response. I spoke to a gentleman who was NOT rude in anyway but could do very little but send the currency out the day it should have arrived. Shame really as I thought that they were better than some of the bigger organisiation around."