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Bacardi Limited (; Spanish: [bakaɾˈði]) is the largest American privately held, family-owned spirits company in the world. Originally known for its eponymous Bacardi white rum, it now has a portfolio of more than 200 brands and labels. Founded in 1862, and family-owned for seven generations, Bacardi employs 6,000 people, manufactures at 29 facilities in 16 markets on four continents, with sales in more than 150 countries. Bacardi Limited refers to the Bacardi group of companies, including Bacardi International Limited. The company sells in excess of 200 million bottles per year. The company's sales in 2007 were US$5.5 billion, up from $4.9 billion in 2006. In recent years sales have stagnated, with the company recording US$4.6 billion in 2014. It laid off 10% of its North American workforce in 2015. Bacardi Limited is headquartered in Hamilton, Bermuda, and has a 16-member board of directors led by the original founder's great-great grandson, Facundo L. Bacardí. Along with other leading alcohol producers, Bacardi is part of a producers' commitments organization focused on reducing harmful drinking.

A consumer shared in a review "If you dissolved a bar of soap in a liter of store-brand diet cola, it would probably taste a lot like Bacardi Black. It is the vilest alcohol I've ever tasted -- and I've tasted Ron Caballero rum. It's as if an executive at Bacardi accidentally put a topical anti-fungal cream on his toothbrush instead of toothpaste, and when he tasted it he thought "Hmm, we should make a rum that tastes just like this!" I just can't imagine why any company would intentionally manufacture a product that tastes so godawfully bad. So my question is this: is there some real rum that tastes like this? What was Bacardi aiming at?"


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Nickolai Lezhin says

"It is not bad at all!"

Former Employee - Customer Account Representative says

"Terrible Management, very poor communication, No Leadership and No opportunities to move to different departments. You're Being Micromanaged by your Managers!! You Get Turned Down for a Raise Without Much Explanation. Bully-style management, Yelling at subordinates, especially during meetings or in public spaces! Good Luck on consulting with your HR, they lack resolving any issues."

Procurement (Current Employee) says

"Management very rude they treat people like slaves and manual laborers also. Management, use their little authority they have to intimidate employees and harass them about their lively hood. That is the truth. No family culture their all lies. I wouldn't trust the liquids that come out of their. Sad but true. Family oriented not true it went out the window years ago. The Admin and Management team all need a facelift, they are bringing the morale and company reputation down the drain.Nothing but a sweat shopConcentration Camp"

Former Employee - Director says

"Corporate mentatlity not caring for people"

WAREHOUSEMAN (Former Employee) says

"this is not what i want to do its boring and the pay is extremely low. i want a career i wants kids and i need money to tale care my kids bye se you in a distinct lifetimenonnon"

Former Employee - Marketing Manager says

"Tanking brands. Management was abusive and incompetent. Continuous layoffs made it for the lowest morale I've witnessed in my career."

Material Handler (Former Employee) says

"Hard work team work good time alot of fun fast pasty ever one get alone and with another always to better one on one help always take breaks relax"

Former Employee - Regional Sales Manager says

"Constant change of regime, no longer feels like a family business."

Forklift Operator (Current Employee) says

"Inefficient processes and procedures. Extensive micromanagement"

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