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The Gap, Inc., commonly known as Gap Inc. or Gap, is an American worldwide clothing and accessories retailer. Gap was founded in 1969 by Donald Fisher and Doris F. Fisher and is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

A disappointed mother shares her experience on, "You can find me at Baby Gap at least once a month, their clothes are adorable. That said when I ask when their next shipment is because they're out of everything I had come in for and I'm told a certain day & time and I call to make sure it's all there and on hold for better be there. When I get there 2 hours later and they actually didn't have any of the stuff I wanted in the right sizes & nothing had been put on hold like I was told it was, the girl at the register who I spoke to on the phone would rather argue with me than admit she was the one in the wrong; that is when I'm done shopping at your store."


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Jeff Bartley says

"First and last online order.. product ok, too short..the return process is like a puzzle..I think they hope you'll give up, which I did! Once you finally figured it out..said my order number not correct...YES... it's the one you gave me!..Old Navy's return very similar!! Last order from me for either place!"

Rey Keith says

"Customer Service is very very bad. I mean worst.They cancelled my order with no notification( wow great) They said that my CC isn’t verified whatsoever. Which I already instated to them all the details they needed which is correct. (FYI) I’m super nice while talking to her( working for many years in customer service industry. I know the stress handling guest) but wow. This is a next level. 1st. Agent ask the email and give it and she couldn’t find it. I ask her can’t you find under my name or my phone number she said she can’t.till ending up asking my home address( great that’s super weird) ow well end up not resolving the problem( take note! Super awesomely rude( don’t want to deal with it and say bye and hang up. I called the 2nd time (coz I bought gazillion of clothes for my husband) well the gentleman helped me thou and look up my order under the phone number that I am using without even giving my full name, address or some personal details( blows my brain out coz the First Lady can’t find it and boom the gentlemen just saw my order, just like a blink) he said that before cancelling the order they will call me or notify me which they never do at the first place!)( well I’m trying to be cool and don’t want to get mad coz I don’t want to waste my time( patience woooshhhh even my brain cells and my blood is moving to my mouth want to say something but trying to hold it) well he said that they’ll call my bank to verify it which I understand( that’s there SOP) which I do understand. Till he get back to me coz he is trying to call the bank) well he get back saying can’t reach the bank and call me back once they did( which they didn’t until office hours is done done) well, I ask him if I can just change my CC coz I don’t want to deal with it and just to get what I ordered for my husband.( well now my ending is empty handed).I’ll call tomorrow and say the word! No need. Never again! Will never order to them or go to the store!( my patience is gone!!!!) CUSTOMER SERVICE IS about helping the customer, figure out things, give them options, cooperate and talk to them, build a friendly connection. Working as a customer service agent is pretty hard. I know you guys stress. But if you guys work in the Customer Service industry. We have no choice(you accept that job),( when you guys are stress answering the phone it reflects that you are not happy with your job) We still need to smile and move on. The next time you answer the phone. Smile even the Customer/Guest can’t see you. It’s still reflects on our voice. Tell to your supervisor or manager your stress and move on. Don’t give it to your Guest. We get discouraged to order again. (Okay, going to different online store) POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE! Never anymore."

Herb Vaddour-Brake says

" is a mess. I paid for faster shipping &they still shipped it UPS Surepost instead of UPS. This has the post office do the final delivery - adding days to the delivery time. I called, asked for a manager, it took 3 try’s & I still got a supervisor. GAP doesn’t appear to have good control over their logistics. Apparently they do not have a clue. Very disappointed - no wonder their stock is going down down down."

R Poteet says

"Ok, I realize we are in the middle of a pandemic but I ordered something on 11/30/20. Twenty nine days later and I still have not received. The tracking number shows no movement since 12/7/20. It is not that Gap is responsible for shippers but they are responsible for what method they selected. They must select parcel post because all other packages I ordered this year have arrived. When contacted they suggest you contact carrier. Why would you have a customer service if you can't help someone? I personally would not ship with any carrier that I could not track. This is "BadBusiness" and they have probably lost a lot of customers. If I could see a glimmer of hope the package will arrive I would not be writing this review."

Veronica Foster says

"Terrible customer service, their delivery service AND website are in need of much work, and their quality is terribly bad. GAP is my go-to for some items, but be careful when buying off their website without viewing items in person. You will undoubtedly be disappointed, as I was. I mean, what am I talking about? They are a overpriced Target. Never again."

Gretchen Barrett says

"I bought a pair of jeans online. I called before I returned them asking if I can return in the store. I was told yes. So I go to the store and they returned them however I don’t get a refund until February!!! Mind you they were never worn! Tags still on them. So what’s the point of returning them to the store?"

Robin Wise says

"I would give them a 0 star if possible. I ordered 18 items on 11/26/20. 9 of them were lost in transit and showed no shipping movement since 12/2. Called Gap last week and was told I had to wait until 12/21 before they could do anything. Called today as items still had not arrived and they said they could issue me a return that would show up in 3-5 days and repurchase everything at my expense today. When speaking with a supervisor was told their company never reships items at no cost to customer. That no matter if items were damaged, missing, wrong item shipped, etc, that customer is always asked to repurchase the item(s) again as they wait for their return. Epitome of bad customer service and I will never purchase from this company again. Beware of this company."

Miguel Peixe says

"Bad costumer experience. Little or none sensibility nor be willing to help. Not recommended at all. Better to shop online"

Eliya says

"I ordered an item 3 weeks ago and I didn't receive it. I called to see what's going on. The agent was not listening to me when I was talking about the problem. She hung up the phone on me and then, she returned my order without asking me if I wanted to do so. I'm offended and feel terrible. I never buy again anything from the GAP."

Madison Brents says

"GAP promised a delivery date of December 11th when I ordered November 27th (7-10 days after shipping). They are now telling me they "hope" to get it to me December 28th. They won't let me cancel. Customer Service is awful, and outright lies. They kept trying to say shipping began the 11th, until I provided screenshots showing promised delivery was by the 11th. Will not shop again, hopefully will get my money back."

Dissatisfied says

"I have ordered most of my xmas gifts on line have them within a week ordered a vest from here on the 29th of Nov this is the 13th of Dec still has not shipped yet. Nobody you can talk to just all programed responses never ever again I wish you could rate them a zero"

nancy masri says

"Package shows delivered. Didn't receive as if 12/11/20. Contacted customer service says I need to wait until 12/27. This was a holiday present. They will not send a replacement."

Kat Bygate says

"I have found that this company is terrible when it comes to ordering clothing online from them or any of their affiliated stores. In my past few orders from Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic I have not been receiving an order confirmation email. When the order does finally arrive there is no sheet detailing the items that I ordered and no receipt in the box or package. When I go to the website to look up the order, the website always takes me to a page saying there is a "Technical Difficulty." When I call customer service the people there say they can see my order, but there IS NO WAY to send me a receipt. This is ridiculous and its just bad business practices to not send or keep records of the purchases to your customers. I am no longer going to order anything online from any store related to Gap."

Debbie Fariello says

"My package has been sitting in West Chester Ohio for over a week now. They have no idea when I will get my package. I have always been so satisfied with Gap clothing and how quickly I have received my order UNTIL NOW! Once I receive this order which looks like it will be close to a month from ordering, talking to the useless people in customer service I will never order again. This can’t be blamed on Covid this is HORRIBLE customer service and Shipping with Lasership. What a Nightmare! You can keep your Gap Bucks"

Y Fooden says

"Gap online orders and customer service is the worst. They do not give you the Gap Cash$ and GapReward$ you are entitled to. They try to charge for shipping even if you qualify for free shipping. They scam you with online orders. They don’t allow you to cancel an order immediately after placing order. Customer service is the worst. It is out sourced to other countries and the communication is not understandable. It’s no wonder the stores are closing. Shipping is always longer than 10 days even if you pay extra to expedite. This is a terrible place to shop."

Deborah JonesMaher says

"The day from hell. NEVER will I place an order here. Website wouldn't let me place an order online, I called, they couldn't figure it out and then the real fun started! I had to place my order through an agent. My account was overcharged, gift card not applied, and these morons, (supervisors and customer resolution) sent me to my bank and gave me an email at Gap which sent me back to where I started. Morons. No one knew what the hell they were doing but their logic was that their computer screen shows the correct amount owed so don't worry about it. Huh? I am being overcharged given the receipt you sent me but I was not entitled a corrected receipt? U kidding me? Shove your 20% off coupon for my difficulty. NEVER AGAIN!!!"

Takia Sadler says

"I appreciate all of your efforts to make my customer service experience more pleasant! Bought a number of shirts, all arrived with serious defects, nothing like were advertised and the quality very poor. They shipped me a cheaper dress compared to what they had on photographs in order description ordered the dress for my daughter, took over a month to be delivered, it is nothing like they advertise Awful terrible quality, holes on the clothes One dress that was supposed to have a detailed picture with two colours came blurry, and apparently they only have the capabilities to print with one colour. The best part was a dress that was supposed to say "Choice not Chance" says instead "Loice not Chance", that one is a keeper their service email is not working. I went on the and I found this number plus one ---𝓉𝒽𝓇𝑒𝑒 𝑜𝓃𝑒 𝓉𝓌𝑜 𝒻𝑜𝓊𝓇 𝑒𝒾𝑔𝒽𝓉 𝑒𝒾𝑔𝒽𝓉 𝑜𝓃𝑒 𝓏𝑒𝓇𝑜 𝓃𝒾𝓃𝑒 𝓈𝒾𝓍 called that no when my line was connected they helped me some with instructions so that can return garbage back to them my refund initiated to me!!! This was dealt with positively and speedily. I am very pleased with the help Very helpful and happy with this service had with an order. Great customer service from start to finish. Thank you."

Chris says

"I ordered 4 items. 2 separate tracking numbers were provided. One tracking number was sent by way of LaserShip and the other by way of UPS Mail Innovation. They are both 2 of the worst shipping carriers in the States. So add a global pandemic to the equation and you get horrible service all around. It's like when Gap sends out your package/s you're initially able to track where it was sent from. But then there's all of these messages in tracking like "package transferred to destination UPS Mail Innovations facilities" and you're no longer able to track your package from this point on. 7 days later and I still haven't received my 2nd package. No email notifications or carrier notifications (when you sign up for notifications, of course). The Gap can keep their 'Gap Cash' and Rewards....I'll never order from them again. No wonder they're going under....pandemic or not. I'm so disappointed."

Kristy Muysson says

"swiftly responded to my query, clarifying a misunderstanding on my part and handling it with professionalism and friendliness Managed to get a refund I ordered a dress for my daughter. It took a long time to arrive, but it did and was lovely quality and in good condition. I waited almost a month to receive the new dress hat they have advertised on the website Received the dress and it did not fit. I ordered three dresses and they came in, the quality was great but they were too large. I needed one size smaller and I wanted to make an exchange. lovely quality and in good condition The problems started when I tried to return it i went on google I tried to contact customer service. I was searching for the number and I found this number plus one --three one two 4 eight eight one zero nine six I called the number when my line was connected they helped me some with instructions so that can return the cheap dress back to the company got my dollar back helped sort out an issue with my refund and provided clarification re-application of a promo code. His communication was prompt and clear. Thank you!"

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