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The Bundesstraße 96 (B 96) is a federal highway in Germany. It begins in Zittau in Saxony, close to the border triangle between Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic, heads north through Berlin, and ends in Sassnitz on the island of Rügen in the Baltic Sea. Some sections of B 96 form a part of the European route E22.

B 96 confluence with Leipziger Strasse is particularly dangerous due to the large number of people crossing without aid, Gefährliche Stelle posted a report at maz-online.de

"In the course of the MAZ campaign on the most dangerous corners of the road, Elisabeth Reich from Glienicke also reported. She considers the confluence of Leipziger Strasse with the B 96 to be particularly dangerous. Together with Karin Wiesner, she requests a crossing aid. At the therapy center at the intersection of B 96 / Edelhofdamm / Leipziger Strasse, a large number of people cross the federal highway every day. A crossing aid for the B 96 is very important despite the border location: "Leipziger Straße is the gateway to the S-Bahn from Glienicke-West," says Karin Wiesner.


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