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BP plc (formerly The British Petroleum Company plc and BP Amoco plc) is a multinational oil and gas company headquartered in London, United Kingdom. It is one of the world's seven oil and gas "supermajors", whose performance in 2012, made it the world's sixth-largest oil and gas company, the sixth-largest energy company by market capitalization and the company with the world's 12th-largest revenue revenue. It is a vertically integrated company operating in all areas of the oil and gas industry, including exploration and production, refining, distribution and marketing, petrochemicals, power generation and trading.

The horrors of BP are well known, from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill (among the largest in history) and other potentially irreversible environmental disasters affecting human and wildlife. It appears that the company simply isn't committed to correcting their monumental mistakes. One former Supply Chain Manager spills all (pun intended), "After the Macondo disaster, they decided to hire a lot of very qualified people to fix their supplier contract problems, Supplier quality, on-time delivery, improving KPIs and other metrics of performance, etc. It was all a huge facade. At the end of the day, they ground down these highly qualified new hires with red-tape, bureaucracy, and the worst inefficiency. All they [BP] really wanted was to look good if they were audited. Not to really fix any of the structural problems that caused the Gulf of Mexico catastrophe to begin with."

The Project On Government Oversight, an independent non-profit organization in the United States which investigates and seeks to expose corruption and other misconduct, lists BP as number one on their listing of the 100 worst corporations based on instances of misconduct.


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Mesero says

"El horario es cambiante (aveces trabajos 9 horas como a veces 12) Paga poco Te quieren dar tareas que no corresponde Cómo limpiar baños vidrios limpiar sillones baldear pisos"

Asistente says

"Ninguno. h"

Empleado actual - Anonymous says

"Recursos humanos es lento y los procesos no siempre son claros"

Exempleado - Anonymous says

"Salario bajo, independientemente de cuántas horas trabajes."

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Manager was awful. Pay sucked. Employees were fun. Had us write down license plate numbers and told us to call 911 if someone drove off. They could have just invested in better camerasFun coworkersManagement"

Personal Trainer Group exercise trainer (Former Employee) says

"Unfortunately there is not much team ethic. I was involved in the gym based side of the business I must stress and therefore was not a focal point of the business. Opinions are dismissed when feedback is required. you are not listened too and will be misled by manipulative and secretive management. Management show no care and overlook anything that suits them, even if goes against lawful policies (especially within health and safety).Wage is minimum wage even if you are respectfully qualified."

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Poor Store manager. Hire date was 8/19-3/20/2020 was my end date. Enjoyed my customers, they really made my day. Have a racist environment at Store.ok!"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Mean and doesn’t know how to treat women which I think was abit extreme I really liked that job until that happened the manager is very rude and is never there or never there on time always late"

Customer service assistant/cook (Former Employee) says

"I asked for 1 day off over nearly 18 months employed there. The boss said no straight up and said I'm going to report me to higher management to be laid off. Bunch of bullies in charters towers"

Cashier/Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Some staff can be aggressive towards you the manager his shallow minded she aa for her self staff compain all the time that are roude to costermers the manager never thanks you for giving out rewards cards ."

Customer (Former Employee) says

"Company needs to have more extensive hands on training with better people skills and better customer service, when it comes to waiting on customers; not being on your phone all the time, or not having a bad attitude towards customers when they come in the store!"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"The worst that happened to me is to be forced to work in there night sifts at Traffod and with the doors opened so anytime all drunk people and absolutely aggressive they can come in and still the worst is that any run off from the pumps or stilling you have to pay from ur one pocket!"

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"If I could give a half star I would. Management and training was a joke. There was no training module. Everyone did things different. There is no janitorial service hired to. clean the bathroom. You are not offered a discount on the food. You could only eat it when it was ready to be thrown outIt was a jobHourly wage wasnt comensurate with the job duties. Unafordable health care cost."

Customer Service Assistant (Part-time) says

"Training is minimal, Atmosphere is unpleasant, Management support is selective. There's a subculture of grovelling, knee scraping with colleagues prepared to profit from your mistakes and not support new starter."

ASSISTANT MANAGER (Former Employee) says

"The bp in wentzville has such a high turn over because the management is a bunch of floozys. They do not care about your family or if you are sick. All the workers there are extremely 2 faced and don’t know when to believe them or not. The management talks down to the employees and corporate doesn’t care. They will just tell you nothing is going to change. It’s really sad."

cook at BP gas station (Current Employee) says

"Not good place to work at. They don't value or respect women employee's or women customers. They slave drive women employee's and the way they treat us and speak to us is completely insane."

Cashier and Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"The manager was very rude and she was unprofessional she had hardly no respect for the employees and she was disrespectful!!! I wouldn’t recommend no one to work At that store the manager was inconsiderate when I had death in the family also she didn’t want to let me off and she had me off for the funeral and I looked at the schedule again she changed it and put me back so I had to leave my uncle funeral early 😢"

Despachador de gasolina (Former Employee) says

"Nunca te dejan de pagar tu sueldo, tienes uniformes sin costo, pero no te dejan subir de puesto ni Acer antigüedadSeguro, sueldoPolíticas, pura familia"

Reliability Instrument Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Terrible company who mistreated my husband. I would not recommend this company as an employer. Sorry to say this but it is truth. Now you know and have been warned. Totally disappointed in this place."

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"This was the worst job ever. Manay was very poor. They didn't care if you was sick, and didn't care of you was at work vomiting they still wanted you to stay."

cashier (Former Employee) says

"They must change working hours and the salary the cost of living is too high,their management must be trained how to treat the staff,and nepotism,safety"

Duty Manager (Current Employee) says

"Pour pay for management and CSA ,As a manager u have to manage everything from ,tills ,money,fuel,delivery,stock ,imposible to grow up in the company only if you are Asian or good looking female,All of them thy know each other and they promote their friends or relatives If you are desperate for a job yes is ok but for the future NO RUN AwayU have a jobPour"

Customer Service Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Managers treating you like a shoe soles. Job is as basic as a ten year old can do it hence no respect and poor money. Do it until you get something better to do and give them a kick afterwards. Politics among managers at its best.NoneNo respect, long hours"

Service Associate (Former Employee) says

"The manger there sucks and makes fun of all the customers who come in. She started telling people who could and couldn't use the restroom. She was a total micro manger. She was the type of manager to tell you tp do things, when she would never do them for herself.no pros!!!no breaks!! unless you smoke, manager was a real pain"

D Leech says

"Absolutely disgusting 1 out of 10 people wearing a face mask the staff there should be ashamed of them selfs"

James Burr says

"I popped to my local station and the guy on the check out knew nothing about the product I wanted to buy iBreathe Pocket eCig, didn’t know what liquid goes with it the prices the deals nothing very very un happy the staff need training on products. £14.99 in the bin on a product I can’t use because sold me the wrong liquid and it’s broken the device."

Instrument Innovations says

"We finally ditched this company after being charged $80 per month or more in charges that were unfounded. When we called them they recognized that the charges were unfounded but would not refund the charges. We have had a $13.79 credit with them for a year. No only with they not refund this but they send us a statement every month for a year with the stupit $13.79 credit on it and I cannot get them to just keep it and stop sending statements!!!!!!!!!!!"

Stephanie Wheeler says

"Yesterday i visited this garage to put air in my tyre as i had to travel from Hoyland to Manchester to take my mum to a cancer hospital. anyway. my tyre kept pushing out air instead of filling up. i asked a lovely member of staff to help me and he came over and was advising me that the valve was faulty, whilst he was helping me a god awful manager with blonde hair came over and told him he needed to stop helping me and go and empty the bins instead. What kind of business puts bins before its customers!! shocking customer service from management! she told me there was nothing wrong with my tyre and to continue to drive. when I checked my gauge i actually had just 9 psi in my tyre. that poor excuse of a manager was willing to put my life at risk advising me to drive. I'm actually quite disgusted."

stuart waller says

"While at m + s bp garage in Abington, Northampton, I started filling my car when I realised I had forgot my wallet. I stopped at this point having put £20.17 worth of fuel in my car. I went in and explained what I had done to be told I had to leave my car there and walk home today get my wallet and walk back to pay. I'm pretty sure a company the size of BP have forecourts with number plate recognition, and I also went in to speak to them, I don't see why they could not have taken my details to which I would have gone straight back to pay, and also finish filling my car with fuel. The lady I spoke to was abrubt if not plain rude and made me feel like a criminal. Why would I have gone in to speak to them if I had no intention of going back to pay? Does a burglar knock on your door and ask to steal your TV?? No common sense and wondered why I wasn't happy when I went back to pay, it would have taken me about 15 minutes to get my wallet in my car, this turned into almost an hours walk both ways. I suggest that within training courses common sense, common courtesy and manners should be included while also endeavouring to instill the ability not to come across as a jobs-worth who can't think for themselves."

Abdul Khan says

"waste of time does not work, what a joke."

santhirarasa senthilrajan says

"BP M&S Mitcham road croydon, Surrey is our local service station.Two weeks ago my wife been to the BP for filling the fuel and she forgotten her wallet, she went back home and found her wallet and been to same service station and filled the fuel for her car, last week she received the parking ticket for 93 minutes stay. This is ridiculous, 4 hours no return policy, if someone forgo milk, cigarette, bread so they can’t go back for next 4 hours. Think about the Taxi & Cab drivers even if there riders wants to go to the service station, Taxi & Cab drivers can’t able to take them because drivers will get tickets."

Radka says

"I would like to complain that your staff is not wearing the face masks. Today behind the till no one had masks and the man who was loading food into shells had his masks under chin - so no covering on his mouth or nose! - This is how you follow the government guidelines? Just to remind you that it is mandatory to wear mask by shops' personnel! Didn't feel safe in your little shop seeing that your staff doesn't follow the rules! It happened at the Northolt Pk Convenience Store, Petts Hill, United Kingdom, UB5 4NP"

J Reeves says

"BP rewards not worth it. I joined just filled up at a BP to be told not many BP Stations accept card.. now in the bin. Staff have no explanation just NO we don't accept even though we are BP... figure that one out"

Ashley Boadwee says

"Absolutely poor and terrible customer service at 60th and center on Omaha. It is quite clear that one girl walks out and talks with someone she knows in the parking lot and leaves the register open with no one to help. Actually multiple times I’ve witnessed that or her on her phone. Other workers or okay but don’t seem to want to put in much effort but that may be clearly due to the what they are witnessing from other employees. Don’t usually write a review but definitely figured someone should know."

Ansell Gilmore says

"Shame you can't give 0. I've tried many times to register my rewards card but every time I get an error message; 'something went wrong, please try later or give us a call.' Tried to call many times. No response. TBH I think I might as well get cheaper fuel at Morrisons. Don't get this hassle anywhere else."

Muhammad Imran says

"Hi I’m use a BP petrol station every few weeks After £60 Fill up fuel but his skin point card but he don’t give you points on your card When you check on your card Osmaston Road BP petrol station Very bad iam use this fuel station three year ago But we leave now and never ever use I give you zero star"

Somy Fallah says

"BP LONDON ROAD,BURPHAM, GUILDFORD Went in to collect my 2 collect plus parcels at 8:30 in the morning. The MOS had no clue what he’s doing scanned one barcode didn’t get receipt scan the other one no receipt. Waited another 5 min for him to figure it out, by then a customer behind me said don’t you have another till. Staff asked me to wait on the side so he can serve customers and the queue was never ending. So I had to leave for work. 10 min later I received a confirmation email from collect plus That I have collected my parcel which was not true. So went in there at 2:45 same day after work to collect my parcels another MOS scanned and hand me one parcel and refused to give me the other one as the barcode was expired. That’s when the horrendous poor customer service all took place when he would not even listen to me that his colleague made the mistake and that’s why my barcode is expired.asked for his manager and he with a very insulting funny tone said we are not gonna do anything pick it up with collect plus. Where on collect plus system it said I have collected but they refused to give me my parcel. I spent 45 min but they would not listen until a police officer saw me in tears and asked me whole story. Also the officer suggested they have witnessed the way staff here talk to their customers Which is totally unacceptable. At the end by help of that officer I was able to get my parcel which was my daughters birthday present."

darren says

"Bp Brierley hill. Constantly charge more for the goods in there shop than stated on packaging. This morning I purchased 2 boxes of cakes which should of cost 3 pounds. Instead they put them through at 2 pounds and 1.79. 79 p more than I should of paid. This seems to happen every time I go there and guessing it’s not just me"

lisa wolfgang says

"Went to gas station on 124th & Beloit In Greenfield, WI. station number 08264385278 Filled gas tank Went to use the bathroom. It was beyond disgusting. Smelled horrible, dirty floor and sink. Appeared that it hadn’t been cleaned in months!!!!"

james adam says

"Why is BP ripping off AUSSIES AT THE FUEL PUMP during Covid? You will notice they no longer put the price of premium Unleaded on show because they know you will go somewhere else. Disgusting rip off scum.My sister works for Channel 9 in Brissiie ands I have photographed the prices, hopefully the public will stop using BP & Shell when they realise what they are doing.!!~"

Ryan Marshall says

"After being with BP for 8-10 years and maintaining our businesses credit without issues during that time (in fact mostly holding a credit) our company suddenly became a credit risk during the Covid-19 lockdowns. They sent us a new terms and agreement in which we would go from paying no monthly fee to a weekly fee of $32 which is $128/Mo. We refused to sign the new agreement and they proceeded to start automatically charging our account this fee so we called and canceled our account. Why would we stick with a company that's "helping the businesses we work for" when you quadruple our account fees during a period when businesses are suffering the most, especially when we've maintained a great record with their services..."

Tommy Cockriel says

"The people working the front counter have the worst customer service I think I have ever seen, very rude and unfriendly. This location is in Memphis Tennessee, on the corner of Austin Peay and Covington Pike"

Michael Flude says

"I have been a customer at BP 756 Newmarket Rd Cambridge, I am a disabled ex soldier 70 now haveing served 14 years HMF army,I went to fill up today at above BP M&S filling stn ,because of my disability I am in wheelchair ,but can walk very short distances,so filling up and paying is difficult,in a que I have to lean on something as can't stand for long,as I leaned on shelf with my hand a small piece of plastic shelving fell on floor,the young man in front of me had face mask on & BP uniform,he said. ( NOW JUST PICK THAT UP )I said I'm disabled he said ( I WORK HERE PICK IT UP.) I was most offended and upset with his rude attitude ,he showed no politeness or training, he would not give me his name & then bought can of red bull ,it must of been his lunch break, I noticed ( his eyes where orientle ,Chinese like ),what a rude BP assistant ,he needs speaking to and retraining,I'm not sure I wish to go there again, BP SERVICE M&S STN 756 NEWMARKET RD CAMBRIDGE. I have complained the person needs speaking to retrained."

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