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BNP Paribas S.A. is a French international banking group. It is the world's 8th largest bank by total assets, and currently operates with a presence in 72 countries. It was formed through the merger of Banque Nationale de Paris (BNP) and Paribas in 2000, but has a corporate identity stretching back to its first foundation in 1848 as a national bank. It is one of three major international French banks, along with Société Générale and Crédit Agricole. The group is listed on the first market of Euronext Paris and a component of the Euro Stoxx 50 stock market index, while it also included in the French CAC 40 index.

A former employee said this in a review: "BNP Paribas is a bad company and pay you bad but it all comes down what kind of project you are working in. The work-life balance is poor and the management don't consider this can be a leaving criteria for an employee. I won't recommend a fresher working in it as the technology used are outdated. I hated working here."


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Huidige werknemer - IT Specialist says

"Loge structuur; je bent een nummer; alles verdwijnt naar Frankrijk dus Belgie MOET verdwijnen"

Due Diligence-Analist says

"Gebrek aan transparantie, oneerlijk management, vreselijk. Slecht betaald."

Huidige werknemer - Anonieme werknemer says

"Beneden marktconform salaris, geen cao, niet transparant, slecht top management"

Huidige werknemer - Financial Analyst says

"- weinig doorgroei mogelijkheden - erg laag salaris"

Huidige werknemer - Trainee says

"heel ouderwetse manier van zakendoen... beste woord om BNP te beschrijven lijkt m stoffig"

Voormalige werknemer - Commercieel adviseur says

"bureaucratie en regelgeving (bnp is heel conservatief) management ik heb persoonlijk al voor veel betere bazen gewerkt, bij bnp pech gehad. (om de 2 maanden start er een nieuwe groep van +/- 20 mensen in deze job turnover is enorm bij 2 fouten vlieg je eruit) De verschillende werk tools en procedures zijn in het begin overwelmend. Je verkoopt niet het beste product op de markt wegens retail focus van de bank."

Huidige werknemer - Anonieme werknemer says

"- Sterk gevoel van vervangbaarheid - Groeimogelijkheden beperkt in EBC (min 3 jaar) - machinaal werk, veel herhaling, repetitie - Callcentergevoel"

Voormalige werknemer - Ontwerper says

"Baas is niet bepaald goed"

Voormalige werknemer - Commercieel adviseur says

"Hiërarchie Veel verloop Hardselling Korte termijn denken"

Huidige werknemer - Commercieel adviseur says

"Programma, regels, digitale en technische problemen"

Conseillères patrimoniale non-résidents (Current Employee) says

"Sans coaching et formation pendant période d’essai, l’organisation dans agence est catastrophique. Les clients sont très mécontents.RienTrop"

Not a favorite (Former Employee) says

"HR will not hear your side. Management has favorites. They promote racist people who they know is a racist. They allow their management to be mean due to their diva moments as one manager called his behavior towards his team. The pay is minimum wage almost for back office and the call center. Honestly theres better jobs and better pay. They don't allow to move within the company unless if you're a favorite. Bank of the West is not the place to work for. The systems are like working in the late 80s. Not updates technology. Hasn't the same since it become BNP. Nothing. The co workers were the best.The bathrooms in Omaha location smells like human waste all the time for years."

Conseiller Patrimonial (Former Employee) says

"Discrimination en tout genre et aucun équilibre vie privée et proRasRas"

VP Operations (Former Employee) says

"The company caters to the French. It is a corrupt and untrustworthy company that lies to its employees. The company cut costs to benefit the top brass and looks down on the associates. The systems that they implemented are cheap and cause much stress to the employees. There is a lot of favoritism and I had to leave the company because the place is toxic to work for. It is dysfunctional from upper management on down. It's sad that people are scared to speak out because if they do the company finds a way to lay the associate off."

AML Compliance Officer (Former Employee) says

"I sat there all day for 1,5 years archiving files(copy paste all day). The management doesn't care and only provides opportunities to their bffs. We are just numbers there. We are not there to investigate anything, only to file everything up quickly. Not worth the pay nor the bullying experienced in the team. The only good thing is fruit twice a week and the health insurance. But at the end of the day my health was deteriorating in that nasty environment so so much for that."

Controller (Former Employee) says

"je n'ai pas d'avis car j'ai deja soumis à mon manager a quel point j'ai été contente d'avoir travaillé avec elle"

Conseiller patrimoine (Former Employee) says

"À peine trois mois et une pression de folie le premier c'est cool ensuite on vous jette dans la fosse aux lions. Aucun management et zéro pédagogie. À Chi... et surtout à fuire"


"too much politic.. you need to be agreed with the senior management if not you get in trouble .. people have curious interaction between each other.. too many intimacy.."

REPONSABLE D EQUIPE (Former Employee) says

"Nao valoriza o trabalho. E 1 centro de contacto o cliente como os outros mas sem a dimensao humana."

Associate, Hedge Funds (Former Employee) says

"The company needs to improve in terms of work-life balance and provide employees with motivating factors. They also need better compensation package for the employees in order to retain their employees. It is also found to be difficult to grow with in the company and most of the time employees get stuck on the same project which creates monotony among the employees."

Chargé de comptes titres (Former Employee) says

"Je garde une mauvaise experience de BP2S. Il n'y a aucun management. Les 2 premiers mois je n'ai rien fait car je n'avais pas accès aux applications. J'étais intérimaire, mon manager ne validais jamais mes bordereaux, j'étais souvent payé en retard. Les personnes en CDI étaient plus que mal traitées. Je ne recommande pas cette entreprise."

Compliance (Former Employee) says

"Empresa sem dinâmica, muito hierarquia e sem oportunidades de crescimento"

Doradca biznesowy (Former Employee) says

"Brak szacunku do klienta. Od fuzji z RBPL klienci przejętego banku traktowani jak zło konieczne. Ludzie nieszczerzy, bojący się o swoje stanowiska, co przekłada się atmosferę w pracy. Dużo pomówień, plotek, układów i stronniczości. Trwa nagonka na dawnych dyrektorów Raiffeisen Bank. Audyty, brak szkoleń, publiczna krytyka. Zwolnienia, które kończą się w sądach. PPracownicy walczą o dobre i"

Fleet Controller (Former Employee) says

"Processes needlessly convoluted and staff seemed scared to discuss issues with one another lest blame be attributed to shortcomings. Culture of fear prevalent."

Customer Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"This has been the worst place I have worked for, the line managers don't know any answers when you ask them something as they haven't been trained in customer service. If you suffer from mental health problems don't go near them, they are not sympathetic at all and there is so much favouritism, when you question it they say that they don't have to give any explanation about it. They are constantly asking you for money for the charity they support and they will go round and round the desks until you give them the money. The contact centre manager is a truly horrible person very cold hearted and does not know how to feel empathy for her employees, she is very intimidating and if you question her or she just takes a dislike on you she will make your work life very difficult until she breaks you. All managers there, cover for each other and there is not a good working atmosphere."

IT Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Was not employed for very long. So its really not applicable. Was also not a employee but a temporary consultant as my resume reflects for a job requirement for a project."

AML compliance officer (Former Employee) says

"That was an awful experience, from bullying and harassment in the team till no actions done by the HR or managers. The conditions of the office on 11th floor were awful, like sitting in a cave. The only good thing was the health insurance and the fruits in the office two days a week.noneeverything"

Communication interne (Former Employee) says

"Mauvais management (niveau maternelle) Directeurs pervers narcissique et manipulateurs. Absence de confidentialité y compris sur les informations sensibles, personnelles. Copinage entre collaborateurs et Managers et environnement malsain. Trop de commérages et de tentatives de déstabilisation. Aucune considération des collaborateurs et aucune éthique. Beaucoup de cas de harcèlement et un turn over élevé. Les seuls avantages ne sont que de l'ordre du matériel : cantine d'entreprise-CE et à environ 8 minutes à pieds de la gare.Cantine d'entreprise CE et pas trop loin de la gareEnvironment extrêmement malsain et non propice à la réussite"

Impiegato (Former Employee) says

"La politica aziendale consiste nello sfruttamento di risorse esterne o di giovani stagisti, inseriti come numeri nell'organico dei diversi uffici, sostituiti al termine del rapporto con altre risorse prese dall'esterno. Nella struttura in cui ho lavorato il contributo dei numerosi lavoratori in somministrazione (che costituivano circa la metà dell'intero ufficio) non è mai stato valorizzato. Non solo. Nel perseguire la politica di gestione del personale esterno, BNL non ha mai consentito ai lavoratori interinali di partecipare agli eventi della stessa struttura. Per fare un esempio, mentre l'ufficio festeggiava in orario lavorativo l'avvento delle feste natalizie, gli interinali, non invitati, portavano avanti il lavoro dell'intera struttura. Un comportamento aberrante, tenuto in diverse e numerose occasioni: nessun invito, nessuna scusa e nessuna spiegazione. Tutto nella norma. In occasione di ogni scadenza contrattuale nessuno si è mai degnato di comunicare le intenzioni dell'azienda utilizzatrice: i lavoratori somministrati venivano avvertiti della possibilità di rinnovare il rapporto in prossimità della data di scadenza tramite comunicazione dell'azienda di somministrazione. In due anni nessun addetto delle risorse umane di BNL si è mai presentato ai lavoratori interinali. Il rapporto di lavoro si è concluso quando la legge non consentiva più alla Banca di avvalersi ulteriormente del lavoro in somministrazione, essendo decorsi i termini previsti dal decreto dignità. Nessuna lontana idea di assumere le risorse (peraltro formate) nell'organico dell'ufficio. E'Possibilità di imparareGravi mancanze di rispetto per le persone"

Impiegato (Former Employee) says

"Nessun piano di crescita e valorizzazione di giovani talenti. L'azienda sopravvive grazie all'apporto fornito da giovani stagisti e lavoratori con contratto di somministrazione, ingranaggi di un meccanismo perverso e stagnante che non offre alcuna possibilità di crescita professionale. Nell'ufficio in cui ho lavorato, con contratto di somministrazione, non ho ricevuto alcun supporto - umano e professionale - da parte del management, il lavoro che ho (abbiamo, dato che circa la metà dell'ufficio aveva un contratto di somministrazione) svolto, spesse volte fermandoci fino a sera, non è mai stato apprezzato né valorizzato. Al termine del contratto siamo stati pertanto sostituiti con altri ingranaggi (mi rifiuto di usare il termine "persone")che andranno incontro al nostro stesso destino e saranno, ahimè, gettati via alla prima occasione utile, come se fossero calzini bucati...nessunoManagement, possibilità di carriera, valorizzazione dei talenti."

Josh says

"Terrible customer service, they have charged and extra over £1000 on a contract that ended. I will taking this matter further to legal professionals and be reporting this company to the Financial Ombudsman"

Adele gerrard says

"I was encouraged to take on a van lease bya franchise company. Due to COVID I am having to pay off the agreement early. To do this I have had to remortgage my house. So they want me to pay them £11000 for a van that is worth £7000, I then have to sell the van within 90 days at it's current value and pay them 2.5% plus VAT. BUT......WAIT FOR IT.... despite paying in full, they will continue to take direct debits until the van is sold! So I will end up paying them continuously even though I have already paid the settlement in full! DO NOT EVER TAKE ANY KIND OF AGREEMENT WITH THIS COMPANY, THEY ARE PARASITES OF THE WORST KIND."

Sarah Magee says

"In 2014 I took out an agreement with 4COM for a business telephone system. There was no mention verbal or on contract of BNP Paribas. I have no problem with the equipment, BUT when I upgraded at 2 year intervals, I was never told they were adding 7 years on. They were in fact making up a new contract every 2 years SO 7 years always added. I did not upgrade last month. So have 5 years to go but am retiring due to age and pandamic effects. I would have thought in the last 2 years I have paid for the equipement? I urge anyone looking at these 7 year contracts to stay clear of them."

Joseph Jacob says

"Absolute garbage ! So much pride and arrogance in the staff I had multiple home braches across France and one thing they were consistent was the pathetic service, hidden costs and scams. I was an innocent guy new to France and had to set up an acc they had some affiliation with my uni and the guy who helped me sign up to bnp added a super expensive insurance when I never asked for one yeah it was my fault for not reading the fine print but you have no idea the shadyness they are into stay away at all costs. disgusting !"

Dm Mac says

"I have just asked for a settlement figure for my Van, i have only had it 1 year and now i need to sell it as we don't need a van anymore, even if i had settled the van after i month ALL INTEREST IS PAYABLE £6150 gone, i told dealer that i never keep vehicles longer than a couple of years, nobody but nobody tells you this information, all bap could say was small print you agreed not to be bound by the consumer credit act! The Dealer in Edinburgh Ford should have said something as i made my intention clear, this should be illegal, in all my years of funding vehicles i have never come across this, just disgusted, DO NOT GO NEAR BNP PARIBAS, FOR ANYTHING!! My loan started as £30800 and now after 13 month they are asking for £30500!!! just a disgrace this should be spelled out loud and clear and it just isn't, this will not be the end of it."

david hodson says

"ive just received a reply from bnp after the review i left a couple of days ago, i quote .. " thank you for the email. our solicitors Gisbys are now dealing with this matter, we understand that you have been supplied their contact details and would advise that you continue to discuss this matter directly with them " yes i am in contact with them , they know all about the fraud thats taken place within the company bnp were funding, but that doesnt alter the fact that bnp are still demanding a massive payment that was fraudently set up which we were completely unaware of , i guess i was correct in what i said in my previous review, that bnp are no longer able to get their money back from TETCOM as they went into liquidation, so its a matter of jumping on the many companies that got unfortunately involved with them to get their money back no matter what the circumstances are, and to be perfectly honest, looking at bnp,s reviews on this site, they are no better than they were. disgraceful !"

Gordon Hamilton says

"I recently signed up for a new phone system to replace my 4 phone ISDN system with a company called MTech. What was never mentioned was that I was signing a finance agreement with BNP Parabas. BNP Parabas were never mentioned on the form I signed, or by the sales rep for MTech. There was no costs of the equipment I was leasing, no APR. I was led to believe I was signing up to a phone system which would be reviewed in two years. After I signed I was sent the agreement (for what I thought were monthly phone charges of £169) but only then did I see the small print on pages which were not offered to me when I signed. I had unwittingly signed a seven year lease deal. When I tried to cancel within 14 days I was told by Mtech that I couldn't cancel. Infact they installed some of the equipment the following week. The only way to cancel was pay to £12000 (all the finance payments). The equipment is worth about £1000 at the most. How can a finance company agree to lease £1000 equipment for £12000? Its a scam. Are they Wonga in disguise? MTech offered to reduce the seven year term to five years which obviously was better than 7 years. So far on the £169 per month system, I don't have all the phones, I don't have the new line I was promised, and I still paying for BT phone lines, broadband and calls. I have £750 of phone bills in the first month £500 from BNP Parabas and £250 for BT. Mtech wont cancel and BNP Parabas say my "contract is not yet on their system" so they cant send me it. However BNP Parabas were able to send me a cumpulsory insurance policy and now want me to pay an additional £16 per month to insure the equipment which I don't even have. Again, it was mentioned (no price) in the small print on the finance t&C page which I was not shown when I signed. BNP Parabas "only accept insurance with no excess so that rules out most domestic and business insurances". Another scam which I didn't sign up to. BNP Paarabas and agents scamming their products a disgraceful to modern society, and I recommend that if you see their name on any document, that you avoid like the plague. The problem was I signed a 'finance document' without their name on it, with no cost of equipment, no APR, no terms, and conditions. All this was added later. I still don't have a proper finance agreement. I doubt it is even legal, but I need to pay my solicitior to tell me. Or wait for the Finance Ombudsman to investigate. Or withhold payments for which they will charge a DAILY rate of 6% + base. Or 2.5% of the cost of the equipment, which has never been defined. Ive been running a small business for 25 years and never encounter scam like this before. BNP Parabas need to be closed down in my opinion."

Sahar Kazemi says

"This bank and especially this branch has been the worst bank I've ever had. I'll explain you some examples: 1. They changes my personal bank consultant many many times and each time they didn't notify me. So each time I had to discover that my 'conseiller' is a new person. 2. Almost all of these 'conseillers' were necer available to respond me over phone or answer my emails on time. It looks like they have few good, motivated and dedicated conseillers that they assign them to their big rich clients and the rest, who are actually normal clients with medium to high revenue range, they assign them to junior or not-dedicated conseillers. 3. Once and only once my account passed the minus limit for a week or 2, for each rejected payments they charged me a big fee. I had all my insurances with them and I always had enough money in my account. You can judge the service when things go wrong and yes they didn't pass. 4. I had an issue with my online account and I sent hundreds of emails, many phone calls, asking for the resolution, and guess what I still have the issue after almost 2 years. 5. I have issues to transfer money online and I have asked for resolution but no answer at all. So each time I have to send money to someone I have to call and ask for the service or go to the bank, and guess what I realized that they were charging me around 4 euros each time they did this for me. 6. My visa card was expiring so I requested a new card, it arrived around 1 month after the expiry of last card, even though I had told them in advance, so imagine 1 month with no card. 7. I received a letter saying that my card is arrived to the bank and is ready for pick up, so I went the day after to the bank and they said it's not here, with no sorrow or anything!!! All in all, I highly recommend that you don't select BNP Paribas."

clive churchward says

"In 40 years in business I have never come across a finance company like this, unfair charges, unfair early settlement figure, unhelpful staff I wonder how long they will go on having been fined:- £10 Million for money laundering £ 246 million currency rigging and an eye watering £10 BILLION for breaking trade sanction"

Greg Dawson says


Allan Byrne says

"If you are in the market to lease a car, check with the leasing agent who is financing is with first, if it is bnpparibas or its uk subsidiary Arval avoid them like the plague. They will rip you off like they did to me when they supplied me a faulty car, their long draw out procedure will takes months to resolve and most will give up (i didn't), and then they will take half of your deposit payments for a car I have had for 4 months. The customer service is the worst I have come across and no one with any authority that can actually make a decision will actually call you, they get some (So called) customer service agent to do their dirty work and every reply is a three way saga, the problem is they are to big and just don't care. From start to Finish it took 2 months to send the car back on early termination and that was only because I contacted Mercedes directly myself and they agreed to pay the early termination charges to arval. Mercedes are good, Arval (bnpparibas) are not, you have been warned."

Paul says

"Do not take any finance with this french company, they are there to make your life hell. I took out a vehicle loan with this company and on the contract was a section for the £200 admin charge. There was boxes that said to be added to overall loan or to be taken with 1st payment, niether was ticked. So when my 1st payment was due i had the £250 in the bank to cover it. They then took the £200 with 1st payment and then tried to take the 1st installment, but that had sent me overdrawn with my bank who charged me £35, ok not a major problem until the following day when i recieved a letter of cvf stating they had also charged me £75 late payment. I rang them and explained the situation with the boxes and they told me to read the small print on the back, basically tough. When i said i would pay next week when wages had gone in bank because of charges they said ok. They then decided to charge me again a further £75, i thought this was a mistake so rang them and Gill King told me that the payment still had nt been paid so they had sent me a reminder to pay at another cost of £75. I decided i would get myself some advice as the banks can not do this but by the time i had found out there was nothing i could do as they are a french company and not governed by anyone in this country my charges had gone to just under a £1000 which i had to pay or have my vehicle took away. All the company are interestested in is ripping the hard working people of britain off, so take my advice and never take out any finance with CVF also known as commercial vehicle finance."

Moonmonkey says

"Been a good customer for many years, we got written to 5 days before we needed to give notice of termination of our agreement, called to terminate only to find we were 5 days over and now have to roll over our lease payments for another quarter! Surely not the best business practice....beware. (Update, called back and will now accept termination)"

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