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BNC Bank was a bank based in High Point, North Carolina, United States. In 2014 its parent company BNC Bancorp (NASDAQ: BNCN) had $4.05 billion in assets, 38 branches in North Carolina, and 13 in South Carolina. Its latest acquisition gave BNC $6.8 billion in assets and 87 branches, 48 in North Carolina, 29 in South Carolina nine in Virginia, and one in Haiti.

Jennifer B. shared her opinion about BNC Bank on Yelp in April 2020:

"This company is awful. Underwriting was horrible. Didn't assess our property taxes properly, missed a parcel of land on our sales contract (had to hire a lawyer to get it back( AND the forgot to add state-mandated windstorm insurance. Our mortgage went up from $3408 to $5252... 6 months after we bought it. I approached our original loan officer regarding the mandated insurance, this is what he wrote,

I looked into this for you to make sure I had everything accurate. Yes, it is required on any loan, Conventional, VA, or FHA that your insurance policy must include wind insurance. If not you must have a separate policy. This requirement is not a servicers requirement it is a universal loan requirement on all loans. In your case, we must have missed the exclusion listed on your policy stating you had no wind coverage. If we would have seen it we would have notified you at the time of closing. I would recommend shopping around for wind coverage. There often are discounts available on these policies based on a number of factors. I would as when shopping for this what if any discounts exist to help lower your cost. I wish you the best."


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