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Banque Internationale à Luxembourg S.A. (BIL) is a Luxembourgish bank. It is the oldest private bank in Luxembourg. The bank is owned by Legend Holdings and the Luxembourg government.

A former employee mentioned, "BIL has no strategy nor vision. No competent top or middle management, most have very local 'village' experience and happen to end up there because they knew the right people. Very political despite its small size, people spend their time digging other colleagues grave to maintain their positions, they know no one out there would hire them due to the very low average level of competence within the bank All competent people or those who have had good international education and experience leave in less than a year, willingly for the most, pushed out for the rest by the fear of the 'older' staff of making them look incompetent and slow (I personally have seen the departure of a dozen competent employees who have spent on average no more than 2 years, one of them just after moving to Luxembourg and having a baby born, he ran with it in less than 4 months Very political between Luxembourgish who hate everyone else, Belgium who hate even each other Flemish vs French, and French from North France villages who hate almost all the others too, not to mention racism and open discrimination towards minorities especially the dark ones endless game of attacking each others image at the coffee machine using the fact that feed-back is subjective and not constructed in objectives, criteria of reaching them and means of reaching them, so it is a big fighting bazar If you have a promotion because you are competent you will have everyone turning their backs to you and you become the black sheep that will sooner or later go out Managers of units never worked in their domain of activities where they have now responsibilities, very common to most managers, you do the work, they watch, if something is wrong or if it is good but your enemies decided it is wrong (it is subjective, remember) you will be the one to blame, even if there is nothing wrong or nothing to blame, you will be retrogrades as fast as you came up Many ex-managers and head-of units have been retrograded, but they stay and they are bent on their desks with depressive faces waiting for retirement (most common subject of conversation in coffee machines after insulting others in their back) The issue is that your managers will not understand even your potential and what you are capable of or even what you are saying to them, which makes brilliant people being treated same as the worst dummies, helpless, you will have to leave or suck it up No one approves of middle and top managers but nothing changes, clans are everywhere, fighting each other, by nationality and even worse by village sometimes, the last thing they worry about is work and productivity and creating something Many decision makers with contradictory decisions, no vision at the end, nothing is done, reactionary to the market rather than active or driver I had a senior manager position and I have seen all the above daily, ask yourself why this bank has failed twice in one single decade and why it is closing offices every year (London, Singapore, etc.) It is called Banque International Luxembourg but there is nothing international about it, only office in Luxembourg loosing money for two years in a row so far, No competitiveness since all European regulations cut the vans of dirty money which Luxembourg lived easily on for a decade or more, and an office in Switzerland and one in Denmark which live on few local clients completely independently from Lux and they refuse even to report to Luxembourg management, I have seen it as well in daily ops In short, if you accept to live in a village as sad and boring and empty culturally and emotionally as Luxembourg that can not attract talent (expensive, boring, no career, etc,), at least aim for a better company When I joined, the current staff told me we don't know if we congratulate you or if we be sad for you, I understood what they meant only few months later The bank has been bought recently by Legend Holding Group from the qatari who bought it after the second failure for pennies and sold it for 1,8 bn , they don't know how bad their investment will be... CEO fired and others but little will change simply because Luxembourg can not attract talented people and when they do they can not keep them due to all the above. Big no recommend unless you want to be part of the third or fourth biggest failure of the bank"


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