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Bet365 Group Ltd (trading[vague] as "bet365") is a British online gambling company based in the United Kingdom. It was founded by Denise Coates, who remains the majority shareholder and joint chief executive alongside her brother, John.

Danyal Hussain from the Daily Mail mentioned how betting firm Bet365 whose boss Denise Coates paid herself £323m last year 'uses backdoor algorithms to block winners from betting', "Bet365, whose billionaire boss Denise Coates paid herself £323 million last year, has been accused of using 'backdoor algorithms' to block potential big winners. A former employee has claimed that the company identified accounts that threaten its profits and limit the amount of money they can bet, or even block them completely. The former Bet365 worker explained that the 'backdoor algorithms' would assign a risk rating to customers, making sure that, in the long term, they 'can't win'. It comes after it was revealed that Ms Coates, 52, took home a salary of £277million along with a 50 per cent share of the company's £92.5million dividend last year, the largest figure ever for a UK company director."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Long hours, no work/life balance, expected to be on call at all times, no acknowledgement of personal sacrifices made on the company's behalf."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The company is trying to keep up with their competition, and fortunately for them, they are the only leading black TV network in the industry. Otherwise, they wouldn't last a year. Boring, dull and ran by people born in the 1950's; who can barely figure out how to use Windows 10. The sales team. It's all about stroking their ego. Whatever they sale is mainly based on long term relationships and prior agreements. It's sheer luck that they get any business. Programming is coming up, but nothing compared to their network siblings (i.e. MTV, vH1). And, running a success digital campaign, would be like betting on D Rose's kneecaps. so, good luck. The president is a tyrant and the sales team are his slaves. There is NOTHING they wouldn't do to please him. That includes bulling, intimidating, lying, gossiping, and throwing people under a steam roller. If you are a freelancer, flee immediately. You won't grow unless they like you. Even still, cross your fingers and hold your breath for about 3 years. You'll be in the same position, same pay for years if they can manage it. Zero room for growth because everyone at the top is greedy and if you're smarter than them, intimidated. That's because (with the exception of a couple folks) their IQs is an average 70 or below. Simply put. Do not work here. As time passes, you'll regret it. The only reason why most people stay is because they need the money. Otherwise, they are bitter and unsatisfied."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The management has no leadership skills. They are disrespectful, rude, condescending, immature, and lack the confidence and trust with their employees."


"Great for the resume and the work experieince"

Production Assistant says

"Being paid in a timely manner after productions, more family members and friends than people who can actually do the work. The people who don't pay for flights or rooms are the same people that get their lunch expensed and the interns and PA's pay for EVERYTHING - flight, rooms, lunch.. And are never offered to be treated to lunch unless your family member or friend has pull and they will sneak and order for you."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Dysfunctional management, non-existent work/life balance"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Most jobs are freelance. Managers are heavy-handed. Company needs to hire more staff. Lots of egos."


"Poor management, rarely internal promotion, zero benefits, no industry perks, slave runner mentality! This place is awful. It truly perpetuates all negative stereotypes of African Americans not only through it's content but also through their interactions with their employees. No one is qualified, and therefore you do learn - learn how to do things the wrong way unless you're smart. Then you learn what not to do. This company exhibits zero morals or values nor does anyone hold any type of accountability for it being that way. Rather than create solutions to the endless problems they point fingers toward the junior staff and berate them."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No work life balance, completely unreasonable expectations, mean spirited management, meetings that always run late for no apparent reason, expectations that staff works late, poor inter office communication, constant under delivery and unwillingness to make schedules good, horrible work environment"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"A lot of bureaucracy, you get stuck doing a lot of administrative duties instead of honing your career development and improving your skillsets so you become more valuable."

Script Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"The vast amount of micromanaging and illogical processes that they put you through is the most strenuous and odd of any i've ever seen"

Production Assistant (Former Employee) says

"My BET experience is nothing am proud of but at least i learned what i expect and want in a work environment. The level of unprofessionalism that exist in BET was very uncomfortable for me to perform at my best."

Production Assistant (Former Employee) says

"One word that stood out when i think of BET is UNPROFESSIONAL. It was a very uncomfortable work place, the language, the dress code, etc was very uneducated. The level of production, equipments, etc was very freshman year in film school. Tho i worked in different face of pre-production, production and post of the show, i felt like i had to teach them instead of vice versa.Can't think of anyeverything"

Ingenieur Projeteur en Genie Civil (Former Employee) says

"Durant cette période, on travaillait sous pression mais toujours on réussissait le défi et cela était impressionnant et donner beaucoup de satisfaction personnel et professionnel.le travail en groupe et complémentaireaucune évolution de carriere ni de salaire"

Digital (Current Employee) says

"It is time to explore other opportunities in order to grow creatively and professionally. Would like to move beyond the glass ceiling."

Traffic Coordinator-Temp (Former Employee) says

"Unorganized hr department. No orientation or anyone to inform me of how the whole "temp" process works. Staff is very clickish. Lack of training. Poor management, and constant working late. Some days until midnight, and on Friday you may be there even later.Pay is great.everything"

Security Officer (Current Employee) says

"This is not place to grow and learn. It is lot of watching your back and covering your butt, more than being productive. The company doesn't take care of their employees. Management is on a power trip, but can't make sure their employees are paid on time without any hassles."

Marketing Concepts, Leader/ Corporate Trainer (Former Employee) says

"Prepare to spend all day on your feet 8 hour shifts, some days you make commission others you wont. Its all about the law of averages when working door to door on commission without base salary"

Senior Finance Manager (Former Employee) says

"I am so proud to have worked at this amazing company, I was surrounded by intelligent and talented people. However, I had to leave after only a few months because the hours were just unbearable for me. On average, I worked 12-14 hour days (especially on Fridays), plus some weekends. I think this would be a great place for someone in a different phase of life, with no family obligations, etc. However, for a person like me with a family and who enjoys extra-curricular activities and time outside of work, it was just not a good fit and I was very unhappy. I wish I could have lasted a bit longer, but I guess I was not built for grueling hours. In the end, I would recommend working here as long as you go in with your eyes open regarding the work hours.Fun travel opportunitiesNo work-life balance"

Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"Nice warehouse to work for steady fast and hard work. Good company also paid vaction days and a good mangement is average and i enjoyed overtime optional.Oppertunitys to excellNot heated well in winter."

Wardrobe Supervisor/Fashion Director (Former Employee) says

"Great job, I learned a lot about the TV industry on a daily basis.You meet amazing peopleVery cliquey, like being back in high school"

Bartender/Captain (Current Employee) says

"Everyday was different since every occasion was in its own way unique. I learned interacting with a wide variety of people and learned to be accountable as captain for every one on location the hardest and most enjoyable part of this job was was the many different locations we would get to work at be it it local or out of townfree lunch, great co-workers -great atmospheresometimes 12 strait hours with no break"

Intern (Former Employee) says

"Was an intern BET. They made their interns feel as if they were regular employees. They also held weekly meetings to see how the interns were doing."

ingenieur genie civil (Current Employee) says

"c'est un bet de renom"e national specialise dans le suivi dans le domaine des travaux publics"

Viacom, Senior Director (Current Employee) says

"There are many opportunities for you to engage with employees across the company. From employee resource groups to opportunities to watch projects before they air is exciting."

Talent/Production Assistant (Former Employee) says

"BET is a great place to grow as a media professional and experience different sides of television including production, accounting, programming and entertainment."

Stage au sein d'une (Former Employee) says

"c’était agréable et aimable. j'ai aimé. et j’espère bien fonder avec eux ma bases au niveau de mon expériences pour la vie professionnelle a fin d'apporter en retour leur fruit autant que formateur a fin de donner tout mes énergies pour ramener cet entreprise là ou il faut être. le meilleur de tout les meilleurs entreprises.L'experienceLa fatigue."

Stylist Assistant (Former Employee) says

"early call time. learned how to Multitasks in a fast paced environment. i managed interns, giving instructions, send them out on runs, making appt. & marketing. my Co-workers find me very optimistic. fun. & a great team leader. the hardest part about the job would be, doing returns. & finding out what the clients want keep. the most enjoyable part of the job is see my imagination come the pay & free travelearly call time"

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