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Banedanmark (pronounced [ˈpɛːnəˌtænmɑk]; previously Banestyrelsen) is a Danish company responsible for maintenance and traffic control on all of the state owned Danish railway network. Branched off from DSB as a government agency in 1997. From 2004 to 2010 Banedanmark was a state-owned company under the Danish Ministry of Transport. In 2010 Banedanmark once again became a government agency under the Danish Ministry of Transport.

One angry customer wrote this about Banedanmark on Trustpilot: Banadanmark is quit a messy company. Little bit too many delays and little too much misinformation on stations monitors. For example a cancelled train that actually runs, or estimated departure time set 8 minutes ahead of actual departure time. Guess what. In both cases missed a train. They suck.


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