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British Columbia Ferry Services Inc., operating as BC Ferries (BCF), is a former provincial Crown corporation, now operating as an independently managed, publicly owned Canadian company. BC Ferries provides all major passenger and vehicle ferry services for coastal and island communities in the Canadian province of British Columbia.

Mysti mentioned, "I commute to work in Masset. I catch the British Columbia ferry twice a week to get to work. I catch the 0715 and return on the 1810 ferry. There have been two occasions over the summer where I missed the ferry as it was full. I often have groceries and I have a 16 month old baby at home. On those occasions I had to stay in Charlotte ( one night in my truck as I had no where to stay) and the other I stayed with my sister-in-law who kindly accommodated me. After speaking with BC ferries I was told that the recommended time to arrive at the ferry terminal was 1.5 hrs ahead of the departure time. As I work in health care this is not possible as I commute from Masset which is a 1.5 hour drive in the summer. I was also told to ask my employer to accommodate to the ferry schedule which means a huge pay cut for me and reduced service delivery for the population I serve. All I want to do is get home. On one occasion we waited for the ferry from Rupert ( as it was late) I was on time but waited and arrived in Sandspit late due t the wait. The ferry is the only choice I have to return home and if I do not get home my husband who runs a home based mechanical business suffers because we have a young child that needs someone to watch her. And he often serves the tourists here who brake down."


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Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"I wanted to ask a question regarding my dog and staff members acted like I was deeply offending them for even asking. I had assumed it was part of the job description with BC Ferries to deal with the passengers and at least be polite even if they are unable to help"

Master (Current Employee) says

"I don’t have a name, I am a number fitted into a crewing position. Complete and utter lack of empathy or understanding for individual circumstances or difficulties in traveling to work. Management is using Fact Finding Investigations (FFI) to intimidate and cause unquestioning compliance through fear."

Cook (Former Employee) says

"i would never tell anyone to work here. It takes a very long time to get enough hours to make money and live. As your on call for the first 4 or 5 years minimum. Don't work here EVERno prosto many to list"

Electronic Systems Technician Swart Bay (Former Employee) says

"Not the best place e for skilled electrical persons.. Unable to break through the engine room structure.. poor leadership. unqualified supervisors"

Deckhand (Current Employee) says

"I have worked here for over 19 years. Sadly the management has no compassion for the union members. They changed the daily working hours and added an extra 2 hours to each employees day without any consultaion from the employees. The goal was to achive "on time performance" which was never reached. Eliminated employees daily overtime (equal to 20-25% extra in salary) and introduced extreme shift work from 4:20 am to your afternoons finishing at midnight to 1 am. So less money and more difficult hours. Overall good benifits although your mind and body is compromised for this due to fatigue adverse shifts. The casual employees have no idea when they will be working and also have the fear of the crewing office constantly changing their shifts at a whim from late afternoons to early morning shifts due their "operational requirement clause". Lastly the human resources office has told me I have had time off and I have gone away and then while I was far overseas they decided to cancel my time off which was earned through long hours working on the ship throughout the summer months. This is not an uncommon story as there have been many other such similar stories of the office doing the exact same thing to other employees. Many are leaving the company as we speak to seek employment elsewhere. Now since no one wants to work there they are seeking temporary overseas workers who have little to no english skills? And the company moto is "safety first", this makes no sense. If you value you health and sleep look elsewhere..every employee has a horror story with the crewing office such"

Deckhand/Bridge-watchman/Engine Room Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Cruel and uncaring management ruined this job for me. They were trying to break the union and inflicted stress upon the employees as a means of doing this. You family and happiness means nothing to them.The job itself was greatIt was like working for the devil"

Ticket Agent (Former Employee) says

"You sign your life away and when things go south you have no support from the union or management. I didn’t find that they respected the customers as employees would speak horribly of those that came through and didn’t “behave”. Really think about it before applyingPay is okayWork many days in a row up to 14 days"

Terminal operations (Current Employee) says

"Benefits suck, Pay does not equal cost of living, pension is okay, union is horrible no strength. Crewing a horrible inconsiderate nightmare; you're a pawn. Management bullies staff, shift work takes years off life, BC Ferries own you, family is second. << Want that? Go get it!PensionRead above"

Electrician Journeyman (Current Employee) says

"What this place really needs is someone to oversee what is in the best interest of the company. Management works again the best interest of the company to punish the employees. The union is non-existent. The employees fight against one another and the company does their best to exploit this. It is surprising how backward the management style is when they openly promote the opposite values."

Chief Engineer (Former Employee) says

"I was a senior officer for a number of years having joined from a well known shipping company. What I walked into shocked me and after couple of years I realised I'd made a terrible mistake but got stuck in a comfortable rut . In fairness, I was warned to stay away from them because of the toxic working environment and substandard management, but there you go. Incredibly poor decision making by the Management would have to go unquestioned otherwise they would simply threaten you with your job. The culture of bullying and blame was extreme . The crews attitude was almost childlike and troublesome. Much of the Management was completely out of its depth. No one would run a Shipping Company as poorly as this and seriously expect a harmonious work force, efficiency and profits. A bloated beaurocracy and box ticking culture replacing any real talent.Reasonable pay and benefitsToxic, troublesome working enviroment, bullying and extreme blame culture, inadequate management, complete lack of accountability amongst crew fully endorsed by Union."

Commercial Services Driver (Former Employee) says

"If you're a professional driver stay way from BCF Commercial Service's Division. You will be over worked. The equipment is not maintained. The pace in Tsawwassen is extremely fast and stressful. Management is greedy and only cares about putting as many trailers on each sailing as possible. Turn over rate is high and employee morale is low. Wouldn't recommend this job to my enemies."

Chief Engineer (Former Employee) says

"New Ships being built in foreign countries is not necessarily a bad thing, unless you remember that they are being built by the lowest bidder! The Company strives for "OTP" (On Time Performance) and if that means leaving space on the car deck, so be it! They forget that the major users are the Islanders who just want to go back and forth, yet the Ships are being built for tourists to appreciate the finer things in life, like over-priced Sunshine breakfasts! The long term employees are leaving in droves as the upper management pushes hard to bring in "fresh meat"!None that I can think of.No free lunches here cause you gotta pay 1/2 the menu price, Free passes that get added to your pay as taxable income, Free parking that is added to your taxable income, Probably 2 employees for every manager throughout the fleet, The Union is still there but has been legislated so much that they no longer have any power, Seems to take forever for casuals to get a full time job and that's the way the Company wants it, Always getting called in on your days of rest to go back to work as they're short-handed."

Customer Service and Sales Representative (Current Employee) says

"Job is good, coworkers are great, the management is very bad. Lots of micro-management when there doesn't need to be and makes staff leave. Large amounts of turn over... enough said."

Fitter/Welder/Fabricator (Former Employee) says

"abusive managementdoes not follow proper welding procedurespolitical environment that favours useless workerstoxic environment both mentally and physicallyasbestos/lead/sewage exposureslowest pay in the unionized marine industry"

Deck department (Current Employee) says

"Management is cut throat and the training is by far none the worst, it is done to cover their added and not to benefit anyone but themselves. Every employee is out for themselves and lacking in teamwork. They say they strive on safety, right!"

Driver (Current Employee) says

"Employee Relations staff at Nanaimo terrible! They need to remember that employees are their customers not their slaves! People go out of their way to avoid ER particularly at the manager level. Provincial organization and not a local company - stop treating it like an individual kingdom. If you can stay away from the ER politics it is an okay place to work although other terminals are way better than this one - can't wait for my transfer to come in and get out of this place. Heading further south for the winter.Good teamwork on vesselsSome BAD managers"

Customer Service Attendant (Current Employee) says

"BC Ferries is a decent place to work for the wage and benefits they provide. But if you're not the "Cool" person to crew/managers there. Good luck getting anywhere with the company because you could be the most hard-working person there and if you're not liked for who you are you will not be going anywhere with the company. Feels like High School all over again with gossips and lying all over the place. Day to day work is nice for the safely and catering part of the job. Besides that, if you're the person that loves to talk about others and have your own little groups not wanting to be a team player for all your crew. This is your place."

Ticket Agent (Current Employee) says

"Once you become a casual, your social life will go out the window. There are a lot of pros and cons but the only pros I can think of are the benefits and good pay. Have worked there for a few years and have seen hundreds of employees come and go. My advice to the company is get rid of on-call and give the employees a schedule.decent pay, benefitscan work you two weeks straight, schedule is never consistent, company doesn't care if you are exhausted from working so much, poor management, lots of micro managing"

Customer Service Associate (Current Employee) says

"management so bad they would have run the business into the ground if it were not for government tax breaks and founding. coworkers are grumpy and hate their lives as they only live to go to work, and then complain about work. company is run so badly its outstanding only one boat has sunk.nice veiwseverything else about the job"

Terminal Service Agent (Current Employee) says

"Stressful position due to the Hours.Long shifts, working in dark and rural places with no security agents on site. Safety concerns never addressed properly. Not a job if you have children.payhours, safety issues, working every holiday, cant have kids and work here"

Madison Podoll says

"Expensive and inefficient."

Peter says

"My main grievance concerns reservations.

Anyone who has ever traveled on board BC Ferries knows the anxiety of sailing with a vehicle. Will I make it on the next sailing?

Just beware the reservation system doesn't actually provide
an unconditional reservation.

You will be penalized to travel standby and the reservation fee forfeited if you do not show up in the defined window period preceding your sailing."

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