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The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is a British public service broadcaster of the United Kingdom. Headquartered at Broadcasting House in Westminster, London, it is the world's oldest national broadcaster, and the largest broadcaster in the world by number of employees. It employs over 22,000 staff in total, more than 16,000 of whom are in public sector broadcasting.The total number of staff is 35,402 when part-time, flexible, and fixed-contract staff are included.

An article that talks about 'The worst BBC crisis for 50 years'

Unfolding claims of sexual abuse against late BBC star Jimmy Savile have plunged Britain's national broadcaster into its biggest crisis for 50 years, a senior reporter has warned.

Unfolding claims of sexual abuse against late BBC star Jimmy Savile have plunged Britain's national broadcaster into its biggest crisis for 50 years, a senior reporter has warned. Veteran BBC foreign editor John Simpson explained in an interview to be aired Monday, October 22, that the scandal had left the broadcaster in a "very dangerous" position. The BBC is fending off reports that it pulled an investigation into Savile's behavior because it would have clashed with tribute programs to the entertainer, who died last year aged 84. "This is the worst crisis that I can remember in my nearly 50 years at the BBC," Simpson says on BBC1's flagship investigative show, Panorama. "I don't think the BBC has handled it terribly well. "I mean, I think it's better to just come out right at the start and say we're going to open everything up and then we're going to show everybody everything." British police investigating the eccentric star said Friday they were now dealing with up to 200 potential victims. They have launched a full criminal probe into other suspects who are still alive. Savile was one of Britain's best-loved television presenters who raised huge sums for charity. But claims that he sexually abused underage girls have left his reputation in shreds and the BBC facing accusations of a cover-up. Two weeks after a program by BBC's commercial rival ITV aired allegations about him by a handful of women, Scotland Yard said the claims had snowballed, with dozens of other people coming forward. The BBC has announced an independent probe into its "culture and practices" during Savile's time at the broadcaster.


TGC says "Imagine you had to pay a yearly fee in order to read books you already owned, or listening to a Muse album online meant you were obliged to fund someone else's podcast. Now imagine that this money was being redirected to a propaganda outlet whose content was aimed at reinforcing how stupid, uncultured, and bigoted you are. This would clearly not be considered acceptable, which is why it's so utterly dispicable that - despite being in direct breach of its own royal charter mandate for fair, accurated, and objective programming that reflects the audience as best as possible - the BBC is subsidised by the state-enforced license fee tax to produce postmodernist drivel and demonstrably fake news that is clearly not in the interests of the viewer, nor are the opinions shared by anyone outside of fringe lunatics and the more gullible and impressionable members of the middle class. In the last few months alone, we have seen a barrage of anti-white content capped recently by a 'comedian' on Frankie Boyle's show stating that black people want white people dead. This is both horrifically racist towards whites, and is also more subtly racist towards blacks by infering that they all have one single, hate-based agenda with no agency or diversity. The BBC refused to apologise for this. This is all following the BLM farce in which the BBC was worse than just about every other outlet in terms of how it incorrectly portrayed police brutality in the US as a race issue and ignored the backgrounds and behaviours of the 'victims' who in every case were resisting arrest after committing crimes themselves. This has directly led to murders and riots which the left has disgustingly blamed on the right, and in particular Donald Trump who the BBC decided very early in his presidential campaign was beyond the pale and have gone to insane lengths to discredit at every turn whilst his policies have consistently been proven correct. And let's not forget the fact that the BBC was the biggest antagoniser in the Dominic Cummings controversy during the COVID lockdown, yet they had absolutley nothing to say condemning BLM and Antifa rioting in that same time period despite the BBC also pushing the questionable - and semi-illogical - idea that COVID-19 disproportionately affected the very same BAME communities that were out 'protesting' something that happened thousands of miles away on another continent. Let's not even get into the Last Night of the Proms/Rule Brittania dispute, other than to say the BBC picked the wrong side and for once actually realised this and changed course to control the damage more than out of any actual remorse or regret. This is why license fee subscriptions have plummeted by a quarter of a million in the last 12 months. Even if the BBC's output was good, instead of a bunch of overpaid liberals churning out pandering rubbish while the only sport they're prepared to pay for is niche events nobody wants to watch - it would be an extremely outdated model in the newer subscription age. It's even more revolting that we are expected to pay for it even if we don't watch any BBC programming but watch other channels, which we are in many cases (e.g. Sky, BT etc) already paying a not insignificant amount for. The BBC has been complacent for too long, knowing that they will not have to face repurcussions for alienating its audience. It needs to stand on its own two feet, and only then will we see if it's anywhere near as popular as it claims to be. We all know it won't be."
Tar says "Old habits die hard. I still occasionally tune in to BBC news, if only to see how much further the corporation has fallen since the last time I looked. The first observation is how hard it is to get any news. There is sport. There is weather (redundant, now we have weather apps). ‘Meet the author’. ‘Click’. Endless self-promoting advertisements, some of them so patronising and simple-minded that you wonder if you’ve switched to a children’s channel by mistake. The count-down clock prior to the news, seemingly lasting minutes rather than seconds these days. The obviously outdated idea of a rolling news channel has been abandoned. It used to be possible for busy people to tune in at any time and have a reasonable expectation of getting the headlines quickly. No longer. The news itself, if you can hang on long enough to actually get it, is abbreviated to an insulting degree, as though the audience is assumed to have the attention span of a gnat and the I.Q. of a hedgehog. And, of course, it is the world viewed through the lens of the BBC, so it is like watching the reflection of your television in a severely distorted convex mirror smeared with Vaseline, hanging askew on the wall, whilst tripping on Mescaline. You have a splitting headache afterwards and feel a little sick. It isn’t just that the BBC is poisonously obsessed with statues, race and gender to the exclusion of all else. It is the finger-wagging moral superiority. The spiritual certainty. The intolerable smugness and self-satisfaction. The being spoken to slowly because it is assumed we are hard-of-understanding, and must be corrected/re-educated, because not only are we a little stupid.... .....but we are, as an audience, found wanting on the moral front, too. In fact, it is quite clear that if the BBC had greater executive power we might all find a letter on our doormats requiring us to report to Chinese-style mandatory re-education camps. If the BBCs current output doesn’t revolt and offend you, then you just don’t watch the BBC. Good for you."
Simon says "The BBC news doesn't even try to hide it's lack of impartiality, they really must hold the fee paying British public in total contempt. The arrogance of this out dated corporation shows that they need now than ever to be defunded."
Someone WhoCares says "British Bullsh1t Corporation (BBC) Just look at all the other reviews. People are waking up to the lies and deceit pushed by the BBC. They are quickly losing what little credibility they have left. Why? The BBC are proven to cover up for pedo's. The BBC pushes biased and dangerous political propaganda. The BBC pushes fake climate change fear. The BBC pushes fake covid news. The BBC will also threaten you and attempt to scare and intimidate you should you decline to pay their scam licence fee. This joke of corporation deserve to be de-funded as quickly as possible. Do us all a favor and please consider terminating your licence fee ASAP."
Former Employee - Reporter says "There is so much bureaucracy and if you are new, the existing team can accuse you of virtually anything as they will freeze your access to your emails, work phone, etc. until they can come up with things to accuse you. Without such access, it becomes impossible for you to defend yourself. Unless you are a British person with a strong connection to higher management in London, do not apply to this place."
says "Micromanage everything from the top to the bottom"
Current Employee - Journalist says "Far too many layers of middle management who dither and stifle creativity"
Current Employee - Senior PM says "Slow at responding to vacancies, leave people hanging on"
Former Employee - Manager says "Bad management and bad people"
Current Employee - Vice President says "Awful people I worked within"
Former Employee - Account Executive says "no opportunity to grow and develop"
Current Employee - Senior Broadcast Journalist says "Craven news organisation, largely intent on safeguarding its own existence."
Former Employee - Software Engineer says "Management old fashioned Prejudice against working from home Rampant Micro Managing Absolute refusal to move from established processes, regardless if new ideas are more effecient 'We've always done it like this' mentality FAR too many managers"
Former Employee - IT Consultant says "not very good for employees"

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