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Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) is a wireless telecommunications spectrum band used for mobile voice and data services, video, and messaging. AWS is used in the United States, Argentina, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, Ecuador, Trinidad and Tobago, Uruguay and Venezuela. It replaces some of the spectrum formerly allocated to Multipoint Multichannel Distribution Service (MMDS),


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Current Employee - AWS Account Executive says

"I have been working at Amazon full-time for less than a year Cons: The Culture - Working in sales at AWS is a nightmare. I'm shocked by how normalized the toxicity is here. People crying at their desks and working 60 hour workweeks out of pure fear of not "raising the bar". No one is ever recognized for their work unless they shamelessly self promote themselves. Leadership - Front line sales managers at AWS are notoriously bad. These are typically newly promoted, former individual contributors who have ZERO leadership skills whatsoever. They almost universally have very low EQ, are extremely Type A, chronically micromanage, and very rarely agree to promote anyone on their team. Pay - Pay is very low compared to competitors. Hiring process - I was misled by recruiters during the interview process. I was told that my desired salary was "well within the range" for my job, but when I was sent my offer after interviewing, it was more than $100K short. Career development - Amazon has "levels". Most AWS territory sales reps are hired as an L5 or L6, but some are hired as L4. If you are hired as an L4, you will have no opportunities beyond your current job, you will earn upwards of $100K less than your peers who do the exact same work, and it will be almost impossible to get promoted."

Former Contractor - AWS Deployment Engineer says

"I worked at Amazon for less than a year Cons: contractors are expected to get up to speed and onboard in a couple of months versus a FTE which are allowed 6 months or more. If you go there as an engineer contractor expect to be abused by some FTEs team member. Management is from certain ethnic background and it shows the preferential hiring tactics aimed at the same ethnicity."

Former Employee - Senior Manager AWS says

"I worked at Amazon full-time Cons: Treat employees like doormats. Full of negative energy"

Current Employee - Risk Investigator - AWS Variable Fraud says

"I have been working at Amazon full-time for more than a year Cons: Metrics are always changing and can be very difficult to meet If you voice your concerns with management, they will listen for a little (if at all) and ultimately disregard your concerns. They will then tell you to follow Amazon's leadership principle of "Disagree and Commit" which basically is saying you can disagree to management's decision, but you ultimately have to disregard your original concern and do what they say."

Current Employee - Aws Sysde says

"I have been working at Amazon full-time for more than 5 years Cons: There were some great people managers but overall the situation is getting worse overtime. Management is very demanding and not efficiently using employees skills. Motivation skills are very poor. Stick is overused compared to the carrot."

Former Employee - AWS Territory Account Manager says

"I worked at Amazon full-time for more than a year Cons: Too many to mention. A good summary: -You end up managing your manager when you focus should be on generating revenue -Some managers prioritize their own tasks and deadlines over your own customers' priorities -Confrontational management: highlights your mistakes and shortcomings in front of other team members. Pits team members against each other by asking what you think of your team members -Commission cap: the variable component is limited and accelerators are capped. The bulk of your pay is in salary. Little chance of knocking it out of the park -Microsoft + Oracle culture: leadership and senior team members are hired from these companies and therefore all the negative aspects of company culture exist - bureaucracy, stack ranking, managing up, etc."

Current Employee - AWS Team says

"I have been working at Amazon full-time for more than a year Cons: Mid Level Management and BD for AWS is based on egos and face time. They do not participate until they sense success then they push the actual contributor aside and literally take over. Mid level style is very political."

Solutions Architect AWS says

"I have been working at Amazon Cons: Hiring complexity leads to promises that can't be fulfilled. Mid level management is really poor. They don't care about people. Leveling obsessions. Overall perk worst than other companies."

Former Employee - AWS Senior Devops says

"I worked at Amazon full-time for less than a year Cons: Growing too fast to keep up with their internal organization, putting consultants in difficult situations with very little support, burning out good talent needlessly."

Former Employee - Recruiting Coordinator AWS says

"I worked at Amazon full-time Cons: Fast paced work environment. Huge workload"

Direct Support Professional (Current Employee) says

"for what we have to do there we are under paid.The people are not honest at all. They can move you whenever they feel like it..Management do what they want and does not ask the employees nothing or involve us Cons: management and under paid no communication"

Courier (Former Employee) says

"Azienda con il quale ho avuto un esperienza negativa."

Slm (Current Employee) says

"the company was good to work for in the beginning but there is a lot of favoritism and don't belive in giving time off staff is good as well the problem is upper management"

Direct Care Support (Former Employee) says

"Not a friendly place to work poor management clients not taken care of not paid well no benefits no time off taking care of the clients and helping them"

Direct support professional (Former Employee) says

"The Project Coordinator was very unreliable at taking care of any issues employees had. The shift you work is constantly changing, and you will get called in everyday because someone didn't show up. If you need a day off and find your own coverage, they would be calling to tell you that you need to come in because something is wrong. Most of the employees just sit outside and smoke. Employees make clients do things they don't want to do, and have no concerns for them whatsoever. I had a supervisor tell me to lie to a clients guardian about the meds they had or had not received. I would work 16 hours shifts with 4 wheel chair clients BY MYSELF! Not only is the hard on me, but also on the clients, as I was not able to give them all of the attention they needed. Terrible company. Constant drama. Cons: Everything"

Direct Support Professional (DSP) says

"this is a dead end job no raises , no hoilday pay , benfits are very high , management have a power trip Cons: managment team sucks"

Employment Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I loved AWS. They were Christian based and helped people improve their lives. That matched my goal for my job and in my personal life. I loved it there. Grew a lot, traveled, met great co workers and clients. I would work there again. Cons: none"

Direct Care Professional (Former Employee) says

"too many women with attitudes and too many selfish prideful individuals calling them selves supervisor Cons: everything"

Direct (Current Employee) says

"No over time ,no Holiday pay , poo management skills this person saying this and the someone else is saying that to much confusing going on with in the company Cons: no raises dead end job"

Former Employee (Former Employee) says

"AWS I enjoyed working for the company. I love the people I had worked with. The clients in the ESN Homes were awesome, and although they had behaviors, you don't let it get to you. You just overlook it and you cant stay mad at them because they can't help their behaviors. My problem was the mgmt team. They did not want to help out when asked, and when it was time for TL meetings when you would ask the staffing mgr if they can help and make sure the finances add up they dont help. As soon as a behavior started they would leave. It was a good job , but to many secrets with the mgmt team. Cons: mgmt didn't want to help when asked to, and the nurse will I really can't discuss that, but that business will be taken care of. If I was told I was a very vauble assest, then why did I get wrongful termination?"

Direct Care (Former Employee) says

"management was a joke and uncaring. Turnover was high, all the good people left because of management. No one cared or listened. The director told us she didn't "care to hear us complain" AWS lost a very good director befor this one, everything went down hill once she took over Cons: director was incompetent"

Lead Tig Welder (Former Employee) says

"I like welding, I enjoyed that about my job. Mangement need to improve and they need to get the business more organize. Cons: not clean"

Talent Acquisition Recruiter (Former Employee) says

"need real senior guys to bring a culture and run the company, need lot of training at all levels, biased hiring in HR/Recruiting/Technology. No one cares for real work, lot of redundancy and drama. People are working to fail. No one is bothered about company and culture and proper way."

Employment Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Insufficient managerial support. Insufficient directions and difficult management. Not a thriving or product work environment."

GHT (Current Employee) says

"This employer cares little about staff or consumers. It is the worst employer and provider for consumers in town. Cons: pay, hours, staff, management"

Technical customer support associate - Billing and accounts (Current Employee) says

"You get no real training for the job and it’s basically sink or swim. Cons: Long hours and if you don’t request overtime in advance you don’t get paid"

Dsp (Former Employee) says

"I loved the clients, management not so much they are controlling of the clients and dsps in marion indiana. Clients can't even make their own menus, have phone calls, or plan thei weekends when they have the right to. Dsps when off they call you ask you to come in then if you say NO that you have plans try try to make you and make you feel guilty. Old management worked in dsps spots if they couldn't find coverage with no problems. New management parties together come in hungover and has not respect for anyone. It's ran by all female management that have a hatred for male staff. I feel for them. I hand to get out of there couldn't take the stress because I have better work ethics then that Cons: Management that are heartless"

direct support (Former Employee) says

"I worked for aws for about 4 months the supervisor there was young and inexperienced.the pay was 11.75 an hour and overtime was always available. the clients were truly crazy! Cons: everything else"

Security Officer (Former Employee) says

"Terrible company poorly run,never paid on time always having to chase money owed..staff were jobsworth apart from a good 5.6..owner gave away company to an even worse jobsworth.. baskerville security operating out of a tin shed in abertillery south Wales..stay well clear Cons: Found out for yourself i dare ya."

Data Center Technician 4 (Current Employee) says

"at the beginning it is a good place but once you get to where you know your job it then turns into we want more and more till you are working like a robot we get timed on our breaks how long we go outside to get fresh air or even sunlight because there are no windows here in the office yes the pay is good but not worth it in the long run i am currently looking to leave asap"

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