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Avirex is an American company that designs, manufactures and markets clothing lines. It was founded by Jeff Clyman in 1975 as a brand for military apparel. Contrary to popular belief, Avirex was not a U.S. military supplier during World War II. In 1987 the company worked on re-issuing of A-2 jacket for the United States Air Force.

An upset customer mentioned, "I bought the Avirex LDT B-3 Sheep Skin Shearling jacket. The leather is distressed; not what I expected. Dry and crackley. Leather neck straps are crazy long and just dangle; no where to attach. Generously sized."


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That's Me says

"Drive Time is the worse. For starters we got screwed on a loan an no one wants the car as a trade in because the loan is so upside down. It's been a year and this car has caused me nothing but problems. I have paid over thousands to get this car fixed. Today... There's the engine light again and the car stalls, again. I'm over it. We just want to give the car back and eat the remaining balance. It's not worth it to keep it."

Yashika Jackson says

"My original sales person didn’t treat me well. My car buying experience was horrible."


"I was lied to and told the down payment with low and that I would take the trade in and they did not enter down payments are actually 5000 and more they are liars and I don't dress Lars and hopefully you guys with cents look at this and read it and know not to go to this place because they are swindling Lars"

Dana Johnson says

"I brought my car 2 1/2 years ago it’s a 2009 Chevy Impala.. within a year the transmission failed ... I brought the warranty at the time of purchase that was suppose to last for 5 years or to a certain amount of miles. I put my car in the shop and the warranty covered the transmission... moving forward... my warranty ran out In the second year Im still paying for a warranty I can’t use ... My payments on my car is 429.84 before the warranty it was 329.84 the warranty was only $100 extra I don’t understand why I’m still paying this amount and the warranty is not there.... since the warranty has run out I’ve encountered numerous problems with this car coming out of pocket for repairs ... the engine light stays on and they won’t let u buy another warranty or renew ... I’m puttin more money into this car that’s its worth on top of paying a loan that is more than it’s worth!!! Drive time was my first car experience and I really thought I was getting good service and honest salesmen ... this company is a scam! I can’t even refinance the car on top of that Because they don’t refinance a car under a 2012 .... I feel like I’m going to be stuck with this car and won’t be able to get rid of it!!! I still owe a lil over 10,000 dollars on this car it’s not fair!!!! Something needs to be done ... I’m currently talking to lawyers to see what I can do .. the loan company Bridgecrest they use are rude as hell and basically dismiss any concerns u have!!! It says enter my account number so they can identify who I am before I send this review ... im not going to , in fear that my loan may somehow go higher ... very irritated at this point with Drive time I wouldn’t recommend anybody to buy a car from them"

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