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Avery Dennison Corporation is a multinational manufacturer and distributor of pressure-sensitive adhesive materials (such as self-adhesive labels), apparel branding labels and tags, RFID inlays, and specialty medical products. The company is a member of the Fortune 500 and is headquartered in Glendale, California.

An angry former employee shared the expediente of working at Avery Dennison Corporation, ¨Constantly going through reduction in force actions. Always looking over your shoulder to see if you’re next on the chopping block. As soon as it looks like they will not hit the quarterly numbers it time to get out the chopping block. Run strictly to meet short term financial goals. Do yourself a favor and move on to a company that actually places value on people.¨


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Machine Operator/Assembler (Former Employee) says

"minimum wage to operate 3 machines for half of the day and 1 machine tge other half. Breaks are relieved by 3 different people throughout the day and they time you from the second you leave your work area. You can't leave the premises. The management is horrible and if you're a temp, the onsite nurse won't see you.noneeverything"

Finance Manager (Former Employee) says

"Constantly going through reduction in force actions. Always looking over your shoulder to see if you’re next on the chopping block. As soon as it looks like they will not hit the quarterly numbers it time to get out the chopping block. Run strictly to meet short term financial goals. Do yourself a favor and move on to a company that actually places value on people."

Production Worker (Current Employee) says

"mangers and shift supervisor do not treat you right, They give teams leads all the power and even let them give you reviews', an hourly team member having input to get a rise are not....? not good"

Customer Success Relationship Manager (Current Employee) says

"none . Really nothing to say as the ambiance is very very special . Many turnover . Very junior management . No balanced life . DOn't really care about people ."

Customer Care Agent (Former Employee) says

"The work environment was bad, too many people in a room without ventilation/windows. The work load was insane, the pressure from management too high and whatever I did it was never good enough. Team leader was an ego maniac who would make horrible remarks and pick on you in front of everyone. I left with the biggest burn out to man and after me 3 other team members (of 12) were home with a burn out.Absolutely no prostoo much stress"

inspector de calidad (Former Employee) says

"No recomendado este lugar ya que es rutinario siempre la misma máquina o la misma inspección fastidia uno que a los 2 meses ya no quieres volver el horario también no es bueno en este tipo de trabajos hace falta otro tipo de horario. Por ejemplo de 7 a 4 de lunes a viernes. Mal paga que no alcanza nada y feos los horarios"

Nightshiftmonkey (Former Employee) says

"Normally you get compensated for good, quality work. NOT THERE! The 3rd shift supervisor was vindictive and psychotic. The employees on other shifts delight in making your life miserable.All of the Chemical fumes you could wish forShift work and terrible managment"

OTM (Current Employee) says

"Avery dennison is a printing and packaging company. It has serving to world wide customers. It provides a safety workplace to it's employees.It has also implemented 5's, kaizan on the workplace. It provides fire & safety training to the employees. It also provides EHS training. The use of personal protective equipment is mandatory in the workplace. Avery provides Life skill Training for the betterment of the future of the employees. It also provides Further Education Policy to educate the employees. Moreover to say, Avery Dennison is not a company for it's employee, It is just like home for employees. Inspite of this, it's customer service is great and Avery is also maintaining it's Standard quality label in the market. Apart from this, it's work place creats Leadership personalities. I m very proud to being a Part of it."

Coating Specialist/Shift Hybrid (Former Employee) says

"employees overworked and overstressed. Micro management inhibits every employee from doing their job properly. Co-workers were mostly all back stabbers. There was NOTHING ENJOYABLE ABOUT THIS JOB.The end of the dayHaving to deal with managements two faced standards"

Application Systems Analyst (Current Employee) says

"In the past I had experienced bad treatment. At one time my director ordered to give me a warning for my refusal to write down software development procedures. But, I was given the job title of an IT help desk technician at the time. The question to be asked is that it is correct to ask somebody at such a position to do this work? After some years I found out that the director ended up with no qualifications and his two bogus university degrees with both bachelor and master's were bought on-line. I wanted justice but was only told verbally that the warning was a mistake. Nothing else ..."

Molder Packer (Former Employee) says

"I consider or position my self to be creative (a industrial leader)person in any situation. I have alots of experience in all industrial works. I am a certified automobile technician looking his way in to all new technology. Been working for manufactori.e. for 8years know,which gave me more skill (machine operator,assembler,warehouse organisation personal,shipper or receiver,computerize machinery and more). I am always smile and carry a good sense of humor with me at my work place to my friends and family.Looking a stable positon in your company, where i can perform my professional skill and behavior."

Supervisor de Produccion (Former Employee) says

"Tienen infinidad de problemas en administracion, malos salarios, pocas prestaciones, turnos orribles, un ambiente laboral pesimo. Su personal esta indiciplinado.NingunoMuchos"

GENERAL MANAGER (Former Employee) says

"Company cares more about appearance than being a company that cares for its employees. If they can promote a female or a non white for a job. They dont care if you are more qualified and have seniority.NoneTo many to list."

Müşteri Temsilcisi (Former Employee) says

"yabancı firmaya baglı oldugu icin gayet duzgun bir firma. Calısanlarının haklarını veren bir firmaduzenli maas ve servis olmasıbenim icin yok"

Artworker (Former Employee) says

"Ethically distasteful. This company is trying to apply a plaster to a gaping wound. The managing directors may as well be the four horsemen (or women) of the apocalypse. Contributes to, along with the fashion industry, an environmental and ecological catastrophe. Not to mention cheap human labour, although they may see it as contributing to their economy. But really it's exploitation of cheap labour. Fashion is the 2nd highest polluter of the world to oil. Spreadsheets from fashion brands of animal species around the world are disturbing. No wonder there is animal extinction. If you can live with yourself it's an okay company.free foodworld pollution and water famine"

Flexo Press Operator (Former Employee) says

"They moved to Mexico for cheaper labor , no matter how smart you are or how hard you work we as Americans can not com-peat with cheap labor .Worked with a bunch of good people >"

Sales Support (Former Employee) says

"Stay far away from this place! The manager and sales rep like to bully the person in this position. Apparently this has been going on for a few years now and everyone in the office is well aware of it and has said they could not and would not work for these two individuals. I approached them for training and my job was threatened after a mere two weeks of being hired. Before I lost my job, these two individuals had a meeting with me and ripped me a new one, saying I was at fault for not succeeding and I would not be doing the job I was hired to do because I "had no integrity." The sales rep is a psycho control freak as well - she will email you 800 things to do and wants them all yesterday - no joke! Stay away!nothingeverything"

Variable Data Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Mala experiència en esta multinacional. Te dan dos manuales y te dejan a la deriva. La gente está demasiado estresada para ayudarte. Acabe con mi autoestima a cero. Espero que aprendan de los errores y acojan bien a los nuevos trabajadoresEn teoría flexibilidadDar importancia a pijadas"

Chemical Technician (Current Employee) says

"If you have a family and work in production don't plan on seeing them much. Management is awful to work for, don't know how this place still operates.Decent pay for the areaWork life balance, management"

Material Handler (Current Employee) says

"Some employees are required to work 6 different positions while other employees domt have to. According to the new gps where not paid any different then those who only rotate between three different positions. HR person changes every year and health insurance premiums go up every year.Good PayPoor Management, Favoritism, Poor health insurance and lazy employees"

Darren says

"Happily sponsoring And remaining silent in the face of the corruption at the premier league, you have to question the morals of this company as a result."

Dean Florence says

"Terrible company. Supporters of corruption!"

Mark Thornton says

"Linked with corruption with the English premier League who stifle competition and break the law. Disgrace. Can't be trusted"

Chris says

"Read the reviews. They speak for themselves. Very dubious links..."

Masters of corruption says

"Could not do business with any companies who are happy to sponsor corrupt organisations like the English Premier League."

Geordie Paul says

"Unable to trust Avery Dennison,sponsoring the highly corrupt English Premier League,would advise to avoid as they seem happy to let it continue."

Will Anson says

"I have found out that Avery Dennison are linked with the Premier League which has proven to be a completely corrupt organization with no morals. Seeing as they associate with the Premier League I guess they must be just as corrupt and morally bankrupt. Steer clear from this company as they probably will also just ignore and disrespect the very people that support them just like the Premier League did"

Colin Ken Obi says

"Corrupt links. Anyone who is associated with the premier league is as corrupt as them."

Ally Al-Mufti says

"Official licensees of a corrupt Premier League who work illegitimately with the state of Qatar to obstruct trade within the UK. By continuing as sponsors they continue to show support to a corrupt enterprise that are influenced by foreign states in the running of the national game. Avoid."

John Bates says

"Supporters of the corrupt premier league , avoid at all cost"

Graham Parker says

"supporting a corrupt organisation such as the premier league is unacceptable."

Neil Robson says

"AVOID AT ALL COSTS!! These are tolerant of corruption and rotten to the core. Premier league.. disgusting"

David Culshaw says

"Poor review due to sponsoring the corrupt Premier League - fans demand answers."

Ben Ball says

"Supporting corruption. While they continue their association with the vile and corrupt English Premier League this company should be avoided at all costs."

Adam Carr says

"Associated with corruption"

Michael Moore says

"By sponsoring the Premier League, you are supporting and encouraging corruption in sport. Tarnishing your own brand"

Harry Pritchard says

"Premier League ‘King Of Corruption’ I would suggest you pick your sponsorship partners more wisely. #GeordiesDemandAnswers #PremierLeagueCorrupt"

Mark McCormack says

"How can you be a supporter of the premier league,after the corrupt goings on with the Newcastle United takeover,I really think this has tarnished your brand."

Janet says

"Supporting a corrupt organisation"

J.K says

"Supporting corrupt premier league"

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