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Avatar (marketed as James Cameron's Avatar) is a 2009 American epic science fiction film directed, written, produced, and co-edited by James Cameron and stars Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Stephen Lang, Michelle Rodriguez, and Sigourney Weaver. The film is set in the mid-22nd century when humans are colonizing Pandora, a lush habitable moon of a gas giant in the Alpha Centauri star system, in order to mine the mineral unobtanium, a room-temperature superconductor. The expansion of the mining colony threatens the continued existence of a local tribe of Na'vi – a humanoid species indigenous to Pandora. The film's title refers to a genetically engineered Na'vi body operated from the brain of a remotely located human that is used to interact with the natives of Pandora.

This is the follow-up Reasons why Avatar Will Suck:

Reason #6: The avatars suck

Initial assessment: “An avatar has the power to turn an otherwise decent, functional person into either a raving idiot or a certifiable freakshow. Naming the movie after one implies similar debasement — such a flick is already fighting an uphill battle against suckitude.”

Reason #5: The giant power armor sucks

Initial assessment: “Because, you know, nobody is going to shoot or direct smashitude at the part of your automated steel battlesuit that is either glass or totally exposed, right? If they did, you’d want to encase it in something that would offer you meaningful protection, and that would be too smart.”

Reason #4: The cats with human boobs suck

Initial assessment: I’m not talking about Aesop/Fantastic Mr. Fox allegorical use of animals to represent people. I’m not talking about Maple Town / Care Bears style “Let’s make our characters animals so they are furry and cute and make good toys” either. I’m talking about this Victoria’s Calico Secret, cheesecake made with a saucer of milk craziness.

Reason #3: Sam Worthington sucks

Initial assessment: Oh, it’s not that Sam Worthington is some terrible actor. The fact that he’s at least a decent actor is part of why he sucks. Other than playing a robot in a steaming pile of crap, his main claim to fame is a super-artistic movie that won all sorts of awards, but that he worked on for seven years.

Reason #2: John Smith / Pocahontas stories suck

Initial assessment: Every version of the John Smith / Pocahontas story I’ve ever seen treats her as extremely exotic. She has magical powers, she can talk to animals, she has a Sisters of Avalon nature virgin sex goddess vibe going on, whatever. She’s almost always in some sort of slinky imagined Native American garb — more than she wore in real life when with her people, but as it is for the sake of provocation, not accuracy. Pocahontas as superhot crunchy sex spirit is so ingrained in the story that, if the woman isn’t depicted as sexually exotic, if that isn’t one of John Smith’s main motivations in wanting to be with her, it isn’t a Pocahontas story.

But if the chief quality of Pocahontas is that she is extremely different from John Smith to the point of not even qualifying as human in any way he can understand, then she fails to build a bridge between peoples — their relationship fails to serve as a lever for communication, mercy and understanding. She actually just further “otherizes” Native Americans and advances the notion that they are not people in the same way white folks are people.

Reason #1:Box offices metrics suck

There’s some talk that Avatar is going to unseat Titanic as the highest grossing movie ever. I find this repulsive, both because this is a terrible way to judge how good or bad a movie is, and because, well, I use it all the time myself (this past year specifically in reference to the dark iron horse Fast and Furious) and I don’t want Avatar to win.

But, my hypocrisy notwithstanding, there are some very important things to take into account regarding Avatar’s box office numbers.

And that means Avatar gets to take credit for a decade and a half of seismic global macroeconomic trends, thong-butted cat people and all.

That is, a movie with a ludditic, anticolonial, antiglobalization, anticapitalist message made by a major corporation gets to use the spread of global capitalism, technology and corporate supply chain management as proof that its computer-generated message about a nature goddess resonates with real people (who are also cats).

Overthinkers, I can think of few sentences I have ever written that have sucked more than that one.


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Avatar Partners full-time Cons: Toxic work environment. Greedy owner that pays half of contract funds to herself, then understaffs projects and underpays the employees. This is the type of work environment you hear about on the evening news after a disgruntled employee has had enough."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Avatar Partners full-time for less than a year Cons: The company is owned by a husband-wife duo. I didn't know that when I took the job. One would tell me one thing, then the other would tell me the opposite. I didn't last very long."

Current Employee - Developer says

"I have been working at Avatar Partners full-time for more than a year Cons: No opportunity for growth, fear of losing job, toxic environment, treated like machines/slaves, no work life balance, greedy selfish owners"


"I worked at Avatar Partners Cons: The worst thing is that they don't know when they have quality people."


"I worked at Avatar Partners Cons: There are a multitude of problems with the company. The biggest by far is the ownership. The company is run by people who have practically no interest in investing in the company. The company is used as a basis for side businesses, not the least of which includes management of rental properties. Employees are routinely pulled from their official duties to run errands, serve eviction notices, and perform child daycare jobs. The financials are questionable. Owners will claim great success securing contracts from the government one month, then suddenly experience a deep financial crises the next month. Also adding to this question is the fact that no money appears to be invested in the company. Most critical and important projects are given scant resources, such as freeware, to perform projects allegedly worth millions. Bonuses are reserved strictly for upper management. Some upper management have been given bonuses large enough to help with their home mortgage. By the same token, employees who actually do their work and achieve customer goals are given nothing because there is ‘no money.’ Even annual raises can barely be called cost of living increases. There is also a serious trust issue. Owners of the company (‘The Partners’) treat employees alternatively as criminals and children. Internet is severely restricted, emails and phone use constantly monitored, time on the job kept track of down to the minute using two forms of time recording, and lunches are a strictly enforced 30 minutes. The atmosphere is oppressive. The Company apparently began as a low-pay intern operation. They have since hired senior level staff in accordance with government requirements. However, the company still operates as if all employees are first year interns, and treats them accordingly. The level of supervision is considered insulting by senior level employees and morale suffers as a result. There has been some mention of the incredibly high turnover rate at this company. That is apparent to anyone who has been there more than a few months. Employees are let go seemingly at random and this happens often. There is no sense of job security, and morale suffers tremendously for this reason as well. The company is at best a sweat shop operation, with little to no regard for the employees. Partners are paranoid and easily insulted. Even honest, constructive criticism is met with scorn and usually, terminations. It is an atmosphere of high stress. It is a classic case of punish the messenger, not address the message."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Avatar Partners full-time for less than a year Cons: The following is my opinion based on observations during my time at the company, but taken with the other REAL reviews, the reader can get an idea what it is like to work at Avatar Partners. To re-coin a phrase, stay away! Where to start? When you work for this company, you are supporting the owners’ lifestyle. They only care about investing AS LITTLE into the company as possible, and it shows in everything around that place. Avatar Partners is not so much a business as a cash machine for the family that founded it. They put in AS LITTLE effort and money as possible, just enough to keep the company going. Upper management is ruled by people with the heirs of spoiled high school brats and clearly have not earned their position. Zero management skills. Zero People skills. Zero organizational skills. Takes any criticism personally and has been known to fire people on the spot for saying something they don’t want to hear. Have no ability to take constructive criticism for what it is. No ability to look for improvements, implement new processes or see anyone else s' point of view. Every complaint is seen as an insult. Middle management is of no help at all. They are only alert for their own safety and have been known to throw their workers under the bus because upper management told them to do it. Middle management lives in fear of upper management and will not stick up for their workers with few exceptions. Expect no help from them. Further adding to the situation is the complete lack of job security. Workers are let go (usually ‘due to cost’) and at any time. Even employees that worked hard and accomplished a great many things get dismissed. Turnover rate is incredibly high, something on the lines of 85%. I alone witnessed 32 dismissals in the course of a 6 month period. This does not include the people who have just ‘thrown in the towel’ and walked away. And their were many of those. And the real sad thing is, the management does not get the devastating effect this has on morale. Or if they do know, they don’t care. Management will tell the workers they are the biggest asset one day, then lay them off the next. In short, expect words from management and words only. As an employee, do not expect bonuses, do not expect to actually take any of the vacation time they reluctantly offer because the law makes them, and do not expect their employee records to be anything close to updated or clear. API relies upon and promotes ignorance to its employees. Though they will compliment employees. They will never back it up with anything even remotely considered action. Earlier postings were right about the pizza. Pizza is always brought in and seen as some kind of ‘cure all’ by management. What it means to the workers is that someone has been let go from the company. Morale isn’t just bad, it’s nonexistent. This is a sweat shop, pure and simple. Employees are worked to death, never given the proper tools to do the jobs in the first place (usually just Freeware), and written up for saying anything the least bit constructive under impossible work schedules. Everyone is very apathetic and work takes a lot longer to get done as a result. There is no motivation. Workers get tired and frustrated to the point of getting up and leaving and going home in the middle of the day without saying a word. Everyone is on edge and only a degree or two from erupting. It is an atmosphere of barely-contained frustration ruled over by fear and uncertainty. Upper management, barely there two days out of the week, revels in this. Most new employees will be confused at 2 months, doubtful at 3 months, apathetic at 6 months, and completely burnt out in a year. Further adding insult to injury is the disconnect between workers and upper management. Managers who have no idea what you are doing will be placed in charge of you. The only appreciation from upper management is the occasional ‘thank you’ email that just as often thanks workers who weren’t even on the project they were being thanked for. The upper management especially don’t have a clue who does what at the company. Management dismisses people on a regular basis, blocks most Internet access, requires not only a time sheet, but a time clock to double check on employee attendance, gives only a half hour lunch, and fines employees using some convoluted Health and Welfare Summary that no one understands. Some employees have been presented with bills for thousands of dollars. It was not uncommon for upper management to snoop, spy and stand behind you for ages watching you do your work. Complete control freaks, the owners think all employees are the enemy. They just assume you’re goofing off and downloading games and apps off the Internet whenever they aren’t around. Despite the place being ringed with security cameras, upper management will patrol the hallways. If someone is found outside of their workstation (say, getting coffee or using the restroom, or God forbid talking to someone) that worker will catch flak for it. Certain employees are required to check employee equipment again and again and again, to be sure workers haven’t stolen anything. In short, expect to be treated like a misbehaving criminal child they feel needs constant supervision rather than a genuine employee. They trust no one. While the Partners get antique oak desks large enough to land a Harrier jump jet on, regular employees are crammed behind IKEA reject fiberboard workstations more at home in college dorm rooms. Some of the rooms have a lingering stench, which is the cause of bitter confrontations. The owners live in denial, saying there is no smell and that workers are “babies” for bringing it up. The carpet is mismatched, stained, and coming up (it was not replaced before Avatar moved in) walls have chips and stains, and are still decorated with the artwork from the previous tenant. The pipes under the building are old and leak into the tired carpet, making the stench all the worse. And periodically, we must endure insect infestations which upper management will only reluctantly fumigate for. The location is literally feet from the train tracks, so workers must deal with incessant air horn blasts and clanking of the train as it shakes the building going by. Everything about this place screams ‘shoestring budget.’ What I've skipped could fill a warehouse."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Avatar Partners part-time for less than a year Cons: The company does not care about its employees. There were safety and health concerns related to an awful smell in the secure room. Management was slow to address these concerns and the first effort was to send someone down to smell the room and call the employees “babies.” Work was ultimately done, but the issue was not resolved. What could be more important than the health of your employees? As mentioned in another review, compensation issues went unresolved for months. The company does not get why the way employees make their livelihood is important. It is important to employees, but not to management. Turnover is very high. It is a revolving door. People who work hard to meet deadlines are let go. People who have opinions are let go. The point of these reviews is to help prospective employees understand what a mess they would be getting involved in. Hopefully, you read this and decide to keep looking."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Avatar Partners full-time for more than a year Cons: The company misrepresented its size as 50+ plus employees, when it is closer to just 20 employees. The comp plans were very disorganized and upper management was very slow to rectify discrepancies (it took more than 6 months). Upper management says that employees are the company's best asset, but then regards them with extreme mistrust ranging from going through desks after hours to tightly monitoring use of the internet (there is not enough time to do anything on the internet except take a quick look at news during the 30 minute lunch breaks). There's also an employee whose job is to find out who is having any fun at all and report it to upper management so it can be put to a stop. Turnover is extremely high. Morale is very low. Good, competent people are let go either to save expense and maximize "profit" or because they are capable of independent thought and dare to voice opinions. Typically, when there is bad news such as a key employee being let go, the company brings in pizza for the survivors."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Avatar Partners full-time for less than a year Cons: Management only in business to fatten their own wallets; no real concern about performing on contracts won. Very unethical with respect to government contracting. Consider employees the enemy."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Avatar Partners full-time Cons: Some of the most deceiving and insincere people I have ever had the displeasure to meet existed within upper management. Words such as "best" and "most profitable" are used with no actions to back it up. Instead, management simply drives up in their new cars and enjoys their fancy accessories for themselves. People who were great workers and contributed critically to teams are let go for no real reason. If one speaks for themselves, despite being asked to do something outside the scope of their job or at an inappropriate time of the day (or night) don't be surprised to see that person shuffled off quietly with little to no notice to co-workers. Huge turnover rate. Family owned and run business with the "chosen few and elect" reaping the benefits off the workers. No common respect given to non-family workers."

Home Health Care Aide (Former Employee) says

"I hate working there because the Ours were boo-boo the pain was horrible and I feel like I was taking my money out of my check I wasn’t getting paid but nothing but $200 when I thought I would bring at least $400 home but that was a negative you couldn’t do no overtime Or work over 15 hours so that really wasn’t Any money for me so I already had it on my mind that I was going to quit because I was really working for nothing to hundred dollars is not anything especially when leaving or paying Any of my bills and plus I had to deal with a mean patient talking to me all types of crazy....Making $200 was not worth a patient talking to me crazy so I have to tell them I’m leaving because I just can’t tolerate the disrespect and the pay"

Marketing Liaison (Former Employee) says

"Loved working with my co-workers and enjoyed having a full day. Each day was different but very productive. I enjoyed and adored my patients. My patients made my job worth the trouble. Cons: Unprofessional Owner"

Systems Analyst / Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Most of the people who work here are wonderful employees -- intelligent, motivated and knowledgeable. Cons: Owner has unrealistic expectations based on gender of his employees."

Arbeiter (Former Employee) says

"Es gibt keine Probleme sonder nur Lösungen und die werden auch gefunden."

none voice agent (Former Employee) says

"my work at avatar is a very hard and were pressured there. also they don't have a med'card.and also the management is not that very good Cons: 12 hours"

CNA/Caregiver (Former Employee) says

"Avatar is a good place to work with lots of clients and flexibility tailored for both clients n workers. Got alot of experience here and it was great mostly working Cons: Management not very supportive"

Putting together whatever they was producing. (Former Employee) says

"I like it sometimes n sometimes I needed help...to do things ...but I'm a very quick learner so I was able to figure things out easily. It was okay. They made you feel like you had to stay if someone called out. Cons: Some times you had to work somebody shift if they called out."

Program Manager/Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Working at Avatar, Inc. is a lot of hard work. The upper management is supportive, and tries to help, but being on-call 24/7 can be difficult. In the end, working with the clients is rewarding and makes all the hard work worth it."

BUSINESS UNIT DIRECTOR (Former Employee) says

"This company's key focus was to grow the business, obtain new clients, on board and ensure a healthy relationship between client and company Cons: Extremely long ours out of the norm"

Quality Assurance Analyst (Former Employee) says

"My work here is somehow ok but as s person aiming high in terms of self development and healthy lifestyle and so i find this not healthy wherein working night shift is at disadvantage."

Analista de Sistemas (Former Employee) says

"Trabajo dinamico, con aprendizajes cada dia, que que se manejan muchas áreas, como redes y telecomicaciones (voz y data). Cons: Alto riesgo"

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