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AutoZone, Inc. is an American retailer of aftermarket automotive parts and accessories, the largest in the United States. Founded in 1979, AutoZone has over 6,300 stores across the United States, Mexico, and Brazil. The company is based in Memphis, Tennessee.

Originally named “Auto Shack”, the company first started as a division of Malone & Hyde. On July 4, 1979, we opened our first store in Forrest City, Arkansas. In its first year, Auto Shack opened eight stores in two states: Arkansas and Tennessee and shipped merchandise out of a 12,000 square foot distribution center. In 1987, Auto Shack became AutoZone, a freestanding company with Pitt serving as Chairperson and CEO

What makes a trading company trustworthy for its customers is its customer care service and AutoZone sucks to provide valuable customer service. It`s not only their customer service but their management sucks too. A peeved client says "I'm beyond mad right now. I've always trusted AutoZone, UNTIL TODAY!! I went to AutoZone to buy Window Shields for my Subaru Crosstrek. Ordered them and paid. Got a call they were in. I was so excited until I opened the box and saw they were for a Chevy Equinox. Ok, no big deal UNTIL!!! Took them back and they told me, "Oh they are not available yet for your Crosstrek!!!" WHAT THE!!! Then why didn't you tell me that in the first place? No instead you sold me something that I could not use at all!!! BEYOND MAD RIGHT NOW."


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Former Employee - Parts Sales Manager (PSM) says

"They hire everyone they can find that passes a background check, they should really have standards when it comes to a fortune 300 company. It shows, you'll always cover for people but you will never get that return no matter how long you work there."

Former Employee - PSM Part Sales Manager says

"Worst job ever, horrible, hated working here, not knowing what they do, place sucks"

Current Employee - Commercial Delivery Driver says

"Misleading job title and job description. You'd think this were a delivery job but you have to deal with annoying customers and spend most of your time as a cashier. NOT what I signed up for."

Former Employee - Part Time Sales Associate says

"I am a Veteran and I have an Associates Degree. They are a predatory employer. The pay is pathetic for a BILLION dollar company. Store Managers and District Managers are the gutless drones that pursue the almighty dollar above all else. You, as an employee, do NOT matter to them. We were deemed "Essential Workers" during the COVID-19 shutdown. We were not compensated for the hazardous working conditions. They discouraged taking leave and going on unemployment during the shutdown, and they offered me a $1 raise right before the shutdown as incentive to stay. They didn't account for that raise until nearly 4 months later when I quit - hundreds of dollars of earned income unpaid. Unemployment would have paid my ENTIRE YEARS INCOME from AZ in just 20 weeks due to the COVID-19 unemployment compensation. They were not being transparent about coworkers or management that might have come in contact with somebody infected with COVID-19. There were multiple rumors circling about AZ employees/management working at our local stores who were on COVID-19 sick leave for possible infection. The company claimed their policy was to shut down any stores that an employee who tests positive for COVID-19 has come in contact with. None of our local stores were ever closed for quarantine due to COVID-19 exposure, even though we all heard one of the local store managers did test positive for COVID-19. The sexism is also an issue. I watched as all of my managers catered to, coddled, and flirted with the only female employee in our store. Her job was apparently secured through nepotism, in spite of multiple performance complaints and numerous company policy violations, because she happens to be married to a local AZ store manager. If you are seeking an honest employer, look elsewhere. If you are seeking fair pay, look elsewhere. My advice: STAY AWAY FROM AZ."

Former Employee - COUNTER SALES says

"low pay for lots of work"

Former Employee - PSM Part Sales Manager says

"stay away from this place please"

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"unfair, they dont care about the emplyees"

Former Employee - Parts Sales Manager says

"The pay is extremely poor for what they ask of you"

Former Employee - Warehouse Material Handler says

"bad management the whole shipping department is bad"

Current Employee - Parts Sales Manager says

"Terrible pay. So bad. You will never own a home, or have any type of entertainment budget working at Autozone."

Commercial Driver (Current Employee) says

"Manager is super lazy always on his phone and delegating his job onto every body else. Store manager is late every shift by at least 30 minutes, ends with me losing pay"

Commercial Manager (Former Employee) says

"My overall experience was less than a wonderful experience, My mother had suffered a stroke and was hospitalized, while in the hospital she required emergency surgery and i called in , my district manager wrote me up..declaring that i was lying because doctors don't do surgeries on weekends. NoneManagement, Corporate"

Parts Manager (Current Employee) says

"Its like walking into a day care unhappy people back stabbing each other crying because they over heard some one talking. Rewarding for bad behavior. over worked under paid if this is what you like then this is the place for you.hour lunchUpper managment only cares about them"

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"good old boy network that just wants bodies to use as steps on thier way past you to the next position and will lie cheat steal in the process to get their ans use you for the scapegoat to het there.locationEverything else"

Customer Support/Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Unless you are extremely familiar with cars and actually care about them, then there really is no purpose of being interested in obtaining any employment from them."

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologist (Current Employee) says

"I just got the job but sense I been working it seem like it's gonna be a good work place for me and I wanna get paid more than I was at my other job....Free lunchesNo breaks"

Parts Sales Manager (Current Employee) says

"Management is horrible.. They only care about the store not there employees. Employees are treated unfairly and the manager at 5984 is a raciest here."

Store manager (Former Employee) says

"I just got fired for really stupid reason.Always on time .made em a lot of money. Up sell a lot of stuff for them. Just to tell me good bye.Wasted my 3years of my important time working there.NothingWaste of time"

Customer Service Specialist/ Commercial Driver (Former Employee) says

"If you love cars, you can learn more. But management is horrible. once you go to a grey shirt you are ok to sit on your phone and do nothing for 40 hours while making red shirts do it all. If you do a particularly good job, you won't get anything except more work. Also if you call HR with a concern that is legit, you can expect a nasty phone call from the person of concern. This place is a joke. I drove parts. one day I was stopped at a light and a woman ran into the back of me. I quit after that not because I did something wrong but how MY company and MY coworkers acted. I wanted to go home after the car accident. You'll get fired. what? you get fired for no drug test. wait a second that's the best way to phrase that? I am a sober person and I love proving it. But threatening to be fired is wrong. These people are not worth good workers. Go use your talent elsewherecarseverything else"

Admin Clerk (Current Employee) says

"They still in the apartheid era. The ratio is still more whites on senior level. No advancement for black/coloured people. Unions have no say in this company. discount on purchasingunderpaid salaries for black people."

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"I was lied to about my compensation as well as my bonus structure. My schedule was changed daily and I was criticized for not speaking Spanish. I made the company a lot of money. Days off.Unfairly treated"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Poor work environment. Poor pay and benifits. Management and most employees are more concerned with their cell phones and smoking than assisting customers. Nothing.Poor work environment."

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"this company treats employees like garbage. Pays bare minimum but expects you to do everything. Turn over is high they just burn people out and get new ones and same cycle. Never go salary, they will abuse you beyond belief . Horrible company to work forNoneEverything"

Parts Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"I was a parts sales manager for 2 years and the company is so hard to move up for between the points system basically if you’re late by 1 min you get a point and that point takes 90 days of perfect attendance even if you have a doctors not you still will be pointed even if you’re actually sick and can’t come in you will be pointed and weekends are double points. Poor wage compared to the work and poor district manager at least the Baltimore area of store number 1818 the district manager was always rude and condescending to the lower levels 1 hour lunchEverything"

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"There was never any formal training when being promoted to store Manager. You were asked to maintain "the basics" but never given any support when trying to operate the store. When addressing issues with district Manager, most questions and concerns never went to corporate.No ProsUnreliable management team"

Commercial manager (Former Employee) says

"upper management don’t care about their employees and they promote racism and unfair trreatment towards others. this company is a disgrace to all americans and to all aother race that worked there.Nonebad company to work for"

PSM (Former Employee) says

"In all my years in retail ...this was the worst experience ever and management was easily the worst ever If you want to be appreciated and not constantly pushed for numbers dont work hereGet to meet new peopleLeadership"

Parts Manager (Former Employee) says

"Too many chiefs. No one wanted to work. Everyone wanted to supervise.Too many smoke breaks. Covering shifts at multiple locations and saw the same effect . Low pay equals low work ethic from employees. More concerned with everyone's uniformNoneEverything"

Hub Specialist (Former Employee) says

"In general just don't work for them. It only encourages them. This is a toxic company. **If you are on the fringes or in any margin at all, they will make you feel it. They will shove you so far into that margin and push you out of their store. *Don't work here if you have any sort of issue with health.* And if you care about your work or customers, don't work here.** work here if you just want to be in a clubhouse and collect a paycheck."

Autozoner (Former Employee) says

"It was was rough and I got some hours which helped me until I could get a better job! I'm thankful for AZ and I loved what I did but there's a whole bunch of things that happened while I was an employee that I'd prefer not to mention on here! Thank you for the opportunity and for also giving me direction in where I really want to be in a job!Got hours sometimesNever really got breaks and always got yelled at!"

Art hanshaw says

"They finally replaced Sure Fire 6 cyl motor which was under warrenty. Picked up the Silverado 4 days ago. Called the manager Jesus Torres at the Lee Trevino, El Paso TX store asking for the warrenty on the new motor. He said there is none. What kind of BS is that??? "

Luciano Rezende says

"The worst customer service in San Diego. Poor thing about this franchise that doesn't inspect its employees. Simply, even though I am within all the requirements for returning some items I bought less than 2 weeks ago, with proof within my Rewards and the debit in my bank account, they refused to return the items or even give me in credit. Rude clerk! I don't even recommend it to enemies. Even Walmart is much better. Worth the effort. We have more better ones: - O'Reilly Auto Parts - Advance Auto Parts - Pep Boys - Walmart 21st century where companies are struggling with their nails to win new customers and retain the ones they already have, franchises do not know what clerks without training and knowledge are doing. The last one to leave, turn off the light in this store in Point Loma."

Sam D. says

"I Bought 3 Gals of Motor oil at Auto Zone to do 3 Oil changes this week end also bought 3 oil filters. I brought the 2 gals back to Auto Zone to recycle the old oil. I am a good customer to this store location. When I go into the store the associate asked me if it was Just oil or was anything added to the oil. I replied it was just motor oil nothing added to it. Once again he asked me if it was just plan motor oil I said yes and started to walk out of the store, he then asked me again if it was just motor oil in the Motor oil Gallons I was returning I then walk back to where he was standing at the counter and once again said its motor oil that came out of my car engines that I told you 3 times all ready. He then told me I did not say that he said I said I didn't know I told him I did not say that at all. He then told me he did not want my motor oil to leave the store I said fine you also lost my business. Then he told me again to get out yelling at me. I told him its not my fault you can not hear correctly. I then left the store. The thing is if he had said that he did not hear what I said 3 times I would have just said ok and I would have repeated it a 4th time but I think he just did not want to take the oil off of me for some reason. I will never shop in that AutoZone store again. I am also going to complain to AutoZone Reginal office. The store is 284 East Street Road in Trevoes PA."

Nikki says

"STORE #3399 I took my car here 5/2019 to get battery my car was drivable. I got battery. The person who put the battery in firstly got the wrong size he was trying to make the wrong size battery fit he ended up going to another autozone to get another part to make battery fit in my car. He was gone about 35 minutes when he returned he was trying to make this battery fit but it was to small his manager Lupe walked passed us she told him that it was wrong size. So he goes and gets the right size. He comes back with right sized battery and he puts the battery in on opposite sides my lights start flashing inside and outside of vehicle the horn starts going going off and the steering wheel locks. They offered no help. I called for a tow truck back to where I lived and the next day to the dealership mechanic. My car was in there 5mos it got repo from the mechanic because the Billionaire networth company didn’t want to give me a decent pay out where I could be fully operational. The damage done to my car by autozone caused me to lose my car and they did not pay me enough to get out nor did they pay anything for all the tows, lyfts, or for car rentals, not to mention the fee for storing my car at the mechanic all those months. If I wanted to go make extra money I wasn’t able to because autozone damaged my car. I filed a complaint last year in late July or early August they paid me out September 2019 but it wasn’t enough. I was in a way worse situation than when I came into get a battery change. Recently I called corporate and talked with Jessie at 901-495-6500 5-7 times he said someone would get back with me but no one ever did. I called corporate again and spoke with customer service the same number I always to Jessie on was now a customer service and they gave me the number to regional office 623-936-5691 they’re messaging says they respond back within 24 hours but no one has returned my call I’ve left like 3 or 4 messages with them. I’m constantly getting run around. I guess they feel as they don’t own any responsibility for damages to my car or for giving money to get another vehicle or pay for lyfts and car rentals etc..."

Ron Watson says

"I took my alternator to an AutoZone in Culver City and asked for it to be checked. They said their machine was broke. Do,I went ahead and bought an alternator. Come to find out ,it was really a bad battery which I then bought from AutoZone. I think since they could not honor their sign on building,they should refund the alternator. Emailed their corporate office and was asked which store. Now I am waiting for a answer."

Cougar Builders Inc. says

"Just went into the Walnutport Pa. Auto Zone to find workers and people not wearing masks. 3 Guys in an aisle having a conversation without mask except below their chin. Girl behind the counter without mask. And at least the girl at the registrar was wearing a mask as well as the person checking out. Next to them was another guy with his mask below his nose. Nice of these people to be so considerate of others."

Erin Jandebeur says

"I had purchased spark plugs online and in-store, a total of 5 spark plugs. I had taken the spark plugs back to the store to return but had the wrong receipt. They asked me if I was returning the spark plugs I explained yes I was and they assumed I was wrongfully charged. They would not give them back because I didn't have the receipt with the four spark plugs on them. I found the receipt and have it. I tried calling the store and the manager refused to give me the spark plugs back because he claims that I would be stealing them. That is not true because I have the one spark plug but I lost $24 plus change because the store stole my other 3 spark plugs and refused to give me a refund for them. I should have a refund for 4 spark plugs since I only used one. Only cylinder 4 was misfiring so why would I keep the rest of the spark plugs? On top of that, they shorted me money because they did not have change. I paid with the card so they should have been able to refund the card without shorting me. They refused to give me my receipt and the return receipt, but I am assuming I was shorted $0.80."

Mark Muld says

"Don't order anything online. My order states "ready to be shipped" online and I placed my order 10 days ago. When I phoned them to cancel cause you can't cancel online they said it had been shipped 10 days ago. Can't give me a tracking #, so they nor I have any idea of what is really going on let alone know when it will arrive. This I am guessing it was like when my parents ordered from Sears 50 years ago."

Jair Guerrero says

"Last monday I brought a battery from Huntington station store the guy who installed it have not clue what is going on now my dash looks like a Christmas tree lights are on every where so back to the store and they said is not they responsiblity the manager named Thomas was rough when I ask him for help and he said they are not mecanics......worst store in long island."

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