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Auto-Owners Insurance is a mutual insurance company that offers auto, home, business and life insurance to policyholders exclusively through independent agents. The company, which is located in Delta Township, Michigan, is the largest property and casualty insurance company headquartered in Michigan. Auto-Owners has more than $6 billion in written premium and $20.1 billion in assets. Based on w...

Auto-Owners adjusters are programmed to ignore claims for many weeks until the customer gets tired of waiting and deny just about everything in the claim normally covered in the policy. A customer expressed his dissatifaction saying, "I wouldn't wish this company to anyone. We had our insurance for two cars as well as homeowners insurance with them for many years. I feel it was a total waste of premium for nothing. The adjuster Bradly didn't get back to me weeks at a time after the claim was submitted and at the end denied everything after telling me that get everything done out of my pocket to be reimbursed when the claim is approved. Save yourself the hassle when you most needed, stay away from Home Owners Insurance Company for Homeowners or Auto Insurance Policies. They are crooks to get your money only, they don't believe in paying claims."


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Former Employee - Claims Representative says

"Everything else. Below average pay, archaic culture, poor leadership decisions, refuse to notice's always a waiting game, not empowering, you'll have no say in anything, lack luster benefits, terrible time off policy, work/life balance is nil. Listen....this is a great place to start, but get out after a couple years. Trust me...they don't care about keeping you...they've got drones of job hungry college grads they can fill your position with. They are the only ones that will work for the piddly salaries they offer. This is not a place for growth. Take it from me....there are better companies out there, and you deserve better."

Current Employee - Commercial Underwriter says

"They are a reactive carrier compared to other insurance companies . More work and Underpaid and unfair promotions. Minorities are not given equal opportunities."

Current Employee - Personal Lines Underwriter says

"Low pay, small annual increases, and low morale"

Former Employee - Secretary says

"If you take 4 days off a year in sick days, you may have it, but it will affect your yearly review and salary. When people get sick, they come in anyway and get everyone sick. The flu goes around and everyone gets it a few times. Not ideal for working mothers. If you take time off because your kids are sick, too bad."

Former Employee - Software Quality Assurance Engineer says

"Work life balance is bad. They tout a 7.5 hour work day but force a 1 hour lunch meaning you're at work for 8.5 hours which is longer than a normal 8 hour work day. They tell you there is a work from home program but they're lying, there isn't. Not for 99% of people. You have to be one of the chosen few. Your salary is low. It will never be competitive. They only reward people who work there for 50 years and then retire there. You're expected to work casual (unpaid) overtime. If you aren't drinking the AO koolaid and on board with everything they are doing, they'll work on having you leave."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Everything. This place is/was a joke."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Absolutely the worst management I've ever witnessed. When you bring this to the attention of the company, you are literally black balled from any kind of advancement....doesn't matter how good you are as an employee. Management does not follow the core other words....they don't know how to lead by example. Your raises will be a joke, and don't even think about trying to negotiate for more. I once brought my current position guidelines into a review, and had my so called manager go through each one with me. I was told that I met or exceeded all of the goals. I then hit this manager with a number I needed to be at for a salary. Keep in mind....this manager had already agreed that I go above and beyond. He basically laughed in my face, and I received a below average raise. Below average for doing above average work. The amount of damage that this company does to the moral and spirit of individuals is alarming. I finally just quit, and found a better job. Loyalty means nothing to them. What they are looking for are robots that say yes to everything they have to say. If you're strong willed, driven, passionate, and pro-active, you'll go nowhere. They just won't allow that. If you're ok with mediocrity, and dysfunction, then you'll fit right in. When it's all said and done....this company has a toxic culture, and I don't see that changing anytime soon."

Current Employee - Underwriter says

"Low pay. Under appreciated. Higher-ups do not care about the safety or well being of their employees. In bad weather they would rather risk the lives of their employees than have a branch close for the day, or have a two hour delay in a snow storm. Profit for the Senior VP's is all they care about. The underwriting job can be done from home, and we have the capability to work from home (laptops) but it is not allowed even when our lives are in danger during bad weather. You either take a personal/vacation day, or you risk your safety to get into work, and even then you will most likely risk getting in trouble for being late when it is a blizzard out. This is also a very slow progressing company. Many branches did not even have internet for their employees until 2010/2011... women were required to wear tights/stockings until the late 2010's... very slow evolving company in general."

Former Employee - Personal Lines says

"Low pay. They give you sick time and if you use it you will be punished. Over worked and Under paid. Micromanaged if they do not like you."

Current Employee - Claims Representative says

"Stuffy Non Diverse Company where all they care about is if your at your desk on time and not the quality of work."

Underwriter (Former Employee) says

"It was like being in high school always watching over your back and second-guessing all the work that you've done. Constant fighting among employees and management. When making a decision as an underwriter the management team would not stand behind you even though they would tell you to your face they would when the agent called in to complain it always change their mind. Not paid enough for the hours having to work to keep things caught up because of the constant turnover and employees. Training was a joke if you got any at all it's all about the clicks in that office. You spoke out you were the bad person and anything it went wrong you were blamed for. Would ask you to do numerous jobs including your own and stay caught up on your own job. Would not recommend this company to work for because it is sorry and they expect you to work 50 plus hours a week"

Experienced Nurse case manager (Former Employee) says

"They present like they are nice, but they are actually not nice at all. Authoritative, dictatorial and selfish. Promoting only themselves and easily discarding the employee. Cons: Management is myopic"

Software Developer (Former Employee) says

"Working at Auto-Owners Insurance was the biggest mistake I ever made in my life. They do not care about their employees and management is a total joke. People get promoted based on how long they've been at the company. Majority of managers don't even know how to do their jobs because they lack the knowledge needed for their position and common sense. Cons: Everything."

Underwriter (Former Employee) says

"Due to inconsistent leadership, and training I would not recommend this employer to anyone."

Regional Catastrophe Claims Adjuster (Former Employee) says

"Manager was unfair. micro managed every single aspect of the job. Allowed for no variances, even when it did not affect to amount or quality of the work produced."

Data Entry Processor (Former Employee) says

"No life life life. Was working there on 9/11/2001 and the management wouldn't let us know what was going on. They just wanted us to keep our heads down and keep entering data. Meanwhile we had insurance agents calling and telling us about it. We were frightened from what we were hearing. Terrible company to work for."

Systems (Former Employee) says

"This is a place where managers spy. It is an environment similar to a school or detention center, closely monitored. Employees are not treated like adults, but as children."

Adjuster (Former Employee) says

"Horrible company to work for do not take a job there. Conservative company that requires you to work 80 hours but only pay for 40 hours. They do not post jobs for internal candidates ."

None (Former Employee) says

"Subpar pay, for a company that charges top dollar for their policies, that will drop their clients the first chance they get Cons: Corporate politics"

Underwriter (Former Employee) says

"I had to fight all the way thru that place for 22 years what a big let down let again and again micromanagement to intern that don't no anything about there job that has been handed to them Cons: None"

Insurance Processor (Current Employee) says

"I thought that when I moved to this company that I would be given the opportunity to advance once I earned my college degree. I found out how wrong I was after I graduated, I was lied to in my interview about advancement opportunities and the pay I would receive. My manager has not worked in life insurance for very long as was promoted based on who she knows within the company (mind you she does not have a college education), the same goes for everyone else that works in a management level position as well. There are all older women that work in management and upper management that appear to do nothing more than gossip about employees. There is a double standard for some employees with the company based on their relationship and if you are not a favorite then you can forget about any advancement opportunities. I left a good job with the hopes of having an opportunity to better myself once I completed my education, I now realize just how wrong I truly was. The only people I would recommend to work for this company would be interns since they will have the ability to gain job experience but will not keep their position as a long term career. Cons: management, favortism, pay and benefits"

Senior Loss Control Consultant (Former Employee) says

"They have a turn over rate that is off the charts. They send people packing the day they giver notice. No exit interviews. The turnover rate is has to be one of the highest in the industry. Company covers up all employee complaints. They have no respect for anyone that has not worked at AO their entire career. Very close minded, they only promote people who started at AO only, people are in management positions who are simply not qualified."

PIP Claims Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"I moved my family from FL to Lansing- I got the big promotion but come to find out they just wanted a yes man. Independent thought is discouraged and management is quick to try to find fault and pick apart most of your projects. I loved parts of my job, particularly the work I did with claim reps and managers across the country, but my own manager made it a hellish place to work and was literally shocked when I told him I was leaving - as if it never even occurred to him that treating a high performing employee poorly would result in that employee taking action to stop the mistreatment. I would not recommend anyone who works in a branch office to take a corporate position in Lansing, especially if you like your coworkers and current manager. I thought it would be amazing, but it was a huge mistake. Cons: micromanaged, toxic culture, low pay"

Underwriter (Former Employee) says

"Hope you are ready to be micromanaged and make no progression in the company. The more work you do the more work you get and the less work you do the less work you get. Except when you do more work you don't get promoted or compensated. Those who do less work do not face recourse for it. So it promotes laziness and if you are good worker you'll watch the lazy people still get raises, which is rare, as you continue do their work too. The management isn't qualified for their job and don't know what they are doing. They will micromanage you the whole time you are there and like another said "Your salary is low. It will never be competitive. They only reward people who work there for 50 years and then retire there. You're expected to work casual (unpaid) overtime." All of which is true. They will not close down for hurricanes even if its a category 5 until the morning it is to hit so if you want to prepare you will have to use personal time. Same with blizzards. They truly don't care about their employees. It's amazing the company is still in business. Find work elsewhere."

Quality Analyst (Former Employee) says

"This was a great place to work until they realized you could be replaced by someone half your age, getting paid half what you made, doing half the work, having half the knowledge and experience. Cons: not a company to grow old with, they will replace you for someone younger."

Claims Representative (Former Employee) says

"When I left, there was one manager that had and probably has no clue what she is doing. I have no idea how she got the position other than being there the longest. Shortly after she was promoted they split the office into 2 separate territories. The new manager had been in the insurance game a long time and tried to "set an example" when he came in. He was trying too hard to make a name for himself. So on one end, management doesn't have a clue. On the other end, management is trying to micro manage. Try being in the middle of that mess!! Cons: too much babysitting...don't come back 2 minutes late from lunch, you will hear about it!!!!!"

Underwriter (Former Employee) says

"Don't get sucked into this job. It will take your energy. They promote people with no experience and you will be stuck of managers don't like you. Don't do it. The agents are rude to the staff and the managers will not stick up for you. I wasted too much time here. Cons: Management"

Guidewire Configuration Contractor (Former Employee) says

"The company is to conservative!! They are not willing to work with you at all and you better be on time everyday rain, snow or shine. I highly recommend that you do not work here."

Commercial underwriter (Former Employee) says

"Lower salary than industry but claim you can get up to a 15% bonus based on how company performs but not guaranteed. Not paid for performance, everyone who does their job gets the same raise. The over achievers have to hope they get some random spot bonus/raise, if management likes them. Poor management, it is painfully obvious who their favorites are when new positions open management selects who they want, there is no application process for anyone else who would want it. Wife was in the hospital and they said I could only use sick time for kids, I had to use vacation days."

Claims Clerk (Former Employee) says

"I felt that employees were doing too much for how much they were paid for doing. Management was very poor and felt that the manager is very unprofessional yet obnoxious. There were always favoritism where they didn't have to take care of hard cases VS those whom the manager didn't like was targeted to do the most work or work on hard claims."

Jcio says

"My 87 yr old mother has been with auto owners for 30 years. They recently denied her claim for roof damage. She is 87 and in poor health and losing her eyesight. A windstorm damaged her roof and she also had hail damage that she was not aware of, from a hail storm several years ago. They are trying to say her roof is old and it is wear and tear. Yet, her sheathing below is in very good condition. So..just the shingles aged??? Her roof is only 15 years old. This is bad faith and fraud on their part. I am actively searching for a new insurance company for her. "

daleh says

"I had called 4 times to talk to a representative and was always passed on to someone else who was never at their phone. When a message was left, they never returned the call so had to continue to call the main service center till I demanded they help right there and then. They would say they were sorry but that became a weak excuse. Customer Service is NOT this company's' forte. It took almost two weeks to finalize and get policies for home and auto."

Yolanda says

"1st day don't know yet, Now i no i don't like them forcing me to write."

Peter says

"I was on the phone for with an agent for over 15 minutes and put on hold. I called back and left a message for the agent but did not receive a call back. I found an insurance company that provided the home insurance I was looking for"

Jeannie Lund says

"Was given a quote for safeco insurance. I got them pictures, spent a hour on the phone many emails. Never heard back from them. I was ready to give them my credit card and everything. This was in april. In june i contacted progressive got a quote and bought the insurance. If i was safeco i would fire those two agents."

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