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Aurecon is an engineering, management, design, planning, project management, consulting and advisory company based in Australia, Middle East, New Zealand, South East Asia and South Africa.


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Former Employee - Assistant Engineer says

"Sexual Harassment Poor management Bullying through emails and chats No privacy at all"

Former Employee - Finance says

"To be honest, benefits aren't that great in Aurecon, but what was retaining staffs was its culture. Culture was good, people are nice, until new Asia Managing Director and his little minion, Regional CFO came on board in 2019. So nightmare started from 2019 for all Aurecon origins... Something i noticed about this French Regional CFO: 1. He is socially awkward, he doesn't mingle with colleagues. He offends all unit leaders, speak to his subordinates arrogantly, used words like "Rubbish", "Shut Up" during skype meetings. He bailed on Asia management retreat in Bali at the very last minute, claimed that he was sick. Coincidently, he sent one of his managers to the retreat days before the trip. Oh.. why am i not surprised? 2. Lunch Time He doesn't eat lunch and assume others don't eat too. He loves organising LUNCH meetings. Is staffs' well beings not important? 3. Trust Issue He has serious trust issue, especially when everyone is working from home. Best part is, he claims that he is "flexible with people working from home", but his actions are telling me otherwise. He accused me for "watching TV and sleeping at home"! What an insult to my professionalism. Another incident, he actually emailed a colleague of mine, asking her to advise for not being online on skype in the morning. 4. Company Survey I thought Aurecon's company Survey was conducted anonymously, but apparently, this french Regional CFO set up a 1-on-1 skype meeting with everyone, to find out on what people write on him, due to negative feedbacks he received. It says so much about him as a person. Loser. 5. Hiring of staff This French CFO hired many AECOM staffs backdoor. No interviews were conducted, NO job advertisement even. It's a FREE PASS to join Aurecon if you come from AECOM. And for those old Aurecon staffs, sorry not sorry. You have no choice but to give way for those backdoor AECOM staffs to replace your role. 6. Termination of Staff Regional French CFO terminated long time staffs from other countries and tries to get away with compensating them. He is putting company's position at risk for challenging those countries' Labor law. 7. Financial Numbers French Regional CFO sends emails to finance managers asking them to adjust revenue every month end. I seriously doubt the numbers presented to management.."

Former Employee - Engineer says

"Plenty of pitfalls and politics"

Current Employee - Associate says

"Do not expect career progress if you do not conform to the corporate theatrics irrespective of your skills and be prepared for tons of skillful discriminatory practices"

Current Employee - Design Engineer says

"Management is poor across the board. Jobs are mismanaged and senior managers do not like to make priority calls."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"It’s a joke who they put in power to run the place. Management should ask themselves why the turnover is so high. Look at the number of job listings. No one wants to stay after realizing the joke is on them if they choose to stick it out. Lots of empty promises but management just trying to make themselves look good."

Former Employee - Engineer says

"Bad Management Team, Too much overtime working, Poor Admin Support"

Former Employee - Program Advisory says

"Everything, joining this company will be the biggest mistake you make. Zero concern for employees & all about utilization. The manner in which senior management treat the staff is disgusting quite frankly. High level of staff turnover further proves this."

Former Employee - Engineer says

"Culture: bullying is common through all levels and is tolerated because the offenders are „too important for the business“. Essentially a boys’ club where a few women (that fit the culture) are let into to make it look divers and inclusive. Image is everything. It’s almost cult like. LinkedIn is Full of posts about the superficial „greatness“ of Aurecon. Initiatives like the ‚rainbow tick‘ is to build an image that covers up their exclusive culture. Work life balance: Long hours and weekend work is expected and ideally not recorded to make projects look good. Extra time not recognised and may be used against you in performance reviews which are not transparent at all. Pay: low compared to market. Even if you work hard and achieve great things your pay still needs to “fit in the team”. Popular phrases like “if you’re all about the money then this is not the right place for you!” are used to shut you down and make you feel bad about requesting your worth. Favouritism: those that are close to decision makers will get preferential treatment which shows through promotions, exposure and opportunities. The peasants can do the work that makes the money. I am very glad I left. Heard of cases where people developed depressions caused by work stress as a result of the above. I remember reading a review on Glassdoor before I joined Aurecon that read „joining Aurecon will be your biggest mistake“. I should’ve listened."

Former Employee - Consulting Engineer says

"Internal competition and politics between managers creates an awful environment for the lower ranks Middle management get away with doing as little as possible, and when things don’t go their way they blame their subordinates Multiple harassment claims were made against certain managers, with insufficient action done by the company Timesheets are gospel, and utilisation under 100% is considered unacceptable (learning and development, sick leave and annual leave was not tolerated) It is a private company, so managers who have been made owners are only looking out for their profit and loss sheets and to maintain ownership"

Civil Designer (Former Employee) says

"Aurecon in itself if you take away the people is not bad, the jobs i worked on were fantastic. however management is horrible , you are treated with 0 respect and expected to complete ridiculous deadlines DUE to unorganized management. overall i would not recommend Aurecon because your skills and person WILL BE VALUED lunch snacks and breakfastmanagement, work environment, work life balance"

Contract Administrator (Current Employee) says

"There is no clear trajectory for individual growth. No transformation. Everything seems good when you're outside but an entirely different story once employed. Zero inclusive corporate culture"

Senior Civil Engineering Technician (Current Employee) says

"Typical day consists of planning and progress meetings? Design of civil infrastructure needs a lot of hard work that cannot be shifted to someone else. Reaching deadlines are a result of teamwork and dedication. Managing own productivity is key to success. Hardest part of the job, to manage resources, motivate key personnel to reach the finish line in record time, every time."

Technical Director (Former Employee) says

"Management and Especially HR ruthless. Worst experience of my career. Forced to leave my family and work away. Continually told to glean more fees from Clients"

GIS Technician (Former Employee) says

"Learnt alot. Not enough woman in senior management. No growth TravelGood CoffeeCertain TD's"

Civil Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Aurecon provides a good platform to learn, however, if you are placed on a fixed term contract, don’t expect a market related salary or benefits. Aurecon places new employees on contract so that they can give you the absolute minimum required benefits and justify a mediocre salary. Also, it enables them to get rid of you if it’s no longer financially viable to keep you, therefore job security is not guaranteed. If offered a fixed term contract, rather not take it. They will expect you to work overtime with no pay, all while expecting that you will be satisfied with the poor benefits. The company provides no room for growth and doesn’t incentivize hard work.Nice officesLong hours, poor salary and benefits"

Rather not say (Current Employee) says

"Management is not consistent in decisions and approvals. Traditional based management practices are strong; even after the company claims to provide flexible work arrangements and flex time.Global company with good people smattered amongst an autocratic environmentThe organisational objectives & strategies are not congruent with the operations"

Finance support (Former Employee) says

"Worked in the finance division. Finance department still very much white afrikaners dominated. The increases and bonuses are very low for support staff. Job safety poor due to retrechments. Finance management difficult to work with due to their poor managemnt skills. There is a culture of fear and no room for mistakes due to management who will shout and talk roughly to you if a mistake is made. If you want career advancement dont work at Aurecon.Nice officesManagement"

Project Controls Manager (Former Employee) says

"The company is very good in Australia and South Africa but the MENA operations team and office are rather too oriented towards making profits and getting a good bottomline. The management is very project oriented and at most time they are known to bag projects at very tight deadlines and cost. The work culture is very demanding, 10-12 hours per day / 50-60 hours a week work culture."

Consulting engineer (Former Employee) says

"I was a top perfoming employee. I learnt to take additional responsibilities and contributed much values. I was receiving customers in a pleasant way. Helping customers to identify their products.1 hour2 hours"

Payroll Administrator (Current Employee) says

"Always busy and challenging. I have learned a lot from the payroll programmes and H/R My supervisor made it easy for me to understand payroll and she really equipped me well. She gave me all the necessary accesses to payroll. My co workers are easy going, I fall under finance department. The hard part of my job is only when we finalizing payroll but high pressure its part of finance department , which I don't complain much about and working late. I enjoy to see people complimenting about my job, happy about their and any changes that they want implemented in their salaries. I love to see happy people.birthday wishesovertime always"

Mechanical BIM Technician (Former Employee) says

"Technicians and Technologist are downgraded to merely Draughtsperson, which they won't get a chance to do design work and site visits. I don't think Aurecon values people from university of TechnologiesFree alcohol on FridaysLong hours"

Human Capital Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"A confident, multi-skilled and capable Human Capital Coordinator with excellent knowledge of HR practices. My job primarily includes coordinating work inside the HR department and maintaining a detailed record of the turnover, and researches and formulating strategies which effectively aid in employee retention. I am also responsible for consulting with managers and supervisors about company policies and procedures, and whenever necessary. I consult with practice managers regarding employee turnover, absenteeism, changes in work settings, employee motivation and recognition, and other employee-related aspects.* Strong planning, organization and project skills.* HR experience within the business.* Enabling clients to balance caring about business relationships and achieving results.* Proactively building networks internally and externally.* Assisting/leading business pitches.* Strong client engagement skills for day to day interaction with key client stakeholders.* Excellent research skills.* Demonstrated ability to collect and present information to clients in a clear, logical manner.paying for my studieswork back period/pay back"

Project Assistant (Current Employee) says

"The people are amazing at Aurecon. Everyone get's along no matter their background or level. The engineers are so passionate about their work and really wants to deliver great projects for clients.Additional training for engineersvery small increases and no guaranteed bonus, big employee turnover due to small chance of promotion"

Mechanical Engineer and Fire Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Aurecon's focus on Multidisciplinary consulting services contributes to make it very attractive to graduate recruits. Other leisure programs such as Friday afternoon drinks also go a long way to enhance employee interaction and motivation."

Office management (customer service) says

"Aurecon is a good company accept for the fact that it has littlle benefits you are able to grow and move from deparrtment to the next. they provide good online and inhouse training for individuals who wants to grow within the companyflexible hoursdifferent workloads"

Senior Fire Engineer (Former Employee) says

"exposure to an arrange of different projects from residential to iconic buildings within New Zealand. Opportunity for international experience working with other global offices."

Senior Electrical Draughtsman (Current Employee) says

"Travelling to work is bit stressful because of the distance and traffic but the office environment and scenery makes up for that. Enjoy what I do and even more so since I started working in 3D. Very good support from Project manager and Department manager. Most enjoyable is to be acknowledged for work well done and travelling to offices in other countries. Very difficult to prove to some individuals the pros and cons of 3D. Self-driven and committed towards continuous improvement and efficient work methods.Global footprint.Work Life Balance ?"

Senior Mechanical Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Aurecon is a good company but there are some bad people. I worked Senior Mechanical Engineer in the Infrastructure division in Thailand. KSP sugar plant is my workplace. My responsibilities coordinate with all our disciplines. But the sometime sentence they answered me was. 1. you, Go yourself and Suck my (Senior Civil Engineer) 2. I will hurt you. (Technician) 3. I have a gun behind the car. If you are not silent. (Civil Engineer) **What do you think about harassment?"

Structural Technician (Former Employee) says

"At a time Aurecon was running as the top engineering company for 6 consecutive years. It was an honour and privilege working for such a well established company. Aurecon had offered me a one year fixed term contract in their Cape Town office whilst I was located in Port Elizabeth and seeking employment in Cape Town for three years. Due to the recession at the time, finding a job in Cape Town was not easy. Aurecon opened the doors for me to finally make my way to the Mother City. Forever grateful."