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The design is cited by Audi customers as the No. 1 reason for buying. It therefore plays a central role in the development of new models. The company is committed to systematic and long-term design development. This extends to every area of the car, from the interior and exterior to colors and materials to lighting design. The Audi design language is progressive and highly emotional; it expresses the technological competence and quality claim of the brand perfectly.

Drew Winters for Wards Auto mentioned why Audi no longer runs luxury interiors, "For years, Audi was the undisputed benchmark in luxury interiors. Now, suddenly it isn’t. What happened?

The automaker still has cars and CUVs with gorgeous interiors laden with rich materials and bristling with advanced technology. It hasn’t taken a step backward. The problem is it has not stepped forward as fast as key competitors.

Over the past 10 years, Audi has been rapidly expanding its product portfolio and the number of segments in which it competes.

At the same time its design resources were being spread over more vehicles, almost every automaker in the world was studying Audi cockpits and doing its best to emulate them.

Meanwhile, some of the German automaker’s star designers were moving on to other automakers, as designers frequently do. In one example, Audi designer Peter Shreyer moved to Kia in 2006 and now heads global design at Kia and Hyundai."


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