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The Athletic is a subscription-based sports website covering professional and college teams in over 20 other North American cities. The site also covers national stories in football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and soccer through a mix of long-form journalism, original reporting, and podcasts.

A user shared his experience with The Athletic app, "The content from The Athletic is fantastic. However, the latest update took a good design and made it worse. The whole scroll bar concept is just not good design. A horizontal scroll bar isn’t easy to use to begin with, and The Athletic’s implementation of it makes it even worse. On an iPhone, the scroll bar is too small, making it difficult to use. If you follow multiple sports from the same college (e.g., football and basketball) you can no longer tell which button is for which sport. The sport(s) each author writes about is not shown, like it used to be in the old left nav list. And it appears the gray color used for inactive buttons (both in the scroll bar and the footer) was made darker, making it more difficult to read on the black background."


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Assistant Athletic Director (Former Employee) says

"Overall working for a higher education four year school is great. The benefits are awesome. The people are great for the most part. The difficulty was working in athletics. It is understaffed, and wear multiple hats. There isn't a strong focus on work/life balance, which can be difficult."

Former Employee - Sales Development Representative says

"I worked at Oakland Athletics full-time Cons: Long hours with not enough compensation Terrible management Owner/President/Leadership do not care about employees No investment into products"

Current Employee - Sales says

"I have been working at Oakland Athletics full-time for more than a year Cons: Working at the Oakland Athletics interfered with my well being. I worked here for two years and this organization dragged me through the ringer. They will over work you and expect you to go above and beyond for the clients. John Fisher is the worst team owner in sports and does not have one concern for Front Office staff. Dave Kaval is not any better. The worst management/ ownership I have ever experienced or heard about. You often see employees breaking down and overall everyone is very un-happy. Avoid this organization. Don't be tempted thinking" its working in the MLB ,it will be fun".. anyone will be better off doing tech sales or anything but the Oakland A's."

Former Employee - Front Office says

"I worked at Oakland Athletics full-time for more than a year Cons: Don't let the facade fool you... this is a truly terrible organization to work full-time for. Everyone (and I mean everyone) is miserable, stressed, and walking on egg-shells with a fear of being fired at a moment's notice. The main problem is that the culture of this organization seems to rely heavily on what an outsider would perceive as great. The perks seem cool, the office is modern, and the ownership is very PR-friendly. Everything internally is run straight into the ground. Workers are burned out, constantly degraded, the organization offers no room for growth, and people can be clique-y. I've seen truly great people get pushed out due to personal and petty agendas. Pointless meetings, unrealistic goals, and a all-or-nothing business approach towards the new ballpark. Bullying is rampant too, with managers making threats to blacklist college grads from the industry if they don't play the puppet role. Seriously awful, awful management."

Former Employee - Sales says

"I worked at Oakland Athletics full-time for more than a year Cons: Unclear goals and direction from management, never knew who was in charge."

Former Employee - Coordinator says

"I worked at Oakland Athletics full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Very poor leadership. Forced out longtime employees to replace them with fresh people with no experience in baseball, many of whom quit or were fired in less than a year anyway. They take the Moneyball approach to their front office staff as well, and then seem surprised when people leave, then saddle even more work on the employees left behind. Their handling of the COVID pandemic was insensitive and heartless - furloughed employees for 5 months and leadership never once contacted those employees during their absence with updates or even well wishes. A huge majority of those who held out during that time, hoping for their jobs back, were laid off anyway, and the A's announced massive restructuring (aka downsizing). Updates on job status came only days before they took effect."

Former Employee - Sales Associate In the CORE says

"I worked at Oakland Athletics full-time for less than a year Cons: - management never on your side to try and help you out -they don't genuinely care about your career or your growth or mobility within the company -0 room for growth -terrible communication between management and staff -racism and sexism throughout entire company"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Oakland Athletics full-time Cons: The Oakland A's overall are moving in a great direction, the sales department doesn't seem to be. They are putting a major focus on culture and what they want to see in a team yet no one seems to be happy. The pay is not worth it and you often times get stuck selling $240 plans because that is how they advertise themselves. When I initially started it was fun and I truly felt like my managers cared about my growth, well being and overall happiness. After a while, things began changing and not in a good way. It seems now they are looking to push people out and want robots working for them. They no longer care about their employees and more about themselves and how the are perceived within the world of sports. Upper management does not listen to anyone or implement new ideas. Lack of opportunity to grow within the company, they try to make it seem like they are helping you move up in your career but nothing actually happens. They do not want to further anyone else's career and barely try to move those who want to get out of sales to different departments. Definitely a play of favoritism."


"I worked at Oakland Athletics Cons: Salary not competitive, no upward mobility, very old school style company. Good positions go to friends / family / classmates of upper management, not many outside hires. Long term employees are allowed to have a poor attitude because of their seniority and many are extremely bitter. Management knows how to take care of the players but doesn't seem too concerned with the rank and file."

Former Employee - Vice President says

"I worked at Oakland Athletics full-time Cons: High front office turnover, lack of diversity, workforce consistency and leadership direction."


"I worked at Oakland Athletics Cons: The greed of the old managing owner influenced a ton about how I did my job. The culture was one that demanded constant availability and sometimes 14 hour days, yet our work was often treated as utterly disposable by management, which can make it hard to keep trying to find creative solutions. The pay is, of course, the low end of the spectrum."

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