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Ātene is a former village located 35 kilometres (22 mi) up the Whanganui River from Whanganui. Originally called Warepakoko, then Kakata, it was renamed by the missionary Richard Taylor in the 19th century as a Māori transliteration of Athens. It was the home of the hapū Ngāti Hineoneone of the iwi Te Āti Haunui-a-Pāpārangi. A small meeting house called Te Rangi-i-heke-iho, restored by carver B...


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Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Teleperformance is not a pleasant place to work, the leads and supervisors get an attitude often when asking for assistance often time skipping to assist others they want to help. Job changes often, trains you one time and expect you to understand it completely after maybe watching one video. Compensation is not worth the headache you have to deal with rude customers and even rude staff. Turn over rate is high for a reason! Cons: Poor assistance Insufficient training lack low compensation"

Customer Service Representative (CSR) says

"The managers are ok but the team leaders are some of the worst I have ever met. Either they don't know what they're doing, doesn't walk the talk in regards to attendance, or is incompetent in their job. Cons: Bad supervisors. Majority but not all."

Customer Service Agent - Call Center (Former Employee) says

"Absolutely worst company I have ever worked for. They offer referral bonus and don’t pay you. The training is awful. You come to work don’t know what your doing. They don’t answer questions. Cons: Everything"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"It was a quick job after I got laid off from my last job during the COVID outbreak. I am pregnant so I had to take what I could get. There is no PTO until after 1 year of work. They have mandatory OT because the client demands a certain amount of hours. The management are the epitome of MicroManaging. If you call in or go over your lunch they expect you to make those hours up which is fine but you still get points for attendance with no sick time accumulated. Some managers are cool but Some suck. No cell phones on the call floor. I can’t really think of much else to say other then they have so many rules with so little rewards. Cons: Pay sucks, no work life balance"

Call Center Agent (Former Employee) says

"This was hands down the worst place I have ever worked. The training was a joke. When we went live we had very little support with the support we got it was with major attitudes. Got dinged on things we were never taught. I feel we were set up to fail at this job and it is a shame because I really liked the job itself. Cons: working with NJ people was difficult because most didn't speak English."

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Management is horrible here. You are mainly on your own. There is no managerial support. Overall disorganized and a tough company to work for....good luck!"

Advocate (Former Employee) says

"Some of the employees have more compassion for ppl than management. Management was always changing stuff abt the calls we took. Sups lied on employees, They pick who they want to come back. Cons: Healthcare, short breaks, family emergency count against you."

Assurance Health Insurance Agent (Former Employee) says

"TP kept bouncing me between campaigns and eventually entirely dropped me due to tech issues that were to no fault of my own. They kept expecting me to take 1 - 4 weeks of no paid time off while they try to find me another position. I would tell anyone who wants a stable income to not consider TP. Cons: Uncertain future, expected me to just take no pay for weeks on end."

agente telefonico (Former Employee) says

"No la recomiendo en lo más mínimo. Dicen una cosa y dan otra. Cons: Horario, supervisor atrás de ti, son muy incómodos, te envían mensaje para ver si estás haciendo del baño"

Müşteri Temsilcisi (Former Employee) says

"Eğer gelecekte ki hayalleriniz de memur olmak veya daha kurumsal bir yerler de çalışma planınız var ise, bu şirkette çalışmanızı tavsiye etmem. Buradan daha hızlı tutanak tutan bir şirket göremezsiniz ve bu tutanaklar sizin geleceğinize olumsuz etki yaratır. Bu konuda çok hızlılar ve asla tavizleri yok. Gelecek planlarınız için olumsuz bir başlangıç ve sizin için etkisi,mağdur edici olabilir. Sizin çok büyük hata yapmanıza gerek yok. Müşteriye vereceğiniz 1 yanlış bilgi,yanlış bir ses tonu veya müşterinin basit bir şikayeti tüm geleceğinizi etkileyebilir. Cons: tutanaklar yönetim spv ler günde 10 saat çalışma ve maaş kesintileri"

Agent/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"this company is the same state to state. Low pay, managers and supervisor that don't know anything about your job, and the circus that it becomes. Call center work is stressful but add in very very low pay, and you have a rounded out picture. Even being home, even working in your pjs, being tied to a desk with the lack of answers for angry customers is no fun, if you work at a center, you can expect a delayed response from your "trainers", and a militant work schedule. Cons: everything"

Remote Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Management should review training procedures. Most of training was a waste, trying to get computer equipment working, off topic conversations, constant background noise and inappropriate conversations during training. I found myself expecting and waiting for the trainer to acknowledge or stop the conversations. The attitude of trainer and department supervisor was very rude, condescending and disrespectful at times. Then when you finish training you are left to take calls with no help or support (as promised during training). Cons: Everything"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"I hate working here they were never understanding and the management was awful . Never followed covid protocol. They would never take anything in consideration. Cons: Not Flexible schedule"

OnStar/ Connections Center Advisor (Current Employee) says

"Managers cut hours when your Performing ABOVE standard, Managers and Supervisors fail to answer questions or address technical issues. No sense of leadership, unaware of who is in charge or who to go to for specific issues. Lacking communication , HR refuses to respond to any emails. POOR management , providing horrible ONSTAR customer service leaving members feeling helpless resulting them to have to call back in multiple times for a simple fixable issue. DO NOT RECOMMEND Cons: No bathroom breaks are allowed, poor pay, bad management"

Customer Service Agent - Call Center (Current Employee) says

"Negative energy and feed back to employees if the management come back to you with a resolution because i have went to management and they have told me they would have a resolution by a certain day but ever come back to you we definitely have to try you best to catch them before they leave or when they are in there office if not they arent at work or in there office so its like good luck woth getting help and so many other things like not being treated equally. Cons: Easy to get terminated"

Member Services Representative (Current Employee) says

"Training was okay. But not for the kind of calls you will take. They will dock you for “leaving early” or “no call/no show” even if you worked a full shift. Tried to reach out to get it fixed, and was ignored Communication is HORRIBLE!! Really enjoyed the members and assisting them. But it’s not worth it if you do not feel valued by the company. Cons: Being ignored by management."

CSR - Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"They dont care about their employees or costumers at all they just tell is to pretty much lie, and its a money hungry company NOT A GOOD COMPANY!!!!!! Cons: Managment, pay, get pointed for everything"

CSA - Customer Service Associate (Former Employee) says

"Constant payroll issues, hr and management is a nightmare, no support structure and they do not look after their employees at all when it comes to covid. They don't even close down when positive cases are reported so that the sites can be cleaned. Cons: Everything"

Agente de Atendimento (Former Employee) says

"Não indico , pior empresa que já trabalhei muito assédio moral Cons: Assédio moral"

Rention Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Absolutely no idea how this place manages to get contracts from major companies to business. It's a true embarrassment of an organization. I've never felt less valued as an employee. Cons: Everything"

Maria says

"My experience with Embio was not the one I expected it to be, it didn't stand up to its reputation. I am 45 years old, my husband is 50 and we are so much longing for a baby. We are healthy and all our labs are within normal rates. Pros: 1) state of the art premises, polite and professional staff 2) parking on site 3) friendly doctor 4) prompt response from coordinators, but not always 5) acceptable costs Cons: 1) super long waiting hours to consult with the doctor, and consultation lasts only few minutes (less than 10, inclusive of ultrasound) and the doctor is divided between 2-3 couples at the same time. 2) personally, I had 4 failed attempts in EMbio, but I kept revisiting the clinic, as each time I was undergoing different treatments ( started with IVF, then IUI, then another IVF, then IVF with Donor Eggs). ALL of them resulted in Negative BHCG, and NO pregnancy. Even in the case of twice failed IVF, the protocol never changed. I was never given any feedback on why the procedure was destined to fail, I was only told that these things happen. I was never given any information on the quality or the stage of the embryos. They transferred embryos after only 2 days of lab growing. After each failed attempt we communicated to the clinic, we never got any call from the doctor, we had to call and insist on an appointment with him, which resulted only in a friendly advise " we will be successful next time" and zero feedback. Even if we asked for some further investigations, we were told it wasn't necessary. But each time, any attempt is translated (for us) into a huge emotional and financial investment from our side, and (for Embio) into huge business. My last attempt with Donor eggs was a bitter experience. I was asked explicitly to pay cash, and when I did, I was NOT given a receipt, so I became quite upset, and only then they accepted my payment by credit card. I was transferred 3 embryos, which is against the state law in Greece, and the transfer occurred in day 2. When I asked why was that, I was not given an explanation. I had the longest 2 weeks waiting of my life, only to have a Negative pregnancy test. By the way, they didn't require an estradiol lab test on day 3 of my cycle, neither they asked for a TSH. I self checked my TSH, only to find out it was too high, but when I told the doctor, he said it didn't matter. I was also told that there weren't left any frozen embryos, or the ones left were of poor quality. I was advised on the spot to have another IVF with donor eggs, and I was given a very small discount. I will not go back to Embio again. The approach is "too friendly" and less professional. Failure can happen, but the professional attitude of the doctor can make up to it. NB. I am a doctor myself, and my husband is a doctor,too, so we know the procedure step by step and I wanted to show my trust to the doctor. I also know how to make my patients feel comfortable and happy. This time I was a patient myself, and the patient journey was rather disappointing. The treatment is not up the standards, so as to guarantee success, and we cannot abide everything to chance. However, I cannot advise anyone not to go to EMBIO, the choice is absolutely personal. I wish every success to future parents and to the clinic themselves."

NZP says

"I put my trust 100% in Embio, Dr Paraschos and Elena but i felt they let us down. Right from the start i felt that they never had enough time to answer all our questions clearly and with conviction. We always felt rushed, the waiting room was jam packed with people and we felt like we were on a conveyor belt. We had 3 attempts using donor eggs and my husbands sperm. All 3 were negative. Each time we were told we had 3 embryos and they were 'very good quality'. We've been through IVF before, so to us that answer was extremely vague. We were never told how they were dividing. Also we couldn't understand how after using a donor, we only had 3 eggs each time and none of the other eggs were good enough to freeze. That was the time for them to have told us that they share the eggs maybe, but they never explained the reason. The first 2 transfers were done after 3 days. We felt that was too soon to test the quality of the eggs but the last attempt was after 2 days. When we questioned that we were told that according to 'Dr Paraschos and recent scientific medical evidence, a 2 day transfer was better than a 3 day transfer'! I found nothing to suggest that anywhere but we put our faith and trust in his hands but again we got a negative result. So basically each of our attempts was a lottery so it would depend on if we got the better quality donor eggs in order for our cycle to be successful. We all know that out of say 12 eggs retrieved, only 2 or 3 tend to be of high quality that make it to the last stage and usually it's those that survive up to the 5 day blastocyst stage. Sadly, the eggs we received were obviously not of that standard. Also, rather tellingly, our protocol was NEVER changed after each failure. Surely they would have tried to find out why it wasn't taking and done something different next time? Choose somewhere where they are open and honest with you, have time for you, treat you as an individual and above all do NOT share your eggs. We would definitely NOT recommend going to Embio."

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