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Asurion, LLC is a privately held company based in Nashville, Tennessee that provides insurance for smartphones, tablets, consumer electronics, appliances, satellite receivers and jewelry. In 2014, the company operated in 14 countries and had 49 offices with 19,000 employees serving 280 million consumers.

An angry former employee said this on SiteJabber "They are deliberately unhelpful. Asurion website is an absolute mess, the staff will sooner hang up on you then answer a simple question pertaining to the services being paid for monthly. I have been run around for 5 days now! I finally got past the review and was told a phone was sent. TWO DAYS LATER still no tracking number and never received a single email of confirmation. I will be immediately cancelling this as soon as I get my probably refurbished phone. A total waste of money".


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Former Employee - Tech Support Representative says

"Payroll delays due to clerical errors on their part. Disorganized company who can't even get their training schedules straight. Several of us showed up for training after being told to show up that day, but were not actually scheduled. They sent us home. That was disappointing and a huge waste of gas and time. There really isn't a way to move up in the company even if you make good sales because when I left, there were no openings for anything. Unless you want to go to a foreign country: Indonesia or UK. The only thing you can hope for here in the USA is being allowed to a work at home but only if you get enough sales so you don't have to commute. Also, there is way too much emphasis on sales considering this is tech support. You are hired for tech support but you do it all: customer service, sales, complaints. During training, many systems didn't work and trainer had to literally dictate information. But at least, the training was paid. The hiring process was very long. It took months to hear from them. Background check took forever."

Current Employee - Anywhere Expert says

"Thanks for reaching out. We focus on putting our customers first and using excellent execution to act with their best interests in mind. We’re sorry to hear about your experience and have taken your feedback to our leadership for review and action."

Tech Support Representative says

"The work at home for dtv is the most intense tech support I've ever seen. If this will be your first tech job of call center job please don't do it. You will not succeed here. It will overwhelm you even before you hit the phones. The training does not prepare you for the phones. During training you are expected to be on phones and it literally felt like being thrown to the wolves. You have to read a script and it is just very overwhelming to read a script, notate and log your customers information, research the right script to fix the problem, and try to convince the customer to get up and look at their tvs and satellite boxes to work with you... ALL UNDER 5 minutes! You have to be kidding yourself. It all feels very pressured and many people leave after training because it's way too overwhelming. One woman in my class had an anxiety attack from all the pressure. The majority of the people we talk to are the elderly and they have no idea how their satellite boxes work and are not psychically capable of getting up and fixing them. But we are told and demanded to have the customer troubleshoot before we set up a repair service for a tech to go to the customers home. It's just wrong and in no way will take less than 5 minutes."

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"They are closing out all their work at home positions"

Former Employee - Management says

"I was in management for the legacy NewCorp work at home team. I wouldn't even know where to begin describing the incompetence of Asurion's senior management. You could nearly write a book on how not to run a company simply based off of their policies. Constantly changing review and coaching methods, unrealistic goals were set, and people were judged off of them inconsistently. Massive differences in pay between different accounts in the exact same reporting structure. When addressing that issue, it was done in a hamfisted way that only made turnover worse among the team. Pay is far below market, benefits get more expensive and less comprehensive every year. Working here is one of the most soul-draining experiences known to man, even worse than other terrible players in the call center industry. Almost no room for growth and advancement, will almost always pull in people from the outside and pass over worthy internal candidates. Work at home director is clueless, and since everyone is everyone's buddy, it persisted for a good part of a decade without much pressure for change. Core values are a joke. We are one team!! Yay!! Until you need something from the company. 1 way street makes the core value statements a running joke in the department."

Former Employee - Verizon Claims Representative says

"Management for the Verizon claims are lazy don't expect them to help when the call volume is supper high instead you will see them playing trivia games in the main chat room instead of being a team player and helping the agents out with some of the call the bring the call volume down also I some of the manager are dumb as nails but all in all don't expect management to lift a finger to the phone unless it for coaching. they will micromanage you like no other and don't call the customer by there first name because by the end of your shift you will hear about this was the first work at home job that I have done and the Verizon claims side of Asurion is a night mare with dumb as nail mangers and supper high micromanaging this positions is not worth 9.00 a hr."

Current Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"I thought I found the perfect customer service work at home job, after all, Asurion is a well known brand. I thought this company would be different. I love doing customer service. I am a customer service rep, not a high pressured sales rep. When applying for the job I thought the sales part was just soft upselling products to customers which I am very comfortable at doing, by mentioning the product to customer and sending them any links or emails if they want more info. But this is a intense, ask, ask, ask, rebuttal, rebuttal type sales job that I really just don't care for. The training is more geared toward selling, than learning how to properly process claims for the customer. I am a pretty fast learner, but when you are not getting the right training to do the job, its makes it even more difficult to sell, sell, sell even way. I really hate that I will have to leave, they are losing good customer care reps, like myself. I do like the claims part so much and helping people get back on track with their phones."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"You are an important part of our team and the work you do as a technician is vital to our company's success. We want you to feel valued, and understand that miscommunication or certain job requirements can negatively impact your experience. As a team, we want to work together to ensure all business objectives are met and our employees know their worth. Please work with your manager to determine the best way for you to enjoy and succeed in your role, and continue your work with Asurion."

Former Employee - Csr1 says

"Terrible training. Once you go live, half the systems don't work. Primary platform used to access DirecTV accounts constantly locks up even on a superior gaming PC. IT team was a joke although they really did try. Lots of viruses came with their software so I frequently had to quarantine and repair. Does not support Win 10 or IOS! Expected us to lie to customers a lot. Everything was "reset the receiver" - then work at home was instructed to NEVER reset the receiver and blow off customers instead of fixing probs. Truly terrible work environment. Primary client system, IM, and "email" was down A LOT but you still had to service the customers. We were instructed to tell people that we were in Nashville."

Technical Support Representative (Former Employee) says

"they treat you as less than human. Always threatening to fire you and they don't care about the customers only sales. The job used to be okay before sales but with the addition of sales it just continued to go down hill none"

Tech support and SALES (Former Employee) says

"I was hired for tech support and sales, but in training, they only focused on SALES! I had to leave because this was not the job that I signed up for. SAVE YOURSELF Benefits sounded goodOnly focused on sales, not the customers needs"

Technical Consultant (Former Employee) says

"I worked for Asurion for about a year as a technical consultant. While I was there we had no diversity at the location I worked in, the whole time working there I felt uncomfortable due to issues with coworkers and a lack of strong leadership. Schedules were always late and sent 2 hours before a scheduled shift. Management made false promises for advancement and pushed employees to preform with false promises of lunches or other incentive. I never felt respected and was later let go from the company when I reported a multitude of problems to HR. Asurion does not value their employees and left a very bad taste in my mouth.Nothing at allWork life balance, poor management, unorganized, low pay"

Tech (Former Employee) says

"I worked for this company for over 2 years and all I learned is that if you don’t meet their quota then they don’t get their bonus and you will hear about it. There was times that I felt my life was in danger do to gun/bomb threats become someone was fired or people get into fist fights on the main floor because someone found out that someone is sleeping around with others who work there as well. They don’t believe in vacation time or sick time, you have to work until you make enough PTO to use for sick/vacation time. If you ever end up in the ER or a family members passes they will let you go one the spot... I know I have seen it a lot of times. NoneUncomfortable work environment"

Technical Support (Current Employee) says

"Do not work here ! It is not what it is! This job is beyond stressful!!! Tech support is horrible! They don’t give you the right training All they care about is SALES!NoneThe whole job it’s self"

CSR - Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"No opportunity for growth. A lot of favoritism. Unprofessional management and Hr. Low pay and little to no raises . Unorganized ghetto. Repetitive. Worse job I’ve had.."

Senior Technical Support Contractor (Former Employee) says

"Let employees go frequently due to fluctuations in the need for them. Low pay. Horrible management. No support. Lots of angry customers. Overall horrible."

Remote Service Technician (Former Employee) says

"I was going through the onboarding process and when it came time to do the drug screen, the place they referred me to was permantly closed, so i had to go to another location they then refused me service since i did not have a mask. The email they sent did not notify me that I needed to wear a mask (the recruiter said it did) but after looking at the email again seen no word of 'mask' inside of it so the recruiter lied to me on the phone. So now i'm out of money going back and forth trying to obtain this job. Avoid this company.Nonelying recruiters."

Technical Support Representative (Former Employee) says

"this is the most DEPRESSING and STRESSFUL job I have ever experienced. They do not care about you or even make you feel like you are part of a team. To them you are just a number. I have seen people who know 0 about anytning get into positions of leadership,They'll force you to take back to back calls without rest between for 8-10 hours straight. You will go insane,The fact that they have stress leave should say it all, and an on site counselor. Especially with COVID they don't know how to handle anything Pool tableeverything"

Expert / mule / slave (Former Employee) says

"Just like I was told, this company gets grants from government under the condition that they hire a certain amount of people so that the president can claim that, under his administration, he created this many jobs. Guess what? firing people or pushing people to quit SERVES them WELL. They will start nice and not too demanding but soon they will give you a blood sucker coach that will make you feel that you are getting paid $8/ hour by the amount of hate and micromanaging he will show you. This place is a PROGRAMMED and DESIGNED to be a revolving door. They will tell you in the first day that we don’t want it to be a regular call center. Guess what they are right, it’s worse. Way worse. They know that newbies will put on good performance therefore keeping customers happy. They are still not interested in you being there 1-2-3 years. They want more grants and they need to hire more people for that under the expense of existing employees. If you need money, by all means, get there but don’t WASTE a chance to get another opportunity. Don’t settle for them at no cost. Use them just like they used us. The $16.75 is like that carrot put in front of the donkey or horse while he is getting the beating all along. They only increased the wages after cox did, not because they realized that the experts deserve it. OM’s and coaches quit, what you think about the “ experts”. These fake people just name us experts. In reality we are slaves or mules to them. They want you to sell a SCAM. So many customers say: I wanted to file a claim and they hv told me your device is not covered afterNoneIt’s not $16.75 it’s $7.75 ( experts 3 months + will understand this )"

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Not a great place to work. Sales ruined this job with no advancements. Not a career place. Choose this job if you need the money. Better work elsewhere"

Verizon Expert (Current Employee) says

"The sad thing is this place has so much potential to be a great tech company. I'm not sure how the other sites are so maybe its better elsewhere but the Houston site is HORRIBLE. When we were hired we were told/promised that what we would be doing is TECH related issues. Now we know that is a lie, we are mainly just doing typical call center work with barely any tech mixed in. You have horrible supervisors that they either hire from the outside with 0 technology background teying to lead people with years of tech experience and you have leaders who do not care for the mental health or the teams they are supposed to be leading. You pretty much have the typical scenario of talented hard working experts being stuck in one spot while they literally hire some of the most ghetto, or lazy careless supervisors I've ever seen. I've watched supervisors playing music at their desks, texting on their phones, one even got fired for letting agents watch her pc while she would leave work and not actually be working. This is horrible and one of the most depressing places I've ever worked. Trying to leave asap.There's very few genuine people that really help you growLeaders with no skill and no actual care for the company get promoted"

TLC operator (Former Employee) says

"Asurion was the worst place I could of picked to work. The people are disgusting. They will anything in their power to try and get u fired. They worry about what u wear and how u act. You go in and do ur job and go home but there’s ppl that make it a nightmare to go in everyday. U try to ignore it and u can’t. I got fired for having my head down when I wasn’t feeling good. waswas sleeping. It’s the worst place to work and they don’t even pay all that wellsleeping. Thi"

Customer service tech/ I.T (Former Employee) says

"I was told if I went into this new department, ans if I didnt like it I could move to another position. I went from making 18.00 a hour to a position where I couldnt even make 7.25 they had to pay the difference. :( After MONTHS of trying to get to another position they fired me for NO reason. I work from home. No notice, no email, no call. Jokes on them they are paying my unemployment."

Other (Former Employee) says

"They’re scammers and liars. They under pay their employees. They’re more focused on the client VERIZON other than the agents. The turnover here is horrible."

Front Line Customer Service (Current Employee) says

"This company used to be great to work for but that was years ago. They no longer care about customer service and are completely sales driven. You are expected to sell expensive home warranties to unhappy customers after the insurance they are already paying allot of money for is not paying off. Metrics are impossible to meet and even though they always fabricate other agents are meeting them it's clear that not even the top 50% are close. There is no support anymore and training is scarce. If you are looking for a short term job that completely stresses you out, this is it."

Technical Support Representative (Current Employee) says

"Not a job I would recommend unless your needing quick money ! The work load constantly increases but the pay does not ! Incentives gets harder to get every month . Coaches are not transparent and set expectations but half of them wouldn’t be able to take or deal With a call.. the coaches are no help but think by telling you what To do they are helping !Work from home positionsManagement"

Customer Service/Tech Support Representative (Former Employee) says

"If you want to make a decent check that's all this place is good for terrible management politics and micromanaging if you aren't falling in line or playing puppet for them they will target you and fire you for no reason."

Technical Support Specialist (Current Employee) says

"I do not know where to start about the work environment or lack their of in this company. They are currently forcing workers to sale Verizon Protect Home/Smart Home Protection. It is this electronic device warranty that is $25/$20 a month. They say on paper that you will be trouble shooting and up selling. This a major lie and is not the case. Management is a joke and no one acts there legal age. Do not work for this conpany."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"It felt like the life was being sucked out of you. Our building was in between multiple powerlines- so migraines were a daily occurrence. My building actually had 2 people die of stress related illness while at work- I was not an employee at that time.Co-Workers, Computer Basics, DiagnosticsManagement, Clientele"

Ismael says

"my charging port feom the new phone yall sent me is still messed up when i try connecting from my vehicle from the same wire yall sent me"

Claudia says

"The whole experience was horrible and very tedious. A claim process that was supposed to take 24 hrs (as advertised) took four days because people answering the phone did not provide the correct information. I had to talk to five people before my claim was finished. When I called to unsubscribe from "My home protection" plan the other person on the phone was extremely rude and had a horrible attitude and kept putting me on hold when I was answering his questions. The unprepared and unprofessional staff members made me never want to have any type of business with this company."

Anthony says

"They originally set up an order for the wrong phone number. I spent an hour on the phone cancelling the one order and setting up the correct phone. They ended up sending both phones."

Joey says

"I’ve normally never had any issues working with Asurion the few times I’ve had to file a claim. In this instance I found it to be a lot more tedious, and not very customer service friendly. It was about 5 days before I received a replacement and luckily I had an extra phone. If I didn’t I’m not sure how I would have conducted business for these days. Maybe this was a special situation due to COVID but 5 days is a long time to be without a phone."