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Astellas Pharma Inc. (アステラス製薬株式会社, Asuterasu Seiyaku Kabushiki-gaisha) is a Japanese multinational pharmaceutical company, formed on 1 April 2005 from the merger of Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (山之内製薬株式会社, Yamanouchi Seiyaku Kabushiki-gaisha) and Fujisawa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (藤沢薬品工業株式会社, Fujisawa Yakuhin Kōgyō Kabushiki-gaisha). On February 5, 2020, the company announced management cha


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Marketing Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Working here wasn’t fun or enjoyable. Didn’t feel included as a contractor and actually felt bullied. Stayed for a year and was very happy to leave, nothing positive to say. Cons: Culture, management, not inclusive, bullies"

contractor (Current Employee) says

"I’m a contractor and have applied multiple times to the same type of work that I am doing. I can’t even get an interview and it’s all about who you know. There is no team collaboration when you’re a contractor, you’re like the hired help and it’s a bit demoralizing. Cons: Politically driven and no chance for contractors to get hired on."

Sales Representative (Current Employee) says

"If you like or need to be micromanaged at all levels, this is the place for you. Specialty managers come from a primary care back ground and do not allow reps to handle their territory like professionals. It's all about reading the script and capturing signatures."

Sales rep (Former Employee) says

"ASD/RSMs will throw you under the bus if it helps them. Don’t ever say anything negative or realistic about your job bc it will show up as a problem in your performance review"

HR Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Company does have code of conducts for the employees but doesn’t bother to check its implementation. Extremely worthless middle management. Bad work culture."

Clinical (Former Employee) says

"Astellas is very disorganized. Their systems are chaotic and don't function properly. Management support throughout the company is awful. The HR dept is an abomination."

Technical Writer (Contractor) says

"The position I was hired for was much different than the responsibilities that were described to me during the interview and the job I accepted. The manager acted like she was better than everyone else and made you feel like you were disposable and instead of helping you with your issues she would hold them against you. Asking questions was viewed as a weakness instead of a desire to deliver a complete and comprehensive output. Unbelievable lack of people and technology skills was truly evident. I had no chance at all from the beginning. Cons: getting hired and not being given a chance when you have 25 years of experience"

Senior Sales Professional II (Former Employee) says

"Run don't walk. Hands down the worst management and pharma company in the industry. Nightmare to work for and no I'm not being bitter or unfair. It is very unhealthy work situation. Cons: everything and especially managment"

Rebate Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Some managers don't like to see their employees to succeed."

Medical Affairs (Current Employee) says

"Non-existing work-life balance, good products, but poor culture resulting in low people retention rate."

Medical Manager (Former Employee) says

"After 8 years of my commitment, my position was cancelled and I lost my job, after I received a bonus and a raise! Person appointed for Medical Director (who did it) was unqualified (a person without a single day of experience in Medical Affairs was apponited to a position of Medical Director!) Company didn't care. Completely unfair. Cons: management is not supportive, no loyalty, bad people management; nepotism..."

Hospital Sales Specialist (Current Employee) says

"So Astellas once made one of the best places to work list. It won't anymore. Some of the folks like JR and GR read books that, regardless of how well someone has d Ne in the recent past, you should routinely lay off 20% bottom of field force so people ar desperate to keep their jobs. I d Not know if they realize it but this is what encourages off label promotin, a lack of loyalty at companies and prev nuts the recruitment of the best people. It damages the company's health long term at the expense of immediate gain that often will lead to a decline st a company. I've been here 7 years and what a vet seen lately does not inspire faith or n any leadership much less that they are being as transparent as possible. I know people who won awards for 2016 and 2015 who are actively looking because of this short sighted philosophy. Cons: Poor management, lack of transparency, lack of honesty, hostile work environment"

Sales executive (Former Employee) says

"Management only knows one way to do things, old school manger in a new and constantly evolving environment. If your willing to have your creativity stifled and willing to do things only the way Dennis wants you to do them then this may be the right place for you. Horrible management is a understatement. Overall the company is promising, however as you know your manager makes or breaks you and this manager is the worst. Constantly have to think about saying things the way he would want to hear them, your certainly not free to be yourself. Too many opportunities out there to work for someone like this. Cons: Management"

Project Coordinator, Clinical Supplies (Former Employee) says

"Astellas may be a wonderful company if you are a true colleague, as for contractors they are disposable and not even considered as part of the team. Example: Contractors "paper name plates on cubicles are different colored" to ensure they stand out and my local management team made it verbally clear that contractors do not attend lunch and learns, internal office lunches, and such; cafe charged higher prices to contractors than FTEs"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Astellas has become a large corporation, everyone is a number and because of the current economic situation in the United States people have become cut-throat and pathetic human beings. Remember the sandbox as kids--we had the kids who played by themselves and didn't care what was going on around them, the bullies who through sand in everyone's face, the kids who followed the bullies to make them feel cool, and the one who helped the underdogs when in trouble. Well that is me! The one who fights for ethics and principles! Didn't our parents teach us to be honest, help others, be nice, etc. Why does all that go out the door in corporations...pretty sad! Cons: Half day Fridays if you were lucky enough to take them, remember people don't care about your schedule they only care about their own."

Senior Sales Professional (Former Employee) says

"It became a pretty stressful place to work. Some territories had it really easy and others were constantly being stressed and overworked. Mostly the midwest territories of the US had stressful territory worklife balance. I had 6 different managers in the 7 years I was there. Cons: bad managers and upper management, very hard to advance, lower salary"

An emloyee (Current Employee) says

"Agensys Inc has a toxic culture of gossip & dishonest especially in HR dept & Hybridoma group. However, the parent company Astellas is very generous in retirement (401K plan) matching and other incentive options. So, most employees hang around for money $$$. No real research & innovation, most are poor copies of other companies. Cons: Toxic culture - gossip, dishonest and back-stabbing one another ..........."

Senior Professional Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Many hard working employees within the organization but the culture within the organization and many of the managers within the organization were poorly qualified to manage."

Senior Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Unrealistic goals based on access and need for products by physicians. Very fake atmosphere with coworkers and management. Area Director is a micromanager and almost too hands on with employees...very weird for upper management. Cons: Too many to speak of"

Operator aan de verpakkingslijnen (Former Employee) says

"eentonig werk wel leuke collegas nadeel is dat je in 3 ploegen werkt Cons: slechte doorgroei mogelijkheden"