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Aspen Pharmacare Holdings Limited is a multinational South African holding company for pharmaceutical concerns, and the largest drug company in Africa.


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Former Employee - Director, Project Management says

"I worked at Aspen Pharmacare full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Executive management, team are authoritative and feedback is not taken as constructive but personal. Treatment of people is shocking."

Current Employee - Business Analyst says

"I have been working at Aspen Pharmacare full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Long working hours, no recognition, unfairness and careless about your wellbeing."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Aspen Pharmacare full-time for more than 10 years Cons: Horrible culture, Instilling of fear, threatening your job, Horrible Executives"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Aspen Pharmacare full-time for less than a year Cons: 1. Learning - when I joined the company, over 80% of the management kept emphasizing "Aspen has been great to me because I have learned a lot. If there is anything that makes Aspen special is that one learns a lot.". Sadly, where I'm concerned, this is the only job that I've ever had where I learned nothing. Really, I learned absolutely nothing! 2. Culture - the organization's culture starts in South Africa and is internationally replicated across all the sites, commercial offices and branches. What makes it very obvious is the incompetent people placed in key roles you get to see everywhere - in the headquarter and the rest of the entities respectively. 3. Job safety. I never felt more unsafe in any other job that I had prior to joining Aspen. People get fired. High level professionals with key roles are let go without being given the chance to defend themselves or understand if there was anything they could've done to prevent this from happening. In the organization, the legal term used is "being made redundant" or "garden leave". The truth is people do get fired and many of them shouldn't. It happened early 2018 more than once, for instance where an incompetent was brought in from a job he was completely unfit for (in the same organization!) to run a global department that subsequently went downhill. The higher management was aware and did nothing. The HR was aware and did nothing either. 4. Job safety. I'm sorry, but this item needs to be listed more than once. An entire department was wiped out later 2018 for not accepting to relocate to the South Africa, despite the initial promises that their jobs were safe. 5. Job safety - last but not the least, I witnessed at least five instances in 2018 where newly hired staff were kicked out of their office and moved elsewhere because the hiring had not been approved by the South African executive in the first place. Just in case the "no one's job is safe" seemed a bit too exaggerated. 6. Talent acquisition - there is no department where you wouldn't see people landing jobs that have nothing to do with their skills and competences. What is even more disturbing is that such people are often placed in key roles that affect the business and costs the company a lot of money. Something that is of an even higher concern is that many of these people run heavy departments. A blend of cronyism, bad interviewing practices and lacking management skills has become the norm in Aspen and that is reflected in a considerably high turnover rate - something that I've never seen before in the industry. 7. Money handling - a lot of frequent budget cuts. Not necessarily a bad thing where it needs to happen and where it can save business as long as it's done right. Usually the cutting occurs in travel costs, staff, and obviously there is no such thing as decent annual salary growth. Most of the times the money is cut from where it shouldn't and spent where it really shouldn't be spent. On top of that, periodic supply chain conferences which trigger costs of millions of dollars are organized to gather people from around the world to discuss and party while most of these discussions and meetings could be easily handled via web conferences for a few years until money is getting back on track. That's the way a healthy company would save unnecessary travel costs. 8. Professionalism - it is missing. And it costs the company the most; the management, with a few exceptions, are rude. Very rude. Very dishonest and what's worse, very unaware of the bare minimum manners needed in an office. The language is generally very offensive, it often includes a lot of swearing and as it comes from the management, it became the norm across all the levels of the Dublin organization and that now makes the whole place look like a high-school environment. 9. Bullying is very common and makes the environment toxic. 10. Top cons: Compliance issues that are now harder to spot since the key and competent people that were able to spot them have been replaced one by one. In my opinion, this directly affects product quality and patient's safety. Aspen is a very bad workplace. I had never felt so undervalued before and I am not holding the local management and the incompetent people responsible for that, at least not directly. I am holding the headquarter responsible for that as their management allowed all of this to occur and become a culture in the first place. People involved in the decision making processes at the headquarter level are missing a substantial amount of leadership skills and knowledge to run a business and so do most people they hire. Me and my family ceased to use Aspen products. Not because of how bad is Aspen as a workplace, but because I can't trust the company and I really care for our safety. There are multiple alternatives out there so I always advise my acquaintances to go for alternatives instead."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Aspen Pharmacare full-time Cons: Most managers are extremely incompetent. Some highly egotistical on top of it. Toxic work culture."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Aspen Pharmacare full-time Cons: Awful management, dreadful culture, upper management wholly incompetent, all staff overworked and stressed. Place should be shut down"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Aspen Pharmacare full-time for more than a year Cons: 1. CEO surrounds himself with sycophant who dare not challenge him 2. CEO talks a lot but he never back anything up, he is great showman 3. There is a clear favoritizm of expats over locals, they are all here for the money and will not develop the local Mauritians for fear of not having their contracts extended"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Aspen Pharmacare full-time for more than a year Cons: Endless list. hiring freeze and redundancies. Extremely high turnover of staff,no responsibiltiy taken by staff in fear of management, no engagement with staff, staff are seen merely as numbers etc etc"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Aspen Pharmacare full-time Cons: Bad management bad set up"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Aspen Pharmacare full-time for more than a year Cons: big inefficient machine, bad senior management, no work-life balance. Only take a job here if you're desperate as you will be defending yourself more than learning, high turnover, worst company culture I have ever seen in my career, the company is trying to squeeze as much work from limited no. of employees"

patient service rep (Former Employee) says

"Very stressful job ,never felt secure with my job with them,if management likes you they promote you even if you don't know your job, culture is the worst."

General Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Aspen is a good company to work for but it has its floors like every other company. It requires long working hours with no reward (incentive programme) in place to reward or give back to employees for their hard and good work."

electromecanico (Former Employee) says

"porque se trabaja con gente que no tiene experiencia en el ramo dirijida por personas sincultura lavoral Cons: no tener estavili8dad"

Administrator (Former Employee) says

"People retrenched without any prior communication. Receiving calls to be told job is reduntant. Management has no communication skills, hide secrets and lack personal skills Cons: No care for employees"

Medical Representative (Current Employee) says

"It's always about the number, how to achieve that number is not always clear but they insist you must make the number Cons: You will only move up if you know someone high up"

Chem Operator (Current Employee) says

"Het bedrijf is het personeel aan het afbouwen .. Cons: niet leuk"

Snr Laboratory Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Lack of proper management. Due to lack of management the work flow does not flow properly on the floor. Overload staff with responsibilities and work and because of this people feel overwhelmed and make mistakes easily. People have to fight for training it's not an ongoing process. There are no team building efforts in place and they don't look at your profile to see what is your strengths and what is your weaknesses and how they can build you to be a better employee. It's all about numbers and the money that the need to make."

Snr Chemist (Current Employee) says

"Demands are than the supply of resources which cause low morale. Development of employees is very poor. Cons: Long hours"

Port Elizabeth (Current Employee) says

"Mangement has no respect for their employees. Unreliastic timelines. Scope of projects are always changing. Poor strategic decisions have been made at certain sites. Cons: Culture"

Key Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"Having worked at Aspen for a number of years I was disappointed to see how the culture of both the organisation itself and the management changed to become more self serving then about its employees and clients. Cons: The management"

General Assistant (Former Employee) says

"You learn things like respect and care for each other. And discover lots of personalities and characters behavior and so forth and you be able to adapt and to fit in your own way. Cons: but you work 8 hours long and sometimes overtime and thats tiring at some point"

Supervisor Distrital (Former Employee) says

"viagens, reuniões complicadas etc. Cons: falta de plano de carreira"

ayudante general (Former Employee) says

"Es una empresa con poco carácter laboral y un poco ba en salario Cons: Mal sueldo"

Operator/Productiemedewerker (Current Employee) says

"5 ploegen Cons: er is een negatieve bedrijfs cultuur"

Production Pharmacist (Current Employee) says

"rushed to meet targets at any cost or expense, working crazy overtime hours per month. lack of respect for your loved profession, it was a mistake to work for this company, we only did it for the money. Cons: military style working"

Supply Chain Intern (Former Employee) says

"Senior management aren’t forthcoming with information that can affect ones job which is too ensure product gets to market. Very little support when needed Cons: Long hours & stressful with no support from management"

Laboratory Team Leader (Current Employee) says

"Aspen Pharmacare has been an amazing place to work for,I have gained a lot of analytical and leadership skills.The culture of the company has been the guide that communication,respect and accountability is the key. The hardest part is when the retrenchment phase,where I found out that I am in the retrenchment pool. I enjoyed working with different people with different personality and sharing of ideas to reach common goal. If it was not for retrenchment I would still be working for this company. Cons: Excessive over time"

Associate Consultant (Former Employee) says

"If its your first or second job is good to gain experience only. Thats all I can say. They do make an effort to seem they are cool place to work but you see how management are just in the position by chance not for their knowledge or skills. Usual and typical corporate politics."

Marketing Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Happy encouraging environment. Cons: n/a"

Senior Lab analyst (Current Employee) says

"The experience gained, and learning somethings on your own especially during investigations, cause one needs to reasearch somethings to get to the rioot cause of the problem. Cons: Long hours"

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