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Aspen Aerogels is a leading energy technology company providing innovative thermal management solutions to the $2.8 billion energy insulation market.


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"I worked at Aspen Aerogels for less than a year Cons: The people, however are not. Perpetual CYA, heavy internal social competition. Lower-level employees have a very high turnover rate, with some lasting only a few weeks. Opportunities for advancement are minimal; Aspen always hires from outside rather than promote from within."

Former Employee - Digital Marketing Specialist says

"I worked at Aspen Aerogels full-time for more than a year Cons: There is no long term sales and marketing plan in place. Everything is deemed urgent, therefore nothing gets done, and priorities change with the wind. Extreme micro-managing by many of those in charge. Messages to upper management end up watered down and falsely positive, and unfortunately, people with the wrong experience—or worse, no experience in certain areas—are in charge. Two phrases I hate the most are utterly regularly "that's how we've always done it" and "it's not my job" are prevalent at Aspen. Not to mention, every department is so compartmentalized that no one has a clear understanding of what the company as as whole is doing. There is too much in-fighting and back-stabbing within the company, too."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Aspen Aerogels full-time Cons: Lower-level employee turnover is very high. Not much room for internal advancement."

Former Employee - Senior Manager says

"I worked at Aspen Aerogels full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Upper company management do not get along and in-fight amongst themselves in front of other managers. Think they know it all and do not allow creative thinking, dis-jointed, say they want top talent, but have do not allow for talented managers to take the company to the next level"


"I worked at Aspen Aerogels Cons: - Opportunities for growth are limited. - It's difficult to transition to different functions internally due to the small size of the company - Training and professional development is very limited"