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Ashanti Shequoiya Douglas (born October 13, 1980) is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, model and actress. She was first discovered as a teenager and later signed to Murder Inc. in 2002. That year, she was featured on Fat Joe's "What's Luv?" and Ja Rule's "Always on Time", both of which became two of the biggest hit songs of 2002; Ashanti became the first female artist to occupy the


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Assistant (Former Employee) says

"It is large company that itself shows that chances to grow are wide though competion is huge. Cons: way from home"

Shift Boss (Former Employee) says

"arriving at work early,ensuring that everybody is present at work and all material and equipment are available for the for daily task.Doing inspection of the working places underground.coaching and motivation of subordinates,ensuring that people are working according to procedures and mine standard.the hardest part of the job is when people are working unsafe[ie not working according to mine standard which may results in injuries/fatals]The most enjoyable part of the job is achievement of production targerts safely."

Mine Planning Superintendent (Former Employee) says

"The benefits that AngloGold Ashanti provides is being extended to even all Contractors employees working on the mine. Cons: None"

Operador de equipamento pesado (Former Employee) says

"sem estabilidade,salário e benefícios ótimos,horários ruins para troca de turno."

Estágio técnico em eletrotécnica (Current Employee) says

"Uma empresa que vem crescendo, e desenvolvendo seu trabalho com ótima responsabilidade,tendo com a sua finalidade de aperfeiçoa verdadeiro profissional. Cons: não"

construction to blasting assistant (underground) says

"I was working as development construction fixing pipes,fixing railway of locomotives, fulling mud with bug's, than I went to training center to learn how to be blasting assistant how to insert fuse in primer so it can fill hole to blast stones.I have learned safety is our first value. Cons: 8hours"

Job Position - Mechanic (Former Employee) says

"I would like to work for any organisation that is ambitious and productive with safety conciousness to contribute immensely to the development and up liftment of the organisation."

Short Range Planner (Current Employee) says

"A typical working day begins with a production meeting as early as 6:30 am where I meet the mine captains for my block to update me on the extent of developments ie whether production/development targets for the shift were met or not and the reasons for over or under achievement. Cons: Hot and humid underground environment"

ims store assistant (Current Employee) says

"It warehouse store I'm working Monday to Friday 7:00-15:30 Cons: 30 minites"

Mechanical Engeneering Foreman (Current Employee) says

"It is a productive and organized company, my co-worker are very helpfull and we work well as a team management is fear and understanding."

administration clerk and Relieving Secretary (Former Employee) says

"As I have mentioned that i am presently working at wellness clinic as an administration clerk and relieving secretary. Cons: 8 hour per day"

Database Administrator (Current Employee) says

"Employees were told to work from home due to the intrusion of illegal miners. This was very difficult because we were in a middle of an important project Cons: Connecting through vpn to work from home was very uncomfortable due to poor internet connection"

Supervisor de Compras Nacionais (Former Employee) says

"Meu trabalho na Anglogold sempre foi realizado com afinco, dentro de sua governança e prezando por seus valores, a parte mais agradável sem sombra d dúvidas foi os amigos, as conversas, o mais difícil sempre foi o embate entre área técnica e suprimentos, pois sempre a área técnica tinha razão. Cons: refeição, ppr, salários"

Assistant Surveyor (Former Employee) says

"I had a very bad experience working for this firm. Salary did not accomodate the work load. Though it certainly was a stepping stone for me towards a future. Cons: Salary"

Surveyor (Former Employee) says

"I had a very bad experience working for this firm. Salary did not accomodate the work load. Though it certainly was a stepping stone for me towards a future. Cons: Salary"

Mechanical Techician (Former Employee) says

"Conducting pre-checks, maintenance, and troubleshooting when it is required. Cons: long hours"

Operador equipamentos Leves (Current Employee) says

"Talvez a empresa não se importa com.a.qualudade e vida profissional dos empregados e demais que nela ômejao entrar.Nao dando oportunidades para escolhidos mas sim para os que que somam valores"

Information Technology (IT) says

"A typical day at work is a standard procedure from seven to five, a hard working environment that rewards well for a good day at the office. The general environment is counterproductive, supportive, motivational, and friendly. At times it is disorganized, due to a lack in communication. The work experience is beneficial, and there is always long term benefits. Cons: Disorganised at times"

Graduate Metallurgist (Current Employee) says

"AngloGoldAshanti is a good company, cooperation is mostly insisted,flexible management,workers are supportive and cooperative,Met balances and reconciliation to produce a good report,learning Cons: only one leave per year and unsatisfactory salary"

Electrician (Current Employee) says

"I'm working good and received some training course that can help us as the employees. Working as an assistant clerk 1995 till 2002 get trained as a section artisan 2005 till 2009 working on the stope maintain winch;waterjet and inline pumps. Cons: Timeous hours"