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Asbury Automotive Group is a company based in Atlanta and was founded in 1995. The company operates auto dealerships in various parts of the United States. As of 2018 its rank in the Fortune 500 is 434 out of 500.As of December 2016, it is one of the largest automobile retailers in the United States, operating 96 franchises (80 dealership locations) in 18 metropolitan markets within 10 states. As of August 2017, its dealerships represent 29 American, European and Asian brands. In 2016, the company reported revenues of $6.5 billion and sold over 180,000 retail vehicles. Currently based out of Duluth, GA, the company is led by President & CEO, David W. Hult.

A former employee reviewed the company on Facebook, he posted " Previous parts manager went on disability. I didnt let him stay to fully train me. I was doing things wrong after a year. There was some issues with disappearing cores outside parts dept. CEO is clueless about MS economy. Runs every dealership like Atlanta & Texas. I lost commission for 3 months paying for indiscretions by the dealership that happened before I worked there."


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Current Employee - Sales Manager says

"We are sorry to hear that this was not a positive experience for you. We certainly want all our team members to feel respected and treated equally and fairly. Additionally, we are a drug free workplace. We encourage you to reach out to Human Resources at so we can better understand your concerns and address accordingly."

Former Employee - General Manager says

"Asbury provides a supportive environment for our team members. When a store’s performance falls below reasonable expectations, the regional team will assist the General Manager in identifying the reasons for under performance and developing an action plan to fix the performance issues, which includes follow-up to check on the achievement of the plan’s performance milestones. Achieving performance expectations is very important to ensure the success of our team members, guests, manufacturer partners and investors."

Former Employee - BDC Manager says

"The automotive industry is competitive and we offer competitive wages. In addition at Asbury we promote a culture where team members are highly engaged, do quality work to outperform our competition. The President/CEO visits this location regularly as does the Regional Human Resources Manager. It’s unfortunate you did not have a good experience working at Asbury Automotive. We advertise several avenues were you could have brought your concerns to light including an anonymous complaint toll free number. In fact team members are encourage to reach out directly to the Executive Team including the Regional Human Resources management team."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Your feedback is important to us. Our expectation is that our managers adopt a servant leadership style that focuses on developing team members to reach their personal goals. If there is more specific feedback you would like to share so we can follow up further, please reach us at 813-349-4716"

Former Employee - CDZ says

"I worked there for 3 weeks and quit immediately! I knew this was a dead end job within the first 3 weeks! This has been my experience with Asbury, so far: 1. -TRASH TALKING- I’ve witnessed individuals in leadership (trainers, managers, and leads) talk about sales consultants, trainees, individuals who did not get hired, and employees who are no longer in the employment of Asbury. The latter is really disturbing because we have no way to verify the information and the previous employees have no way to defend themselves. All I heard for three weeks from the trainers is that the people on the floor don’t know how to do their jobs because their previous trainer was incompetent. I am tired of hearing conversations about other people. I am not an expert on the responsibilities of this position; however, I know, as a person with a large amount of call center experience, that the agents on the floor are charged with a lot of duties, more than I’ve ever seen in a call center position. I can only respect what they are trying to do. 2. -FIRE CULTURE- In addition to the trash talking, every team meeting seems to be a threat to fire you. It’s like we’re threatened like children by leads and managers. 3. -TRAINING- The training class has been nothing short of contained chaos. There is no structure in the program or the training materials. The training materials are not scaffolded for learning, meaning they are not organized into sequential steps that build on each other for optimal learning. Everyday our trainer asks us what we want to do today. Shouldn’t there be a plan? A plan that covers these topics in the order that we will experience them on the phone? There is no step-by-step procedure in the book for the scenarios that will occur on the phone, so we’re left trying to salvage whatever good information we're given. Practice is essential for learning and we’re given very few real simulations. If we get something wrong in a simulation, it’s broadcasted to the class and there is no real feedback on how to correct it. The training is "wing it as you go", expecting that trainees with different background knowledge should just get it. Before I quit, I experienced an incident that sealed my decision to remove myself from this company. Both trainers switched out teaching us which resulted in contradicting information. So, there’s was a lot of confusion. One of my classmates is probably the most dedicated trainee in the class. The trainee was not understanding a topic and raised his/her hand stating that we were told something different. The trainer became enraged and marched to the trainee and LITERALLY YELLED IN HIS/HER FACE. The trainer insinuated that the student and whoever else didn’t understand the simulation was the problem because the rest of the class completed the exercise correctly. I was not the student that was yelled at but It made me very upset. There are so many trainees in our class that do not take this job seriously, but to yell at the person who is probably going to be the highest earner out of all of us was inconceivable. As a trainer and leader, your job is to go over the material as many times as needed or pull that person to the side and have a one-on-one coaching session, not to lose all patience. 4. -OEM- My e-learning materials never worked. I would complete 75% of an OEM module and need to exit out due to the rest of it not loading and none of my information would be saved upon entering again. I’ve had to complete the e-learning modules, including all quizzes, multiple times. 5. -STEREOTYPES- Please have diversity training for all your employees. 6. This is probably the most unorganized company I've ever worked for. First, they paid the trainees the wrong amount twice, a lesser amount! People missed bills and rent. They told us there was nothing they could do but cut us a check the next week. I can't imagine being treated like bleep and ALSO not getting my pay on time and the correct amount. After I quit, I requested my last check not be sent to the address listed on my application. They sent it there anyway after telling me I could come and pick it up. Prior to tax time, I also requested my W2 be sent to a specific address. They sent me a health form instead which I didn't request. It's been the run around for 3 months trying to get my W2s and checks. 7 - I feel sorry for the frontline employees still there. They just received a huge pay cut!"

Service Advisor/Writer (Former Employee) says

"The company says they want you to be financially secure but the pay plan will reflect otherwise. For example, the commission plan was for labor only, no parts which made for a very low paycheck. You supplemented the industries lowest commission pay with a so called monthly bonus which you got if you were above zone for the CSI. Here is where it gets interesting, if you are under zone for CSI not only do you not get a bonus check, but you write them a check for half of what your bonus would have been!!!!!. So you don't get a bonus but yet you now owe your company for that bonus....You work for Asbury but end up paying them...shouldn't your employer pay you? During my very short of the long term Advisors had to move in with the Service Manager due to falling under zone, having to give up his paychecks to pay his company for income he never received and was ultimately evicted from his apartment. I find it unbelievable and for some reason feel that this company is BREAKING LABOR LAWS OF SOME SORTS! If you watch the Asbury Group and see the same ad for open positions, you will understand why...its a revolving door. In with the new and out with the new from last week....With all that said, I worked for this company for one month, I did get my bonus. The day after bonus I quit....Stay far far away from this company.NoneThe whole companyWe are sorry to hear about your experience with our company. Our customer service index (CSI) is a critical piece in our Company Mission and Vision. Our Vision is to be the most guest-centric company in the automotive industry. How our customers view their overall experience in our dealerships is critical to our success. We are always evaluating pay plans for team members to be competitive in our market and in the automotive industry. Please email us at so that we can better understand concerns and ensure others don’t have a similar negative experience."

GEC ageent (Former Employee) says

"The director of the call center is a crazy racist man. Dont let him fool you during the interview. One manager plays pingpong all day and then just sits outside with the director so you can never find him and the other managers dont want to help you and just tell you to find your own manager. Its not a fun place and the schedule is all over the place so forget takin care of your family or seeing friends. Many other callcenters will allow you a regular schedule and a normal boss and more pay!!The automotive industry is competitive and we offer competitive wages and we honor a very diverse workforce. In addition at Asbury we promote a culture where team members are highly engaged, do quality work to outperform our competition. Our GEC or Guest Experience Center at its base is a sales call center and we have attempted to actively nurture a fun and interactive environment for our team members there, which includes several large screen televisions, ping pong tables, industrial refrigerators and freezers, and a state of the art snack area in the breakroom. Stress relievers are important in this type of environment for our team members to use these amenities during breaks or meal periods.In addition the President/CEO visits this location regularly and on an annual basis includes the CFO, and CHRO as servers at an ice cream social where the CEO will share the vision of the year to come and evaluate the past year. It’s unfortunate you did not have a good experience working at Asbury Automotive. We advertise several avenues were you could have brought your concerns to light including an anonymous complaint toll free number. In fact team members are encourage to reach out directly to the Executive Team including the Regional Human Resources management team. Best wishes to you in your future endeavors-Asbury Human Resources"

Sales Representative (Current Employee) says

"They don’t pay you if you quit for the compensation that you earned before you quit. They are horrible people to work for. Uber pays better than here. The GM sucks and should be fired.Asbury Automotive pays competitive wages, and would always pay a former team member all funds earned. Typically those funds are paid on the next scheduled payroll cycle following resignation. It’s unfortunate you did not have a good experience working at Asbury Automotive. Thanks for the feedback if you have additional information to provide, please call the Asbury/Nalley Human Resources team at 770 650-3290. Thanks-Asbury Human Resources"

Tier 1 Technical Support (Former Employee) says

"This was by far the worst job I have ever had. Little real word job training. There was training provided, however it did not match what a tech would see at each location. You are expected to figure it out yourself, if not, you'll pay the price. Management is a joke. If you like being micromanaged, this place is for you. They have no sense of what it takes to provide good customer service. If you are working with a user, and you get a call telling you to go somewhere else, you're expect to jump and run leaving the user high and dry. Very professional there, not. You have little to no freedom to work, as you are constantly micromanaged by "management" often times texting and calling you asking where you were and what you were doing, as if you were a small child. Supervisor constantly nit picks every move you make and you can never get away from it. If you do not answer right away, she will blow your phone up, again, like a small child needing attention. It was one of the most annoying experiences of my life, not to mention, HIGHLY unprofessional. You are not allowed to have an outside life when working for this company in terms of the IT field. You are expected to be available 24/7 and if you're not, you'll get called out for not being a "team player." Every single time I was out on approved PTO, I was bothered multiple times by "management" not respecting my time off. If I did not answer, my phone would get blown up until I did, even though I was off on PTO. Then I was told they "forgot" I was off. Way to manage your Trust me, they do not payMy last day there.Everything else.We appreciate your feedback. We recognize starting a new job can be tough, especially trying to juggle it all as you are learning new responsibilities. That’s why our Information Technology department has established a solid on-boarding process that includes the practice of continuous improvement. The continuous improvement process was identified to ensure they are always learning and growing to provide the best possible services to our team members in this demanding and ever changing automotive retail industry. Our IT department supports over 150 applications and over 8,000 users in a dynamic technology environment, which we outline during the interview and on-boarding process. Thanks again for the feedback it will assist us with our continuous improvement processes. We wish you the very best in your future endeavors!"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Corporate is constantly micro managing. Game plan changes weekly with no chance of getting any momentum. Top employees make money everyone else not. Long hours constant preasure from corporate to hit share holders dreams that are usually unrealistic.Thanks for the feedback. Asbury’s Dealership Support Center (aka corporate) team members provide oversight and support of the company goals established annually for our stores. As an organization we will make adjustments as needed to meet the changing demands of the business. We wish you the very best in your future endeavors."

Parts Runner (Former Employee) says

"Employees gossiped about everyone and everything. I never felt at home and eventually I could not ignore the lack of comradery. Overall this place left me with a bad taste.Decent hoursTerrible environmentThank you for your response. We are sorry you did not have a better experience. We value your feedback and will continue to find ways to provide a positive experience for all of our Team Members. If you would like to discuss this in further detail please contact us directly at (314) 919-8015 or kmorris@plazamotors.comThank you"

Employee (Current Employee) says

"This company is ran backwards. The new management change has made me realize that we are just suppose to be robots just like them. The managers do not care if you have kids at home or if you need to go to the doctor. I'm convinced they go home and shut down because there is no way they are real people. Leaving to pick your kid up from school before they give you an ok to leave is resulted in immediate termination. Working here would be great if you too were a robot with no life outside of work, because that is exactly how management is. Also, talk about gossip... When has it ever been okay for your boss to gossip to you and other people about their employees?? My advice would be working for minimum wage in harsh conditions would be 100% better than ever coming here again.We appreciate your feedback. We encourage our leaders to support our team members in order to balance work and life and always treat everyone with the utmost respect.We are sorry you had an unfavorable experience while working for Asbury. Please give our HR Department a call. You may reach us at 404-419-4765 Or fbarry@asburyauto.comThanks Asbury HR"

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"The pay plan changed monthly. Some of my peers had to take on 2nd jobs as they experienced receiving less than $300 a week from working in a professional role as a service writer at 50 hrs a week. Upper management is not diverse at all. A simple visual survey of managers and executives in the meetings are reviling."

Data entry (Current Employee) says

"changing environment impacting pay for employees. would not recommend as the environment is changing and not a lot of guidance. very stressful lacking a visionbewaretoxic environment"

Employee (Former Employee) says

"Never in my life have I seen a dealership ran by so many young snow flakes. If you weren’t caught up in the drama there you were an outcast. Between who was sleeping with whom, nights out drinking or employees using customer information inappropriately with no repercussions. Open door policy although encouraged is a sure way to get yourself fired.Although we strive to provide an outstanding work environment for all of our over 8,000 employees, sometimes the values we promote each day fail to align with all associates. Our mission is to be the most guest centric company in automotive retail."

Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Worked here for a few weeks and oh boy was it a mess.first I was hired with talk of a $1000 bonus at signing. I was hired by a brand new service manager who had replaced the previous manager of years and years at this dealership. All of his techs and advisors went with him. I was one of a few advisors brought in. My first couple weeks provided with me with paychecks under $250. I worked 6 12hr days two weeks in a row to make less than minimum wage which is illegal. You have no way to check your time clock, or sales numbers for commissioned positions. All of this and I still forgot to mention that it has been 3 weeks since I walked out and I have still not gotten my last $200 paycheck.Nothing. This company is a joke.They don't want to pay their employees."

Internet Director (Former Employee) says

"Don’t walk away... RUN. If you value your morals, ethics, your fellow man, your sanity, and your family RUN. More I’d like write but it would cause the review to be blocked.The only Pro’s are ConsThey are in Atlanta drawing million dollar salaries"

Internet Sales Consultant (Current Employee) says

"With all honesty, the concept and potential of this please is outstanding , however the management and team lead in charge with be the downfall of this business . Constantly promoting like minded individuals chasing their own tails not being able to see the bigger picture or thinking outside of the box will never help to pull the company in the right direction . There is no development among peers and for this it will be stuck at a stand still."

Lube and Tire Technician (Former Employee) says

"They tell you theres a relocation bonus and great benefits, they dont tell you that theres a high turnover rate, cutthroat coworkers, flat rate pay thats good but doesn't mean anything if theres barely any customers coming in. If you are new they dont care, you get thrown yo the wolves, They are always trying to find way to over work their technicians and underpay them. All they care about is their numbers, this place is the epitome of corporate greed, go work at a family owned dealership, they treat their employees betterBenefits are great, free lunch on SaturdayLow pay, cutthroat, overworked, poor management"

BDC Representative (Former Employee) says

"They promote you and then give you no training then demote you because you aren’t doing the job the way they want. Then when you don’t do one thing exactly the way they want they will write you up. I would NEVER EVER recommend working here!!NothingManagement"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"They hire based on a BS comp plan that few could ever hit. 30-35 sales people, Need to sell 10+ cars/month to make a decent living. Total dealer new-car sales 110 (+-) per month. The math doesn't work! No training, depressing place to even think about going to. And the hours... Make more at Burger King per hour. I lasted a week and then bailed. Pointless. Stay clear!NoneEverything"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"This is the most racist place to work ever. They only take care the person who they like or the same color. Work like a salves and treat like a human right in this dealership. Good Luck"

Finance Manager (Former Employee) says

"It’s who you know not what you know. They only cared about their friends and no who can actually promote them . It is a bad company to work for and I wish it was.They follow pay planEverything elseThank you for taking time to review your past experience. We value employee feedback and would like to hear suggestions on how to create a more inclusive work environment. Please contact local HR at 813-872-7696, thank you."

Lot Manager (Former Employee) says

"co-workers make coming in bearable but company, as whole is greedy, unorganized and aweful to work for, very hurry up and wait type of job, don't know why anyone would want to work 50+ hours a week for company that really doesn't care about them. It is a drag to get up everyday and come in to work, never know what is going to happen or how they decide to screw you that day. compensation for work is not equal for people doing the same job and all the managers think they are better than everyone and very arrogant.noneridicoulous hours, compensation is not worth time and effort and unequal among employees completing the same job, not organizedWe appreciate your candid feedback and wish to hear more about your experience as a former employee. Please contact local HR at 336-851-3408, thank you."

Parts Driver (Former Employee) says

"This place get away with firing people without reason. Poorly managed and don't care for the little guy. Won't let you advance up. If the management finds someone else that they can pay less and do the same job, you will lose your job. Don't ever work for this companyNoneWork way to hard and get paid nothingThank you for taking time to leave a review, we would like to hear more about your personal experience. Please contact our local HR personnel at 314-919-8015 to discuss further."

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