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Artemide is a design-oriented Italian manufacturer founded by Ernesto Gismondi and Sergio Mazza in 1960. Based in Pregnana Milanese, a suburb of Milan, the company specialises in the manufacture of lighting designed by designers and architects.


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Former Employee - Withheld says

"A strong and knowledgeable management team needed. Inequitable pay scale based upon gender."

Former Employee - Business Development Manager says

"Zero value in employees and no training or structure provided."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"They will take advantage of anyone with knowledge and skills but not pay them. If they don't like you, they will eventually find a way to get rid of you or make you quit. Design of lights is ok. You'll find similar at Ikea - most likely sturdier too."

Former Employee - Sales Representative says

"Unrealistic expectations, Implementing marketing ideas from 2007 when the lighting industry took a dive. Old school employee management, nepotism, no communication at all! Lots of time wasted secretive decision-making, obtuse managers, no technical guidance, internal disorganization, no rush mentality, comparing sales markets as one, never ask or take your observations as local knowledge & experience, pressure due to bad business model and little respect for the worker's commitment and knowledge. No loyalty or ethics towards retailers, they just want the sale no matter what. The commission structure is so complicated you really don’t know what you’re getting….. No advancements, no real compensation, huge turnovers and then they wonder why they can’t make their over-estimated numbers."

Former Employee - Showroom Manager says

"Artemide USA used to be an AMAZING company until Joey Occiuto became its CEO! He destroyed the company's family environment, fired very knowledgable lighting technitians that had been with the company for many years, harrassed people around the US Showrooms, and manage to freeze the information systems for three months, due to lack of knowledge and bad decisions! Training at Artemide is no-existent, there is lack of communication between staff and upper management, and the "old boys club" rule! Joey is a penny-pincher and does not pay well its employees. I was a high performer and never got a bonus or a raise in all the years I worked with them! Never wait for a promotion at Artemide because you will die before it happens!"

Former Employee - Showroom Sales says

"No training, no support and no feedback on job performance until , they decide to terminate you."

Former Employee - Senior Manager says

"Poor vision for the long term success in NA ,"


"No respect for employes, everything is a secret, a lot of brown nosers. No compensation or benefits at all!! The promise you a rise that will never arrive. The North America CEO is a penny pincher."


"Management is old school. Same people running and deciding for the whole group, completely away from the real world and on the adoration mode for the founders of thee company hence no guts to tell things how they really are. Tendency to believe they are the best and consequently a complete lack of respect for customers especially retailers."

Sales Manager says

"My experience was awful and management was completely unprofessional. I was left out of scheduled training, and was not treated equally. There were no sales tools and I was verbally abused by my manager and bullied and threatened. I was accused of many things that were inaccurate and completely ridiculous in regards to my role and responsibilities and when trying to defend my self, I was completely dismissed and not heard. I was denied vacation request and was not given my final 2 weeks pay."

Lighting Showroom Rep (Former Employee) says

"First of all, I was lied to about what the job actually was. I thought it was a lighting showroom Rep position with lighting design involved. When I got in on my first day I found out it was basically a call center role and everyone I had to talk to was terribly annoyed with the company because they had a very poor way of estimating how long orders were going to take. I spent all day every day of my time there talking to angry customers."

Autista di direzione (Former Employee) says

"Ho lavorato per 64 mesi . Dedizione, disponibilità , lealtà e riservatezza. Tutto questo non è servito . Ero tra l'iincudine e il martello . Orgoglioso anche se minacciato di licenziamento e poi attuato perché non spifferavo gli spostamenti e altro del Presidente .Nessuno !Non c'è più il timone dell'azienda"

Operations Manager (Current Employee) says

"Not a good work environment, management not interested in advancing careers or giving raises. job was not difficult but no rewards for accomplishmentsnonenone"

operaio magazziniere (Former Employee) says

"ambiente lavorativo disastroso. nessun margine di miglioramento professionale"

Investigación de tendencias (Former Employee) says

"La valoración es positiva ya que mediante este proyecto aprendí como funciona un proceso de análisis de tendenciasEstudiarNo cobrar"

stagiaire électrotechnique (Former Employee) says

"N'étant que stagiaire je n'ai pas pu faire grand je regarder les personnes travailler toutes la journée"

Operaio del reparto verniciatura (Former Employee) says

"Sono stato 9 mesi in questa azienda e sono riuscito ad orientarmi molto bene nel lavoro. Alla fine dell'impegno contrattuale sono rimasto a casa per diminuzione della mole di lavoro."

Accounts Receivable (Former Employee) says

"This was also a temporary position. There I was trained on handling billing and other clerical work. This position was very short as it was only for a period of two weeks."

Social Media Manager y Ventas (Former Employee) says

"Muy buen ambiente de trabajo, difícil convivir con los jefes."