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Armor All is a line of car care products manufactured by American company Armored AutoGroup of Danbury, Connecticut, United States. The company markets the product line of sprays, gels, liquids, and wipes to clean, shine, and protect interior and exterior automobile surfaces.


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Former Employee - Vice President says

"If you’re looking to work for, or with, a company that understands its customers, has a vision for security solutions, and expertise in the field - keep looking. Armor is the unfortunate result of an idea ahead of its time hijacked by a cult of ego-driven, unethical, deceptive leaders from the top down. The ELT: Armor is “Security-as-a-Service” according to the website, however, the combined experience of the ELT in security is something you have to look up for yourself. The CEO, CTO, CMO, CRO, and CFO have nothing notable to talk about in the way of experience in cyber security. How does this happen, you ask? You hire only people who never disagree with you, fire those who question your poor decisions, and happily collect a massive paycheck while the company bleeds. It's telling that when these bad reviews started showing up that the CEO spent upwards of 30 minutes on the next few company all-hands trying to convince people they were just "angry people who left because they couldn't change with the company" - no Mark, they were people with integrity you all got rid of. The CMO: No experience in the industry, no leadership qualities, and hires inexperienced college grads to do the work. The CFO: Absent, but when present is broom-in-hand sweeping the lies under the rug. The CRO: Typical male sales leader - in all the bad ways; if you're not "his style" you're gone. The CEO: Google "Mark Woodword fruit stand" - still the same guy, but now a So-Cal laissez-faire attitude running a Texas company. Clash of culture, and he bulldozes. The CTO: No security experience to speak of, but building a security product/service and firing anyone who isn't a "yes-man". The Board: It’s impossible to point out the abject lack of leadership and ethics in the ELT without making the board complicit. Initial investments in the company focused on the FireHost model, so when the pivot happened, and first-round investors wanted out, they oversold the value and market opportunity to the next investor. Many of the employees current and departed now believe there is little left to do but the ‘old “pump and dump” of Armor to the likes of RackSpace or another suitor. Unfortunately, economic times put a stop to that at present. So what's left is to ride it out and blame those you've fired. Middle-management: When you have a CTO who fires anyone whom he can’t bulldoze or bamboozle, you end up with inept subordinate management all the way down. The same goes for the rest of the ELT - people who simply don’t understand innovation, product positioning, customer relationships, partner ecosystems, and economic realities. The Verdict: A product that was ahead of its time 3+ years ago, that is now woefully behind even the most basic EDR/MDR competitor, a “born in the cloud” lie (as all the tech is legacy, pig with pretty lipstick), priced for an enterprise, with SMB features."