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Aritzia Inc. is a Canadian women's fashion brand founded in Vancouver, British Columbia, by Brian Hill in 1984. Aritzia operates various upscale retail stores across Canada and the United States. The company went public on October 3, 2016.

Andrea shares her disappointing experience on Influenster, "The clothes at Aritzia are generally nice looking, however, they are incredibly overpriced and their customer service is about the worst I have ever encountered in a supposedly reputable company. You can similar-looking clothes from many other stores for about half the price. The quality is similar to H&M or Zara. For example, I spent $160 on a sweater, and I followed the washing instructions (hand wash in cold water), and it shrunk to the size of a child’s sweater. Aritzia's customer service is absolutely terrible. When I complained about the above sweater, they strung me along for months asking me to send more and more photos before they finally agreed to exchange the item. However by that time, it had sold out after being marked down, so I had to exchange it for a much cheaper item. Also, if you place an online order, be prepared for a really crappy return policy."


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Wain says

"Placing order over the phone with online customer service team is a joke. they mix up your identity even if you triple confirm your identity and contact information with them, they are still having trouble to get it right. unbelievable, shopping experience. They sent a order confirmation to wrong email address and may contain with your personal information. This is the most stressful and worst shopping experience. I don't know what to say about how sad I am."

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"Extremely competitive for a job that wasn’t even commission based. The girls were very catty and would make comments like “that’s my customer” or “that’s my sale” right in front of the client. Management was a joke- Store managers evidently have no role within the store and ours would just wander around refusing to correct the rude behavior from the staff or try to coach the girls who we’re struggling. They base your hours off of numbers so prepare to constantly have sales stolen and watch half the staff cry every other day. It didn’t matter how hard you worked, how fairly you try to play or how much you hustle, if you’re not the managers’ favorite, you’re done. I would have the highest SPH some weeks and my shifts would get shortened or cut with little to no notice or just given to their favorite employee. A third party makes the schedules so managers use that to their advantage when they say “we have no control over the schedule, it’s all performance based”. Even when you’re hired with the specification of a certain amount of hours, they don’t tell you that half the time, you probably won’t get them unless you’re literally running around taking every single customer and being a shark 24/7. They staff judged customers and would call dibs on “MD’s” or mother-daughters because that’s who they were told would typically spend the most. Any customer who didn’t have a designer bag or look rich was automatically ignored or just given a polite smile and nod. There was even clear discrimination within the staff. Management would tell us we were “sustainable” when in reality, the amount of plastic we would unpack was ungodly. I had the highest of hopes to come and work for this company- my dream company- and I was absolutely disgusted with the way the location was ran. Even an employee who had worked at another location had mentioned that this particular location was a joke and a horrible work environment. Truly the worst job I have ever had."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Most of the managers there are very unsupportive and only focuses on “opportunities” and does not encourage the employees at all. They treat them like trash. Some of them are really mean and unprofessional.DiscountVery poor management skills"

AD says

"I placed two orders - all non-sale items, all plenty in stock when ordering. They emailed me saying both orders are on the way, only then to email me 24 hours later to say they've canceled the items. From the first order, they canceled all items as they were out of stock and from the second order, they canceled 10 out of 11 items. The ONE remaining item is supposedly on it's way to me unless I get another email saying they have canceled that one as well. This becomes more absurd seeing that they are ALL available on the website again, right now, for anyone to buy them. So my question is, why have an e-commerce platform when you so clearly can not manage one?"

Current Employee - Corporate Recruiter $165, 000 says

"everything else. You have to fight for hours, and there are extremely unrealistic expectations. I was having a bad day one due to to personal reasons and was written up for not smiling enough. RUN FROM THIS PLACE, basically is prison."

Travel Manager (Former Employee) says

"Took first vacation after a year and was greeted back by HR laying me off with no reason given except having to sign a legal agreement to receive severance pay. Director of people experience is a big kiss a** and has im his head up the CEO’s a**.NoneEverything"

Former Employee - Style Advisor says

"Hours are affected on sales. I was part-time which often means at least 20 hours a week.. I was getting tops 6 hours a week (that's unemployment) when the store started doing poorly. Micromanaged A TON - always felt pressure to sell so much and be overly aggressive when approaching and selling to customers in the store. Everything we did was watched and critiqued. I felt as if I could never do anything right. Girls fight over sales (which makes sense because it's basically a fight for hours)."

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Very competitive environment. The staff are not friendly to each other. Managers are condescending. Making 300 quotas and getting rated for that. Belittling staff with the "reward system" by having staff names on a board, and every time they make quota or exceeded for the day they get a sticker. Clearly showing those who have not achieved goals meaning an invasion of confidential information of staff"