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Archos is a French multinational electronics company that was established in 1988 by Henri Crohas. Archos manufactures tablets, smartphones, portable media players and portable data storage devices. The name is an anagram of Crohas' last name. Also, in Greek, it's a suffix used in nouns indicating a person with power.

Archos tablet dies after 1 year of use and doesn't come with warranty information, the fixing process can be tedious, according to Mars at

"Bought it in January of 2011 and it is completely dead after 1 year. No warranty information anywhere. I contacted the manufacturer and I'm attempting to have it fixed. Do yourself a favor and go elsewhere. If this is too much to replace I will look at the SAMSUNG tablets. BEST OF LUCK IF YOU GO WITH THIS - SUGGEST YOU GET THE REPLACEMENT POLICY."


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No long term vision for technology roadmap"

commercial (Current Employee) says

"inexistant aucune stratégie condition de travail déplorable"

Employé (Former Employee) says

"Société qui ne prend pas en compte les avis et propositions des salariés."

Chef de projets R&D (Former Employee) says

"Le travail était très intéressant et passionnant, "mais ça c'était avant""

Technicien (Atelier de reconditionnement) says

"Archos ese un bon entreprise. J'ai travaillé avec une équipe dynamique. C'est shouete."

Director of Sales (Former Employee) says

"Archos was one of the first companies to enter the USA in the competitive and new tablet category. Every day was challenging with many opportunities to develop new business.Fast growthProduct quality and technology"

Maggie Hoskins says

"Less than a 1 star battery won't charge I got it less than a month ago and can't return it to Asda even tho got a receipt £50 down the drain what a joke and cameras terrible and not much memory either can get a phone cheaper that's better don't bother with this phone waste of money 😠😢"

Susan Barker says

"Like many others I hae found this company to be at best inefficient and worst dishonest. I have been trying to get some answers as to where my phone disappeared to back in April. It first went faulty December 2019 blown battery. I contacted the UK telephone number in February and was given an address in France where to send the phone and it would be replaced as there were no batteries available for this model. I subsequently returned the phone and waited to hear from them but didnot. In the meantime both countries were experiencing lock down due to Covid-19 and the telephone numbers in the UK were giving out a recorded message. The email address they provided did not exist and these numbers have now been disconnected. I have, after a lot of emails, found out that the address that was given to me in February closed in January. The must not have informed the UK office that this was closing. I am still waiting for replied to several emails asking what responsibility they are taking for getting me to send the faulty phone to an address which they no longer used. My last email was earlier this month and I copied their CEO in and provided a goodle french translation - just in case this international company cannot understand Engligh - but they have not had the manners to even acknowledge receipt of this. I am going to try again and who knows maybe someone will have the good manners to reply but I will not be holding my breath. As an extra I bought this through QVC shopping channel and the person who I spoke to in the UK said it was an old model that was why there were no replacement batteried! Bad service QVC!"

Michael Kelly says

"A very dishonest company! Minus 5 stars would not rate them bad enough. Had the same problem as the vast majority on here, phone was under warranty, developed fault, Archos asked us to post back to them, they signed for it and then after saying it would be replaced, stopped all communication with us! Dishonest thieves is a very accurate description of this company, they not only stole my phone they got me to pay the postage for them to do this!"

Barry Precey says

"0 stars isn't possible so I had to choose 1 star.Possibly the worst customer service of any company I have ever had to deal with. When I say the worst I mean it's non-existent. I returned a tablet to them in Nov 2019. I got an email saying they have received the item. A month passed so I tried to contact them by their online form. Auto-response received back saying I would hear within 2 days. A week later, nothing so I contacted them again. Again, no response. I managed to find a after-sales number in London. They advised that the Tablet needed replacing but they had no replacements. He said they usually wait for supplies or send an alternative. He said that he would email them to contact me. Just before new year and I still not heard anything so I emailed and called again. The people on the phone said that they had not heard either. They will email again for me. They gave me alternative email addresses. I tried them and failed. They gave me the number to call in France. It is just a loop. Choose English, choose customer service it then goes back to choose English........ It is now 29th January and I have still heard nothing. For the love of god, avoid Archos products because if they go wrong you have got no chance in resolving your issue. They are a joke of a company. My company will be pursuing them legally now."

Katrina Kaur says

"Very bad customer service. Issues with my phone since August. Still waiting for manager to contact me. Regret making a purchase from Archos."

Maja says

"Update: After two years I think I can safely say their customer service doesn't exist and you won't see your money back. At least I have never heard back from them. Just over 3 months after purchase, my phone stopped working completely. I have been trying to contact their support team for over 3 weeks now - requests via the website, message on FB, tried their phone numbers in various countries. I'm starting to believe their after sales service simply doesn't exist and the money spent on my phone has been a total loss. Avoid this company at all costs!"

Don Hudson says

"What a rubbish after service unable to register my tablet so tried to phone them two days ringing dead line or engaged all the time. I could not email as could not register tablet. Sent email to sales team there reply we are sales team and just links did have a different phone number Finally a phone number that worked. The support said we do not repair screens as mind just broke for no reason. I was willing to pay not even a company to use for the repair. So stuck with a unregistered broken tablet £120 down the drain Never again will i buy or recommend them"

James McDonald says

"Only scored 1 star as 0 stars is not an option. I purchased a Sense 50x on the 7th November from the Archos web store . It arrived a couple of days later :-). On using the phone I discovered that the headphone jack was not standard, being 17mm in length rather than 15mm. Therefore I could only use the supplied bud type headphones. I like my music and have bose quietcomfort so I thought it would easy to get an adapter - after scouring the web I was no further forward. :-( I contacted Archos, (cordonweb) technical support and they weren't interested. They just stated that they could guarantee compatibility with third party suppliers. I even tried headphone from another Archos product and they didn't work. Archos agreed for me to return the phone which I did on the 17th November - costing me £15 tracked postage. Now I have no phone and am £265+ down! I contacted the last week and they assured me a manager would contact me.... Surprisingly they didn't. I've just spoken to a customer 'service' (not service) representative who told me I can't have a refund as they will be sending me a replacement, although they can't tell me when I'll recieve it. If I want a refund I'll have to recieve the replacement and send it back...for another £15..... Shocking service....don't go near Archos unless you like being let down. P.s I found the 50x is made by a company in a China who I believe also make the Blackview BV7000 which looks exactly the same (slightly different tech spec) and is a lot cheaper.... Think it still has the same headphone issue though but what you save would cover the return postage! Or would go towards some bluetooth headphones."

Geert says

"Never again. We bought an Archos Tablet in a store. @home we saw there was a problem with the sound & charging took us more than 10 hours each time. The store didn't return or give us a new tablet (conflict between archos & store) so we had to contact Archos ourself and do the return procedure ourself (which is unacceptable). After we send the tablet only message we got was that the tablet was received by Archos & that it will be replaced. Than 2 weeks no notification. Calling support the only thing we got as an answer is that it was out of stock. No idea when it will get back into stock. After several calls & several mails(which they do not answer) & again another week later they said they will give us another model. First they proposed a model which was lower priced and even not delivered in stores anymore. Than they proposed another tablet which was even of a lower value (although we asked that it should be at least the same value). I had to send a mail myself to get this tablet if I wanted it to be send but sending mails to them... they do not respond. Now 3 weeks later still no tablet... sending mails to management or rma or support not answered... on the call center they say they can't do anything... I have to write a mail. This company doesn't do anything to keep customer happy. When you have bought something which needs to fixed or replaced than you have a big problem."

Martin says

"I purchased an Archos Cesium 90 tablet (32Gb Quad-Core x64 Windows 10 Tablet) for a considerable amount of money a few months ago. The device didn't come with a keyboard, despite having the necessary proprietary port at the bottom of the unit specifically designed for one. I phoned them and they said that they did not produce a keyboard for the English market and were unwilling to sell me a French one to use with my device. This means I have to use its ONLY USB port in combination with a 4-port hub in order to use a keyboard; not a big problem. However, few days ago, Windows 10 messed up over an update and I decided to reset the tablet the way Archos recommended, however, the reset has left my tablet without any of the original device drivers, so it now thinks it is a desktop: no battery icon in the system tray. And the touchscreen, auto rotate, cameras and speakers are all now unusable. Archos provide no drivers on their website, so I am stuck up the creek without a paddle. AVOID AT ALL COSTS"

Jason Matthews says

"I purchased an archos 5 a while back, and had not used long before it started having problems downloading or playing anything, so I called customer service and was instructed to ship it back for service as it was still under warranty. After about almost 2 months and a lot of back and forth they shipped it back by UPS and was being asked to pay over $100 dollars in some BS Fee by UPS which I rejected and had Archos ship it back to me without UPS asking for this rediculous fee. I received about 2 weeks later, but it was not the one I sent in for service but a used one with scratches and not surprising but it was also faulty. I managed to do some fancy footwork and managed to return it to the store I purchased it at, and never bothered again with an archos product. Bad products and even worst customer service. Using a different email so I am not bothered by Archos."

Lina says

"Got the ARCHOS 80 XS - 8 GB in Jan 2013 for my partner as a present. To cut the story short, hardly used it, started using it more in October 2013, difficulty in charging it, turned out the usb port on the tablet was faulty so sent it back for a replacement. Sent it back at the end of Nov and didn't get a new one until Jan 2014. Conveniently after my warranty period. The new tablet got a dot on the screen and my partner noticed very light scratch marks on the back. They wanted pictures, I provided them with it and not heard anything for 10 days. Just emailed them this morning asking for an update, got a reply in French so had to use google translate - 'The device for which you are requesting information is no longer under warranty / marketed by ARCHOS.' I got that reply straight away and replied back demanding an answer - Guess What??? No reply. I would not bother to get an ARCHOS tablet but if you do make sure you use your credit card. I now have to try using Section 75. Basically, poor customer service and product."

Izzy Wright says

"I bought an ARCHOS 101 G9 turbo tablet in december, however the USB port was faulty, so I sent it back (After spending a very long time trying to find out how to contact them!). I was made to pay all postage costs, even though if the product is faulty it is actually the company's responsibility to cover the costs. I was told that it would take up to 4 weeks for my tablet to be returned, however after 4 weeks I still had no tablet, so I called them up and I was simply told "I don't know." Which was utterly unacceptable. It took them another 2 weeks to send my tablet back, however this one was also faulty! I have asked for a refund as I have lost faith in the company, but neither ARCHOS nor Laptops Direct (the company I bought my tablet from) will give me the time of day, as they both say it's the other company's responsibility. I do not reccomend buying from ARCHOS or Laptops Direct to anyone, unless they await dissapointment."

T. H. says

"Was very happy with my Archos 3VC mp3/mp4 player, good sound, nice features (built-in camera), until one day, I found the device had a cracked screen (cracked from the inside). Normal use and normal transportation (hey, where else would you keep an mp3 player? inside my vest pocket, right?). Brought it to repair... but no communication possible whatsoever. They simply do not believe me, that I did not drop the device nor punctured it... Would cost me 56 EUR to repair the screen. That is unacceptable! I feel mistrusted as a consumer! So, too bad... from now on, I consider buying a Sony instead! At least they included the LCD touchscreen as part of their standard warranty. At least they value their customers' trust."