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Arbonne International, LLC, known as Arbonne, is an international multi-level marketing (MLM) company founded in 1980 in the United States by Norwegian entrepreneur Petter Mørck. Its product lines include vegan skincare, cosmetics, and nutrition. The company had an estimated annual sales revenue of $544 million in 2017. Arbonne's CEO is Jean-David Schwartz. Lawsuits have been filed concerning disc


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Former Employee - Coordinator says

"The employees are immature - especially on the event team . Management is demanding and unrealistic, does not help you in any way."


"Not only will they prey upon you and try to capitalize off of your dreams and goals in life, but they will prey on specific people like military wives or stay at home mom to try to make money off of you. Then, they will try to force you to do the same thing. Tell you to find at least 100 people immediately and harass them. No doesn’t mean no - it means try harder. Do you even know what these consultants are doing out there? They tell you which people to prey upon and what cues to look for. It’s sick and happens from day one. This is why I refused to work for them almost immediately after starting. They will tell you to stop speaking to family and friends, to leave your spouse or partner, just because they say they “don’t support you”. Arbonne is your REAL family now!! (can you say cult?) When the whole time, all these people are trying to do is to protect you from yourself, and you should listen to them. They want you to give everything to them in hopes of someday making money. So what they don’t tell you is that 98% of people in Arbonne make no money or even lose money. And that even looking at their income disclosure statement, it doesn’t include what money distributors are having to pay to get these bonuses or pay or what have you. The moment do you have anything to say about their practices, they will come with torches and pitchforks for you. Their biggest excuse is that people are just “negative” and are angry because they “failed” at the business that is set up to fail. They say it’s “efforts based” and those who don’t have a work ethic are the ones who “fail”. You should listen to all these negative reviews, and protect yourself from the harm they intend to inflict on you. Their products aren’t worth their price, even with the discount. Their claims are phony and misleading and they will brainwash you into an entirely different person. If you have any self love, run for the hills."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- They make no effort to hide that they are not interested in retaining talent - If you have any talent or desire to make a difference, it's basically wasted here - Management is probably more concerned about appearances than getting actual work done."

Former Employee - Project Manager says

"after several years of mismanagement the new owners came in and immediately laid off the loyal experienced employees who built the company into what it is and who also know direct sales arbonne has no respect for employees. if you see good reviews here they are fake."

Current Employee - Project Manager says

"The "vision" of the executive team does not extend beyond their own over inflated egos. They continue to tout how they are transparent and appreciative of employee feedback but that could not be further from the truth. Anybody that provides feedback that is not inline with the executive narrative will ultimately be put in a corner or pushed out of Arbonne in short order. Prospective employees beware! Arbonne uses the Employer Branding feature of Glassdoor to promote shill reviews in an attempt to hide the truth from you. Arbonne's product may be "Pure, Safe and Beneficial" but the environment is toxic. If you are looking for a good interview question, ask them why INTEGRITY is not one of their core values."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Groupe Rocher, Arbonne's parent company, has apparently been blinded by Arbonne's "double digit" growth even though Arbonne is barley turning a profit and is choosing to ignore the ticking time bomb that Arbonne has become. Talent is exiting as quickly as they can find other opportunities and is being replaced by unqualified people with inflated titles and 0 direct selling experience. This is a toxic environment that should be avoided if you value your own sanity. The company is being run by the one of most pathetic executive teams ever assembled and they have repeated their lies so many times that they no longer recognize the truth. If you are looking for somewhere to feel valued, this is not your place. You will never see a real bonus and will never be rewarded as you should. This will put it in perspective for you. Top Income Earners in the field will receive 5 digit bonuses for Arbonne's "double digit growth" while the home office staff that endures blinded leadership and works tirelessly behind the scenes will be lucky to get their $50 gift card for Christmas. EBIT is a fraction of what it should be because of all the severances being paid to those pushed out (mostly the ones with any industry experience), can not forget the inflated . salaries for the over priced new executives and every single one of their relocation packages to relocate to Irvine . Can not forget the millions of dollars being wasted on a new platform that by the sounds of it will be worse then the current. Prospective employees need to ask lots of questions and consider their choice carefully. There are many better opportunities available in the area around Arbonne's HQ that Arbonne should be considered a last resort as an employer. If nothing else, just consider Arbonne a temporary stop on until you find a company that values its employees."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"We encourage employee feedback and appreciate that Glassdoor allows for anonymous reviews from both current and former employees. We provide many forums in which feedback can be shared: breakfast chats with our CEO, New employee lunch with our Chief People Officer, Employee Suggestions via our Intranet, our annual confidential Employee Gallup survey and an open door policy as well as HR Business Partners always available to meet with our employees about their concerns. Our hope is that employees feel safe and exhibit our Core Value of Courage to voice their concerns through one of these channels so that action can be taken internally to affect change. Having been acquired by Groupe Rocher in early 2018, Leadership transitioned, organizational structure changed, and new core values were created (Accountability, Courage, Innovation and Community) as the company aligned to new strategic objectives. As a result, we’ve grown by 20% this year and made a commitment to becoming a Certified B Corporation. This is a journey we are very proud to be a part of and acknowledge it may be difficult for some employees to understand the speed at which things are changing. Our journey, and the changes taking place, are for the good of our people, our products and our planet. Growth only happens when you consider all stakeholders, including our customers/field. We are confident and proud that the leadership team listens to the field and takes the information to make decisions considering all stakeholders in mind. Without our customers, the Company cannot exist so we will not apologize for listening to the field, taking their input and making thoughtful and strategic decisions with this information. Double digit growth and a committed and passionate field is our barometer that we are doing something right. From the employee perspective, another key stakeholder, we listen to their feedback through the channels mentioned above including the Engagement Survey. We believe in providing a positive work environment for our people to flourish in, this includes having a clean and aesthetically pleasing workspace. If having a leadership team that cares about the look and feel of the work environment and is willing to invest nearly half a million dollars to make it a great space, then we happily own the feedback."


"Poor leadership skills in the C suite CIO is completely incompetent, blames others for his incompetence, and doesn’t have the intelligence to be in his role CEO is pretty spineless and won’t stick to a decision if the field pushes back - worst CEO I’ve ever worked for CPO is more concerned about how things look then how employees are impacted by her decisions"


"Manipulative and deceptive. Preys on those out for the American dream"

Former Employee - Warehouse Worker says

"Excessive hours, lack of leadership, no teamwork with leadership"

Coustmer service (Former Employee) says

"I worked for a company that contracted me to arbonne and working for both companies was good for 2 years and then things changed, i had no supervisors and other management, my hours where all over the place, the rules all was changed, no training, i tried to take care of the client and was told not to let them know i worked from home, we are only allowed to talk to the client for 10 mints a call, we get yelled at if we talk longer and because i want to help the client i am going to be fired, customer help is no longer their, this company is not good to work for, lot of people have left and they all knew i was disabled and treated me bad, would not let me go to the bathroom when i had to go, twards the end i had no breaks to eat. no goodno good"

Customer Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"This company treats its staff appallingly. From asking for extended working hours with hardly any notice.. to making a whole department redundant and paying them the minimum amount of redundancy. The management only care about themselves and people are disposable to them. Do not work at Arbonne UK - there is no job security."

Employee (Former Employee) says

"New acquisition and layoffs changed the culture. New management. Few people actually in the office. Cost conscious. A lot to do. Need to prioritize and acquire new resources.Loss of leadership"

Picker/truck loader (Former Employee) says

"The temp agency I was working through texted me and told me my assignment with Arbonne had ended. No one at Arbonne told me anything, I did nothing wrong and they randomly fired me. So in my opinion the management sucks Atleast talk to your employees. They laid me off, and don’t care about there employees. Beware of this bad work place, do not work here.Cool co workers.Bad management, staff doesn’t care about anyone"

Picker/Packer (Current Employee) says

"Arbonne is a great company and it was when I started but once the main supervisor left, everything went bad pretty much. There is now no leadership and everything is so unorganized.Free lunchesNo room for growth"

Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Besides the ineffectiveness of the products, the consultants that are up the line act ruthlessly and unprofessionally when dealing with unsatisfied customers. I highly recomend NOT signing up as a consultant, trying to sell ineffective products & dealing with ruthless two faced women.If you have recruited many below you, it can keep you goingPoor quality products and rude managers."

Operations Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Terrible place to work. Horrible management with no regard for your personal life, nor goals. The business has gone downhill the past 5 years or so, and I wouldn't expect it to stick around much longer."

Customer Service Rep (Former Employee) says

"This job is so unprofessional. They treat the staff like mess. Poor training and management skills. Horrible products and they rip off a lot of people.nothingeverything"

Regional Manager (Former Employee) says

"What could have been a wonderful place to work was ruined by extremely poor leadership, a toxic culture and paranoia. No formal onboarding. No ongoing support or development. No clearly defined strategy, objectives or plan. 16 hour days the norm. No recognition or encouragement. No freedom or autonomy. Jealousy, suspicion and paranoia displayed by Leadership. Leadership more concerned with personal glory than leading and developing an effective team. Ethically and morally questionable decision making by Leadership. Frequent shifting of goalposts and backtracking on commitments by Leadership. Blame culture with zero trust between leadership and team, and within the team itself. Lack of leadership, lack of communication, lack of trust, lack of ability, lack of courage, lack of emotional intelligence, lack of humanity and lack of morals and ethics displayed by Leadership and an abundance of ego, personal agenda, dishonesty and cowardice.Some wonderful Independent Consultants crying out for support.Exceptionally poor and dishonest Leadership."

Customer Service Agent (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at Arbonne was answering numerous phone calls from Arbonne consultants through my headset on the computer. They were independent business owners and would call for many different reasons. My job was to educate them as much as possible. On March 1st, 2015, Arbonne launched a new computer program that had many glitches in it. We only had one week of training, so I learned a lot on my own time. I didn't mind because I love people and wanted to do a good job. The management team changed around quite a bit, so I was not sure who did what by May 2015. My co-workers were great!! We all understood that we were in this together and helped each other out as much as we could. The hardest part of my job was not being able to help the customer because of all the glitches in the system. We were told to tell the customers that our computer was in the middle of a system update when errors popped up on our program. The most enjoyable part of my job was the Arbonne consultants themselves. I am a people lover and met so many different people throughout the United States and Canada. They have wonderful products that I believe in. I just wish they had a better computer system.I worked from home.They never give raises unless you get promoted."

Regional Vice President (Former Employee) says

"Many opportunities and relationship based. Very family oriented.Acquire many personal relationshipsI don't know of any cons."

IT (Former Employee) says

"Work was exciting at times and there was a lot of it. Tasks were always prioritized, which was a good thing. Learned that a person's self-being needs to be balanced between work and home life. Too much micro-management and not enough leadership and trust for the employee to perform the work. Management creates an undesirable work culture as can probably be gathered from the high employee turn-over. The hardest part of the job is when management doesn't like to listen to the facts and the truth (from employee's perspective). The most enjoyable part of the job was the work and my peers.Free lunches, snacks sometimes.No genuine appreciation for accomplishing projects / tasks that has impact."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"The trainer was favored by the management staff , which was a negative thing. This meant that your questions, input and voice, would be null and void There was also obvious inside favoritism displayed on day one and throughout the training. 2 students had returned to work there and were called on for everything .There is obvious inside favoritism displayed throughout the training class. The actual trainer wasn’t receptive to questions nor did he take time to listen. The actual trainer wasn’t receptive to questions, nor did he take the time to listen to pertinent issues regarding the system, wording or over all process steps. He made a point of saying ”don’t worry about it we can come back to that later “. When asked about it later, he acted as though you were bothering him and if he did answer the question, he didn’t give a detailed answer. He rushed thru it as if he was mad and said, I’ve got to get thru this training quickly. I was completely confused because throughout the class, he allowed the students to talk about smoking blunts, drinking and places that would deliver alcohol and he had time to engage in those unprofessional discussions but not enough time for training conversations. I thought the whole purpose for the training was to be TRAINED ! I’m sorry I ever applied with this company."

Independent Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Te average Arbonne rep makes UNDER 500 PER YEAR! This has been repeatedly proven. Many make less than 25 bucks PER YEAR. Shady tactics, sub-par products, predatory practices and twisting the a real numbers is commonplace. When you inevitably don't make money, you are blamed. No matter how many people you prey on, its "you're not trying hard enough""

Warehouse Associate (Former Employee) says

"Does not care about the people Seniority means nothing Put all the older workers on second shift HR doesn’t help workers Bad management Wouldn’t send anyone only care about getting product out"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Wouldn't Recommend This Place to anyone unless you're desperately in need of a job. Typical work day of course consist of having alot of patience . Mandatory over time Weird hours for the end of the month .The systems are always crashing for no apparent reason."

Corporate Facilities Manager (Former Employee) says

"They have this terrible "town hall meeting" where they tell you how great the company is how great the executives are, but they they don't give credit to the people who actually do the work, come in on weekends and work hard to ensure projects are completed, but most of all the executives get huge pay bonuses while the middle management and hourly employees get nothing more than hard work and average salaries..Good people who work hardthe good people who work hard are taken advantage of on a regular basis"

Area Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"It is a home based/hostess party pyramid scheme. I personally don't think that they're vegan beauty products are that great. Nor that different from store bought anti-aging products. They don't help you get started at all! If you can't get your business started then they don't have time for you. However they have NO PROBLEM TAKING YOUR MONEY FOR YOUR MUST HAVE KIT!30% DiscountThey just want your money they don't care about you at all."

Independent Consultant/Sales (Former Employee) says

"I recently joined (AND LEFT!) Arbonne. Not everything is as picture perfect as you think. - I encourage you to look into Arbonne’s lawsuits. They currently have two on them right now; 1 Class Action Lawsuit and 1 Greenwashing claim. - The prices are ridiculous and no one will buy from you, considering you can go to Sephora or Amazon for much better quality, and HALF the price. ⁃ Management will try to get you to prey on poor and lonely people. ⁃ The White Mercedes they advertise can be taken away so quickly if you don’t keep up yours sales. ⁃ They say the way to succeed is through getting people to join (AKA A PYRAMID SCHEME!!)"

Warehouse Associate (Current Employee) says

"This USE TO BE a decent place to work...they seemed to care about their employees and rewarded them for hard work and long hours. NOT ANYMORE. They have stopped doing anything that was useful to the employees, no more meals, product, AND they have taken away all holidays, we've worked every holiday this year except 4th of July which nobody could go watch fireworks cuz you had to be in there at 3 A.M. 10 hr days use to be occasional, now it's every day and Saturdays use to be about once/month, now it's every Saturday and even talk of Sundays now too, Nearly impossible to get a weekend off. Working short-handed all the time, not replacing supervisors, letting supervisors sleep on the job and team leads sit around and shop on the company computer. The pay is good for this area but we have no time to enjoy what we've earned. They don't fix issues that concern employees, only management. Not hiring full time help, only temps.Medical, Dental and Vision Ins, 401 K, Life InsNo work-life balance, no concern for employees"

Krista Marie says

"This company is a pyramid scheme. They thrive selling diet products and ‘natural’ skin care products, all these positive reviews seem to be left by their consultants. The downline don’t make any money, if your brand consists of you convincing everyone you aren’t a pyramid scheme, you’re a pyramid scheme."

Violet says

"As a former Independent Consultant with Arbonne, you can take my word for it.

Arbonne runs an Egyptian business model aka Pyramid Scheme. My regret is the deceitful way they tell you 'It's your own business and how you run it is entirely up to you' No one tells you how you have to ruthlessly get sales through your website especially when it's getting to month-end.

To move up the ladder with hopes of getting a sleek Mercedes, you will have to keep buying monthly products that you don't even need at astonishing prices plus literally forcing other people to do the same so you can get your volumes up and get a bonus.

I still have Arbonne's products in their boxes from 2019 Christmas. I was pressured into buying those Christmas items to help an upline get up the ladder, and it left me out of pocket.

Please, don't be fooled, run! run!! run!!! as fast as you can."

Tim Briggs says

Their pryamid marketing rep making unsolicited calls to local vulnerable church parishioners. Can you believe it and have you ever?
Agreed previous reviews, the rep does the wolf of Wall Street sales pitch
You're buying great stuff, you'll love it, give us your credit card no, join the club, buy a contract, I'll sell your private details, including phone no and email to as many unscrupulous people as I can.
And yet this pushy sales woman considers herself christian? I think not.
I could understand if every penny is in aid of the church, however in this case it is solely for self gain. So watch out for this unsavoury character - she is desperate. You have been warned.

Bells says

"Most of the reviews here are from arbonne sales associates. So I do not trust most of these reviews. They are trained to manipulate. Their sales tactics are predatory and honestly offensive.

Here’s the thing. Arbonne is a multi level marketing company AKA a legal pyramid scheme. Most people don’t make money with them. Their products are insanely overpriced and not well made. In fact they have been sued frequently for their products and false claims. You can literally do the cleanse without their products and save so much. Do not fall for this.

Also if someone under you sells more it hurts you so the bs is strong with arbonne. Run and dont give them your money."

Phyllis Smith says

"They brainwash women who are vulnerable. I have seen it split families and further mental health problems as they push their over priced products. As for promises of a white Mercedes! You have to take the lease yourself then strive to sell unattainable levels of goods to keep it. Pyramid selling under another guise. I know of 3 people personally who are brainwashed as if in a religious culture. Even make you pay for their conferences. Steer clear if you want to retain your family and sanity."

EH says

"Poor old Arbonne getting a nasty letter from the FTC about false health claims during Covid19. Or was it about false income claims? I can’t remember. Anyway, it’s all lies! They were only trying to save us and help us with our immunity! And when an Arbonne distributor asks you to buy product to donate to charity it is from the goodness of her heart - in no way is she using a charitable cause to hit her promotion! I must also defend them against charges of bullying uplines forcing downlines to make expensive purchases for the the uplines benefit - that NEVER happens!! This is a generous company that will take out an expensive lease agreement in your name so you can have a white Mercedes for as long as you can keep up the pressure! Arbonne distributors never ever end up with garages and back bedrooms full of product and it’s absolutely not true that the only real way to make money is by recruitment!

Please spare a thought for Arbonne U.K. - they are nearly a year late in providing their accounts to the tax authorities - perhaps their accountants need to start taking those fizz sticks! Lovely ethical company."

NeedHelp AtGame says

"I am not an Arbonne user how could I be after seeing what it has done to my mother she is obsessed with Arbonne she has spent at lest sixty grand in the past six years and hasn't even made two grand back, in my personal opinion is this is as close as a MLM can get to a cult with MOST (I'm sure some of them are alright) of there "reciters" act like robots most of them starting a sentence with something like "Hey babe" and ever since my has joined her anger levels has increased and whenever we suggest something like a take a break stop Arbonne your spending more money than we have and Arbonne she will scream at us call us bullies just because we want he to do the real healthy thing for he mental health and stop or at least take a month or so away from the black hole absorbing all are money known as Arbonne."

Isabel Hendry says

Recently got a DM on Instagram from a girl called Elise I think. She was offering me to work as part of the pyramid scheme where she would make money for getting me on board. I firstly asked for some more information because I didn’t know what company she was working for and when I googled the company I realised what a bad company it would be. I’ve had people in the past also message me asking for the same thing and when I decline they carry on messaging me so I thought the easiest thing to do would be block her. I then woke up the next morning to a message off another one of her accounts telling me how rude I was for blocking her and I should’ve just spoke to her like a normal human being. I think it’s incredibly rude for her to tell me I’m rude for blocking her when she said I wasn’t a normal human being she then also carried on to block me so she just shot a self straight in the foot and I will never even consider coming to your company ever again."

jess says

"really pushy consultants and pretty fake.

they say you can make money but it’s basically a pyramid scheme. don’t trust them. they’d been taken to court a lot as well. don’t get trapped by t he whole “vegan and natural” thing. and how u can make “10k” its bs"

Ben Tapping says

"The worst products ever I used them on my gran and the ingredients within the product fully burned her skin and now she’s dead and her funeral can’t take place till next month Cos corona and dat and to be honest i Thought rona would get her but nah it was this trashy ass pyramid scheme."

Clara says

"Horrible and pushy consultants. I’m a makeup artist, hairstylist and skincare expert and I have someone in my DM’s trying to sign me up every day. I hate doing it, but I just ignore them now. It’s so pushy and no one ever makes money from them.
Would steer clear if I were you. I don’t want to support a business that run off pushy sales and scamming young, easy influenced people into being a consultant and promising them so much."

Theresa says

"The top people in the pyramid are making money off of everyone, and the bottom people in the pyramid are losing their money to all the upper levels.
Google arbonne and see why it is pretty much a pyramid scene. Don't prey on and profit off the vulnerable who follow you and those in your friend group.
It sounds too good to be true, and it is. If you end up making money, it'll be from people that are desperately poor."

Kayleigh says

"Do some research - do not let the consultants bamboozle you into joining with false promises of health and wealth - you will end up poor and depressed. And if you ARE a 1% who makes money - you got there on the backs of vulnerable people you scammed. This company is highly manipulative - steer clear"

Rylee says

I know your seeing their over 10k insta followers and all this luxury crap but it’s a lie.
I thought since I have over 30k I could do it. I even have a high engagement rate. But still barley anything and they kept pushing me to buy more product even when I wasn’t making any money back!!!"

Easy Customer says

"I signed up through a consultant for the 30 days to healthy living in January (she was polite and not pushy), claiming it would reduce bloating, definitely lose weight, feel energetic, so so many claims. It was very expensive for the 30 days, but that was my own choice and I didn't feel pushed into buying. However, the claims did not live up... the shakes aren't enough on their own, so you need to buy costly ingredients to add in to make it enough to make a meal, they tasted quite pleasant, but sadly I did not feel the benefits. I was added to a Facebook group where people shared recipes and experiences, I posted to ask if anyone was having similar experiences to myself, and the post was never published. They control what you see (and believe) on the group. I had NO weight-loss, no extra energy, no reduction in bloating - because of all the wind the fibre we had to add to the shake provided. No effects from the body cleanse, which claimed to rid the intestines from everything to cleanse them. All in all it was a huge waste of money and I feel like a fool for buying into it. It is a MLM style business where consultants need sales to get points to get higher up the business model, and I find they push the supposed benefits with no evidence and only let you share the positives on their social media groups. I had read the reviews here before purchasing and I now regret no taking heed to them."

Lazan says

"Seems to be advertised in a very unorthodox manner - be very wary"

H A says

"absolute scam - get several orders from friends and they are showing up in the dashboard - but head office claimed they can't see any orders come through - so can't pay commission. Total sharks"

Norbert Csecs says

"Pyramid scheme.

Should be ashamed of themselves, fooling poor people."

customer says

"Arbonne products are great because they are more natural than others but I believe they charge a ridiculous fee and they kill you on the shipping!!
Not only that but they ask you to donate every time you place an order!! I’m pretty sure the CEO and higher ups could take care of that considering their prices are so high!!
Oh, and don’t let them fool you...professing can take up to 72 hours so don’t think you can order at the last minute and get your products in the time frame they claim."