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Launched in 1982 as a watersports inspired watch for professionals, the TAG Heuer Aquaracer offers everything a diver needs to use a watch in the harsh ocean environment whilst also offering a luxurious and sporty aesthetic. Each generation of Aquaracer adds new and exciting features to the popular range.

A very disappointed customer shares his experience on, "I really liked the look of this Aquaracer watch and purchased maybe 6 years ago. It was my first "nice" watch. I don't think I would recommend purchasing it though. After the first few years, I began having trouble with the crown. It never felt like it would screw down properly and would be tight to operate if I had to change the date or hand-wind it. Finally, I sent it into Tag and the watch was gone for 3 months being repaired and was very expensive relative to the price of the watch. It needed a new crown tube and crown apparently. I also had it serviced at that time. It came back running well and I was happy. That didn't last long. Not 18 months after I got it back, the crown started behaving weirdly again. Hard to screw down etc etc. The crown will no longer screw in now. Now the watch is just collecting dust because I don't want to send it off again for another obscene bill. I did some research and I guess the crown tube is a known weakness on these Aquaracer models. I wish I had known."


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